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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recycler CI 9:25pm EST


Thankfully my home computer is fixed :) However, I am back on my regular work schedule, which means that weekdays I usually only get to check-in at night.

Today: walked, gym, work, started paying bill but needed more info, flood of projects in the afternoon. After work, walked, fixed dinner, continuing education, then volunteer supervision group.

That's it for today! I hope everyone has a great night! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Falcon CI Tuesday evening

For this evening:

  • Put in a load of laundry
  • Eat some veggies
  • Check calendar and email L.
  • I don't have to email M, but. . . no surfing the net until I do.
  • Get to bed on time. 


Falcon CO

Dang!  I left my calendar at work.  But at least I ate some veggies & got the laundry done.

Going to check my email and then go to bed.  Good night! 


Edge's CI - 7:35PM

Muaha! I finally fixed my sunglasses! There was a little rubber bit on the side that was coming off and it get getting caught in my hair, so I finally stuck it back on :p

Also, even though I didn't do much today, I'm feeling positive and am planning on tackling my last two test subjects with a vengeance :D Go me! Wohoo!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Journey 12:30 & updates throughout the rest of the day

The work day is half over already!  Where DID the morning go?  So far today, I have:  been to the gym, read and processed email, set my MITs for the day, and then went to a VERY long leadership meeting.  It was a very productive and enjoyable meeting today though.  There was much camaradarie and we made some progress on a few issues. 

Now, lunch, review those MITs as I already forgot what they were, and figure out what to do next.  Check back at 1300.

UPDATE 1:30  Had lunch, then reviewed MITs and planned a schedule for this afternoon.  Next task: print and read doc from OPM meeting.  45 minutes.

Update 2:10 A personal MIT was distracting me from my work task so I went ahead and took care of it, as much as could be done for now.  Now back to OPM. 30 more minutes.

Update 4:30 Ah.  Well.  30 min. turned into two hours.  I had a long phone call from a coworker about another project, did the OPM stuff or as much as I planned for today, and spent another 1/2 hour on my personal MIT.   The personal thing needs to be done - it's a financial thing and I usually do that stuff better at the office, however, can't spend too much time doing non-work stuff at the office either. 

Now, work on scripts for 1/2 hour - need to do some backward planning so that I can have a better idea of when I need to be finished.  I think I still have time but it's getting close.   check back 5:15





"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Lark @9:19am, 12:40am Wed.

Happy Tuesday everyone. It looks rainy here, and I have an hour's worth of outside work today. Being a chronic procrastinator, I think I'll wait till it's almost raining. He he... I've been doing a big work project for a friend, so any lush profits aren't. Other than tiny tasks, it's done. Yippee! I hope it'll open the way for good stuff this week. I hope you all do well today.
To do:
(X)morning routine
(X)put out trash
(X)spiritual (not me) time
(X)clean out 'fridge
finish small work project
clear out workshop
(X)house cleaning period
(X)wrap birthday gifts
(X)call supplier to tell them I'm running behind on account and will get current soon (I HATE having to do that, but it seems it's the right thing to do.)
(X)clear the rest of kitchen table
(X)begin next project for work

kromer 8:45 need to get back on track

Yesterday, I got signifantly less work done than I would have liked. So I need to get my behind in gear today.

MIT for new research project: Brainstorm for meeting, have meeting with prof, work out prelim schedule for getting project done.

Other tasks for reserach project: Read articles on histone modifications, look at GO categories, finish reading about biochem of transcription, post what I've gotten done past few days

Other tasks: Curve-fitting, grocery shopping, tutoring, drop off stuff at good will, turn in PBK form, GBIO, buy bike helmet, prep for tomorrow's experiment.

I'll start by trying out curve-fitting, then I'll post what I've gotten done on new research project past few days, then I'll finish reading about biochem of transcription and then check back.

Journey 8:30 I love being the thread starter on Tuesdays!!

I really like this graphic.  The lady in this picture reminds me of Barbara Jean in the sitcom "Reba".  I never watched that show but I've caught a few episodes in reruns and they are funny.  Although the whole concept of being friends with your ex-husband's new wife is a bit strange.  Or maybe not.  My ex never remarried (hey, when you've had the best, why try the rest right?) so I never had to deal with that situation.  Anyway, I'm rambling already. 

Lots of productivity by many people yesterday!  Congrats!

I had a very nice weekend, can't say I was quite as productive as some of you but I did enjoy some outside time, got a haircut, and made that trip to Mal-wart that I'd been postponing. 

It's VERY quiet in the office today.  Lots of people on vacation this week.  My brilliant coworker is on vacation this week, so I can enjoy the week without comparing myself to her obviously superior skills and intellect.  I am sure I will find a reason to miss her before the week is out though, when I run into a problem that I can't solve lol.  She has her own issues anyway, not work issues but personal issues that I'm glad I don't have to deal with.  She's a bit "different".  Enough said. 

Enough rambling.  Time to hit the coffeepot and set my MITs for the day.  I feel quite rested and refreshed after the long weekend and ready to tackle that todo list.  Have an enjoyable and productive day everyone!


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright