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Hi guys,

Has anyone here ever created an e-newsletter or has any knowledge of how to send them? I have software that creates newsletters (Art Explosion Publisher Pro Silver), but I have no idea how to upload them into email format so I can send them.


what email?

You can send the newsletter "in" the email, so that when someone opens the email they see your letter. All advertising is that way.

The safest approach is to send an html email. Most email clients these days can render html reasonably well.

the thing about this approach is that the following programs significantly effect what happens:

your email program
your recipient's email program.

If you use html format, then most likely both these will cooperate.

If some other format, then if you want to make sure your letter looks right, you'd have dl outlook, eudora, thunderbird, and get an account on yahoo, hotmail, & gmail, (or have friends who will preview for you) and email a draft of your e-letter to them all and see how they come out. That still does not cover webmail app.

My feeling about this all is KISS (keep it simple, stupid). I try to use just text as often as possible. When i go beyond that, i try to use html, and then keep it to simple formatting (font, size, bold, italics, underline, maybe color) as that's handled by most email clients. The fancier you get, the more likely it wont "render" correctly on someone's email.

Check the "save as" or "export" feature of your authoring program and see if they have save as html or "web page".

Or you can send your newsletter as an attachment. Then people have to click and extra link, or download the attachment first, then open it. In that case you can use format .doc .rtf or .pdf and it's likely the the user will see it the way you created it. Again heck "save as" or "export" for these formats.


Clement newsletter

Thanks Clement, that was very useful info :) I think it might be easier if I convert my newsletter to PDF and attach it for now, just until I can get a working html format that I can use. Muchly appreciated :-)

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