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Waking up in the morning...

I've been having a bit of trouble waking up in the morning. My room is dark, and it's winter.

Well, I had a really good idea - I read about those 'dawn' simulation lamps, that you set to start brightening about 20 minutes before you have to wake up (fake dawn).

Well, I can't afford one, but I can afford a powerpoint timer -

Which just switches on the power at the time you set. So, I hooked up a lamp to it beside my bed. It worked really well. I just woke up, alert in the morning, before my alarm went off.

Unfortunately, I'd misset the timer, and it was an hour earlier than I needed to get up. :rolleyes:

Oh well. I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow morning - just thought it might be useful for other folks trying to get going in the morning. ;)

re: powerpoint timer

What a great idea!  I've always wanted one of those dawn lamps but didn't want to spend the bucks.  Although it's summer where I live, I get up before it's light - well, actually, today, I overslept - but MOST days I get up before it's light lol.  I''m putting this on my wish list. 


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re: waking up

thanks for the tip. I find that, once i wake up, light helps, especially bright light.

I find that changing alarm clocks work, because i habituate to them over time then dont hear them.

Altho the 2 alarm clocks i'm using now i've been using for a year and i have NOT habituated to them. that's unusual for me. I sort of fell into a habit or biorhythm of waking up the same time every day. I'm lucky this past year, then, because is had been rarely like that for me.