Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Okay - I just DID it!!...

Hi, I just joined here after seeing the forum for the first time Sunday night. After reading some of the posts, I woke up Monday morning, made a list of a few pretty urgent things that needed doing, and had them done by that afternoon.

I got to a point where I was almost robotic and emotionless about *starting* the tasks which I found helpful. I am self employed and work from home so had suffered from putting things off for some time! I am a perfectionist, so my problem has been not wanting to start something in fear that I may do an average job of it...the irony being that the longer I muck about, the worse the outcome anyway!

I have had the best 2 days so far and spend less time thinking and more time doing - that's the key for me anyway. The moment I start over analyzing the 'best' way to tackle something, is the moment alarm bells go off in my head and I commit to just doing anything related to that task at hand. I used to justify that planning to the 'n-th'degree in my head for hours, days etc was 'working''s not.

Yesterday I removed my wireless internet connection from my work PC in my studio - now I can ONLY work in my home-office and not surf the web! Okay, better go, it's 7am Wednesday here, so eggs on toast time, then a new day!

 Cheers, Bob


It is great to hear about how we can get out of our way and take the actions necessary to support ourselves when we take it one day at a time, check in, read each others posts, encourage each other, and get honest outloud about our guilty little secrets. Congrats on moving the wireless out of your den!

hi zappa

i'm not having as good a day as you. Glad it's working for you. Hope to cu around.

I have been there, "just do it" forcing myself.

and wow--i have felt that exact robotic, emotionless feeling of starting tasks. Almost as if i'm lost myself. Which, in a way, i feel like i have. But that's a good thing--because the power to "do" comes from it.

oh, let's see. Perfectionist? check.

analyzing to the n-th degree to be *more* efficient, while in reality being *less* efficient? check

(i heard this one: An "engineer" is someone who will spend 3 hours to make a 2 hour task take 1 hour. i'm an engineer. lol)

Zappa done did it!


That sounds fantastic, really awesome progress.
That's the message I need to remember for myself - Just keep on keeping on, getting back on the horse at all times, rather than getting stuck 'analysing'.

And welcome!

Heh. Mini-goal: When I've done these 3 units, I can make another post...