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Sunday 11 May 2008


Happiness is a habit.
Cultivate it !

Movingalong's Sunday evening update

Well ...  I haven't gotten as much done as I had committed to ... but I am still working on it.   I don't have to get up early tomorrow, so I will keep working for a while tonight.

Morning started with spiritual time, then coffee with friends.

Went to P.A. meeting here in chatbox.

Then I spent some time on this thread:

I spent a bit too much time ... I think I was time-binging.   I could have posted a little today, and another section tomorrow, etc.  But I kept going .....

I spent way more time than I had available.  Oy.   My instinct for service was good, but as they say in the Big Book of A.A., most character defects result from the misdirection or warping of an originally healthy instinct.

I finally stopped and went to the park and got some invigorating fresh air and reconnected with Higher Power.

Then I came home and ate and stalled some more.... but finally got going on paperwork.

I am working on paperwork now.

-- movingalong

very interesting, moving

very interesting to be on the receiving end of what i consider a very valuable post to me, and to know that it took some significant time (many topics, many sources referenced--you can't just whip that out of your head like i'm doing this blurb :)), and then to have insight into the author's procrastination.

I can confirm--your instinct was good. I find the info valuable. I want to return to it and look up some of the links. but i guess it's my turn then to attempt to control my urge to time binge doing THAT.

I guess you're right, you could have contributed the same content bit by bit over several days or even weeks. Interesting insight. Breaking up the tasks--that's one of our themes here.

Very interesting. I've time binged. I've read comprehensive, informative pieces before. I've never til today read a comprehensive, informative piece that came from someone else's time binge. at least, not that i know of :)

movingalong ROFL at the irony in clement's observation

pro's CI - 8:15pm

I spent the whole day reading - just finished the novel. Obviously I should not have done that. I thought I was almost done but it ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would to finish.

I supposed what I should so now is work on the pile for a while - at least file some of this stuff. Naturally I can think of other things I'd rather do.

Well, one thing I should do is water the plants. I've been close to killing them lately, and Sunday is my watering day.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 2:20pm

I just reorganized the forum on this site - added several new boards, and moved threads to new homes.

Going back to my book for a bit now...

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 12:10pm

I'm dressed, I made and ate lunch, laid out my pills for the day, made up the bed into a futon, and opened up the table for paper filing.

The cable guy is supposed to come between 2-6pm and naturally it's not doing it now. I'm leaving the TV on, though I'm not watching it, because it starts to happen when it's been on for a while. It was happening all day yesterday.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

alternating work with breaks

Yesterday it worked really well to alternate an hour of work with an hour of reading my novel. I'm almost done with the novel now, and at a point where I don't want to put it down. But I think I may try it again today with another book, after I finish this one.

I'm all ready to work on the pile, but I'm going to read for a while. I'll head over to the chatbox when I start working.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 11:15am

I'm feeling a little frustrated right now. The morning has slipped away!

I did some computer work and poof - two hours have gone by. I need to get dressed.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Lark @10:16am

Hi folks. Hope to make the meeting today, so I need to get moving very quickly. I put off one task yesterday which has to be done today. Instead, I did alot of things (very well) which weren't as urgent. Hmm. It's a variation of coming around and biting you in the butt, a true spiritual law indeed.
(X)morning stuff
spiritual period
spend half an hour turning jungle into lawn
pile off table (no excuses)
check in later or our meeting

pro's CI - 9:15am (question for you, Moving)

Good morning!

I like the thread starter, but it was filled with many weird codes that I cleaned up. Moving, how do all those strange unused codes get in there? I'm curious. If you use the buttons in the rich text box (it can do everything you need), it wouldn't do that. Are you using something else to generate the HTML code?

Anyway, I want to finish the novel I'm reading today, but also get work done. I've been up since 5:30am and I'm not dressed yet. I should get dressed.

I want to work on my pile today - really, really, no kidding. And some other stuff, too - too much for one day, I know. I'll be in the chatbox later.

The cable repair guy is supposed to show up today (Sunday) between 2-6pm. I somehow doubt that, but we'll see!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

reply to pro from moving

Hi pro.
Thanks for fixing the thread starter.
I replied to your question via email.
-- movingalong

text centering is fixed in the rich text editor (TinyMCE)

This comment has been moved here.

Falcon CI - Happy Mothers' Day!

Hi all,

Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms!  And to the big sisters, aunties, grannies, and foster moms, too.

I have a bunch of stuff to do today:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Dust
  • Go to class
  • Get groceries + wine for tonight
  • Wrap mothers' day present
  • Make lunch for tomorrow
  • Pack up papers, etc. for tomorrow
  • Maybe better run a load of laundry, too 


c ci 7am (with edits)

figure out my MITs

[edit 7:20am]: i didnt do my MITs, i did some banking. Rats. Do some MITs.

[edit 8:am]: wrote my MITs (i had one) and did that.
Now make my next MIT.

c ci 2am

so it's too late.

But watched show w/ SO which was couple time and valuable to us.

Had one of the most productive mornings in a long time. Then the day had its own schedule til like 5pm so there wasn't much opportunity to procrastinate.

Then hopped right onto my next two MITs and then some family time.

Some distractions around 10pm for about an hour, tho.


...after i type that word "now" i went organized my to do, right in the middle of this post. That's not good time management. A good thing to do, but this is not the time of night to do it.

What did Moving report in topic: 12-Step Literature from various sources? "reviewing what you did all day and honestly acknowledging your errors -- but not beating yourself up -- or falling into worry or morbid remorse. And remembering to see what you DID accomplish"

Well i did error with the distractions at 10, and gave in to the urge to organize to dos now, rather than tomorrow morning which would give me a better night's sleep. But overall i had one of my better days. Is that balanced?

I know what i need to do. Spend 5 min reading moving's replies to my posts that i noticed while writing this, and then quiet time w/ HiPo then bed.

Here's goes...

movingalong's Sunday reflections -- and commitment

Hello all !

I went to a meeting of a 12-Step group for a different issue.  We passed around the book and took turns reading aloud various pages.  I had no idea what page would be open when it came to me.

Here is what was printed on the page that I read aloud:

[begin quote]

I would avoid making commitments because I could not count on myself to deliver.  Or I would quickly make promises, force myself to keep them, but hate "being used."

I need to make plans and commitments, and I need to do it carefully.  Then I need to do what I said that I would do.  When I began committing my "program plan of action" to my sponsor and sticking to the commitment, a first benefit was greater confidence that I could make and keep commitments, such as completing a task at work.

[end quote]  (from this book, page 197)

This, of course, was very profound for me.  One of those Higher Power things.  I really needed to hear/read/speak that.

For me, this means that when I learn to make and keep well-thought-out commitments in one area of my life, I can learn to do it in other areas of my life.

Anyhow, that was my "aha" moment yesterday.  Just thought I'd share.

My commitment today:

  • Work on legal-financial stuff.
  • Go to P.A. meeting in chatbox here.
  • Work on legal-financial stuff.
  • Will commit to working in chunks of time, with short breaks for fresh air.

--- movingalong

Neat quote!

Thank you for posting the quote, Moving. It's cloudy and dark here, but a bit of light came one after reading it. That's a HUGE issue with me and my business. I make promises to people instead of telling them "No." Too often next week or next month comes around, and I'm right back where I was. I HAVE to quit doing that. Alot of it comes down to greed and financial fear. If anyone has any thoughts please share them. I'll try to pop back in an hour or two. THANK YOU!!

meeting my commitments

nice moving!

meeting commitments is something i value, and wish i was better at. I imagine it's a big issue for many here, too.

It sounds like very good advise to me.

12-Step Meeting Today in Chatbox


12-Step meeting of Procrastinators Anonymous today in chatbox here on this website.

Sunday afternoon in Americas,
late Sunday evening in Europe,
early Monday morning in Asia-Pacific.

See details and exact time and timezone info on this thread:


can't make meeting

"mother's day," in USA and for all i know other places.

I will miss it. "miss" meaning both "not attend" and "be sad about it."

anyone want to do a make-up meeting? Maybe evening or morning your time, moving?

Sadly, i have something i have to do next Sun, too. I wish i didnt.

I hope y'all have a good time.