Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

getting started

Hi all - I'm new here and I have an appt in a few minutes but I wanted to introduce myself quickly just to jump right in and not lurk around without doing anything too long.


A bit about myself. I'm a 38 y/o female who is sick of living in total disorganization. Lately i find myself in quite a funk.. feeling like I can't do anything. I go to work and for the past 12 weeks I have made major lifestyle changes in my eating and exercise habits which I'm thrilled about. But now I"m seeing change is possible and I want MORE!:) I can't seem to DO anything else but focus on those health issues... I'm a little scared if I try to add  more change I"ll lose my other focus..and at the same time I know fear is no good.. I just have to do it. Well I need to go get ready for my appt. See you around! 

Any tips for someone just trying to begin tackling this problem? I did read the "article" on the main page which was useful. 


PS also wanted to mention I am unmarried and no children... just two more things about me that make me feel ridiculous that I AT LEAST can't be as organized as people who have families to take care of 

hi goforit

your question i think is a wise one. We can only take on so much change at a time. But, yet, we dont want to sell ourselves short. I can see both sides of your question.

I wish i had better advice for you. For myself, i've taken steps 1-3 of the 12 steps and so i have given up grandiose plans for re-making myself and i just try to live day to day. On the other hand, your enthusiasm for life is appealing.

As for your last comment, what i try to do is to take sober assessments of myself. I like the way another member, movingalong, posted about it here: The sections "When evening comes, just before falling asleep" and "When we retire at night" are very helpful to me.

In the end, i think each person has to find their own balance, and their own peace with the higher power they perceive.

welcome goforit!

Good for you on changing your eating and exercise habits!   Keep reading and posting!


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright