Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

12 Steps: My own version of the 12 Steps

I'm kind of embarrassed to show this, but this is my own version of the 12 Steps that I wrote.
Extra-hippy-flowery language, but, neener. It's mine (and I didn't think I'd be showing it to anyone else!).

Basically, I thought it would help me understand each step better if I attempted to re-write the steps in my own language, without losing the core message, and according to my own values. I still don't have the language quite right, but, it's a start...

1. Admitted that I have given dysfunctional behaviours power, and power over me, to the point that my own behaviours have felt uncontrollable, and it has negatively affected my life.

2. Came to believe that I can reclaim my power, by aligning myself with divine will/synchronity/the flow of a harmonious life.

3. Made the decisions to reclaim my power, and through expression of my will, move my life into alignment with divine will.

4. Gave a searching and fearless investigation of my own behaviour, thoughts, and the patterns that led me to my behaviour, examining my shadow-side and understanding the disadvantages and the benefits I am gaining from my current behaviour.

5. Admitted to myself, to the Divine, and to another human being, the facts and patterns of my dysfunction, and the instances where I have abused my power, by abdicating that power to procrastinatory behaviours, and where that has negatively affected others, and also myself.

6. Have accepted myself and am entirely willing to let go of these patterns that are not serving me, and thereby reclaim my power.

7. Humbly asked myself, and the Divine, to allow me to let go of these patterns that are not serving me, and asked myself, the divine, and and those around me, to assist me in reclaiming my own power and letting go of these dysfunctional behaviours.

8. Made a list of all persons I have harmed through my own abdication of power, and been entirely willing to search for ways to restore balance.

9. Made amends and restored balance where ever possible.

10. Continued to look into my shadow side, recognised the results of my own thoughts & actions, and when I have misused my power, promptly admitted it.

11. Sought through prayer, meditation, ritual, and connection with the divine, understanding and inspiration in how I can lead a more holistic and loving life.

12. Having learned how to more fully live within my power, and having found a more harmonious path in life, tried to carry this message to others, by continuing to practice these principles in all areas of my life, and thereby showing by example.

Clarification: Because I was only using my own words, for myself - I haven't really explained why I kept using the word 'power' and what I meant by it, but it is explained here a little
We tend to think of power as 'power over', as authority, as a pecking order (and everyone is being pecked by someone else), as 'demands', and we react in different ways to this, with depression, with passive-aggression, with 'demand resistance'.
Power from within, is when you feel a sense of your inherent worth, when you are able to "determine one's best course of action," and have "the right to be one's own authority".
So, that's the context in which I feel, by procrastinating, I am abdicating my power.
Blah, blah, blah - back to work! ;)

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woo hoo, grail!

thanks for putting yourself out there so exquisitely! I 'get' the 12 steps, I know they work for me when I work them, and that not following them through is the cause of all my obsessive, compulsive, addictive, unhealthy behavior. Now, it is 8 am and I am procrastinating on this site! gotta go!

You're up at 8am! That's not

You're up at 8am! That's not too bad.

Oh, and from you CI list, what do you need to know about making webpages?
If you're getting stuck anywhere, I'd be happy to assist if I can. :)

lol, and late all ready!

Actually, I know NOTHING about making a webpage, whatsoever! Can you suggest a make a webpage for dummies sort of thing?