Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 12 April 2008

procrastinating on bed (what else is new?)

I went through some of the books and have a pretty decent pile to go out (though there needs to be more), and I cleared all the junk off my bed. Now I need to brush my teeth and get in it! It's already past midnight and I don't want to screw up tomorrow.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

finally my teeth are brushed

2am and I'm only now ready for bed. Geesh!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

still up (and I broke something)

I bought something from that I just broke trying it for the first time. My fault - not the product. I didn't read the manual. I'm very annoyed.

Well, it's not completely broken. I broke off a tiny piece of the plastic, but it's still usable. Still aggravating.

I should be in bed. It's almost 2am, and my teeth aren't brushed yet.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Flight or Flee?

I've been a little lazy today, and things aren't being done as well as I planned. I WANT to find a quick stopping point, run some errands, go to a 12 step meeting, and visit friends tonight. That's going to push unfinished things from today to tomorrow or... Also, if I only go to the local store for a couple of items, I won't spend more money on fuel to go into town. Putting enjoyable things off for a day or so will allow more things to be done here, and the fun trip to town will be more of a reward for work here. Can I do it? Let's wait and see.

I stayed home and got a goodly amount done.

I'm glad I stuck around tonight. I made progress, and also improved the quality of my work some. Quality control is something that's been bothering me lately. Thanks.

journey 11:30

Good morning and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I have been to yoga and I was on time! I visited mom and dad and now Im going to run a couple of errands, go to the library, and buy groceries. Off to a pretty good start, going to try to keep the momentum going.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

kromer 9 CI

In lab, committed to working on my thesis until 11:40.

First up, writing! (That's the task that requires the most thought, so I'll do it when I'm fresh).
I'll work on this until 10.
I'm going to try going in order through my methods section rough and filling in gaps as I find them.
Goal is to have a good version of the methods section by the end of the weekend.

At 10, I'm going to go work on applying integer programming to my project...I've done a test job, and I need to do a little more testing and then try applying to my problem. I forgot my ref. book so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done, but I'll do my best. If I get stalled out I'll work on downloading a new test data set.
I'll stop work promptly at 11:40 and go meet my friend.
Update: Did some good writing, now a bit late starting on the integer programming.
Here are some concrete tasks to work on:
Get done for sure this morning:
->try test job with huge constraint, so I know what the results *should* be
->try test job with linear programming for comparison
Start if time:
->shrink interactome so can apply int. programming to ti

kromer 9 CI

OK, cranky and don't feel like working, but I know I need to. I can get my stuff done! Step by step...

Up next:
*Email 2 people
*Go to library to get textbook

*Finish shrinking interactome
*Do Spanish textbook reading
*Revise spanish composition
*Finish biochem reading
*Organize binder

Let's go!

1:25am CI for Lark(9:14)(6:21pm)

Thanks for starting the thread, Falcon. I need to carry over yesterday's unfinished tasks. Also, I want to be more productive with my stuff for work. Alot of unfinished things are about, and the amount needs to be reduced shortly. It's starting to drive me crazy.
From yesterday:
laundry (if only one load)

morning routine
spiritual period
one hour on main work project
first section of project B
two sections of B
switch tables
check in around lunch

Congrats lark!

looks like you did really well on your list today!

Falcon CI Saturday

Hi all,

Getting a jump start on Saturday!  This weekend I need to clean my place, do my taxes, and answer some personal ads to get myself out there & dating (so I can find someone else to share the housework and taxes with!)  Smile

Tomorrow morning, my goal is to do all the vacuuming before I go to class.  I don't have to do any tidying yet -- if there's stuff on the floor, I'll shove it aside or vacuum around it for now.  I just want to get the vacuuming done early, because after class I'll feel tired & it will seem overwhelming.

So. . . I need to be up & about by, say, 8:30 at the latest.  And I've been wanting to catch up on sleep, so that means I need to get to bed at a sane hour tonight.

So next up tonight (Friday) is: eat dinner, call J., go to bed.  Maybe read a little once I'm in my jammies with my teeth brushed.

A deal with myself. . . if I get all the vacuuming done before class, then on the way home from class I can buy flowers for the house.

Good night!


Falcon CI not as planned

Well!  That totally didn't go as planned!  Two other tasks came up this morning that needed doing, so I did those instead of the vacuuming.  I got the time wrong on my martial arts class and got there too late to train.  My virus protection software said my computer had a bug, so I've been running the scan on that.

AND it's one of those soft, humid spring days that makes me want to nap, and I'm feeling way more overwhelmed & plodding than I expected to.  And not a speck of dust cleaned yet. 

O.k., let's try this again. . . Next up:

  • Wake UP, for pete's sake, and act more energetic than a bump on a pickle
  • Change into sensible housecleaning clothes, including (with a tip of the hat to Fly Lady) shoes.
  • Do a (20 + 4) x 3 hack and see what I can get done.


Falcon CO - that's better

The rest of my day turned out nicely.  I got a good deal of tidying done, then a friend and fellow procrastinator came over to hang out with me.  She worked on a creative project while I got my taxes done, and we both enjoyed having company while sharing time to focus on our projects.  We went out to eat, and afterward I answered a couple of personal ads. 

Bedtime now. . . good night!