Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 is a great day to work on those projects that you said you would do when pigs fly

c ci 7:20utc

1. w.k. DONE
2. p.
3. send overdue email -- DONE
4. s by 20 min from now DONE
5. email question DONE
6. email question DONE
7. meeting DONE

back to task P.  aw, do i have to?!

c ci 8am (utc)

i'm going to have to start bookending my time on this site.  I just got stuck browsing here.  I won't post the interesting thread i read, because i'm afraid it might cause someone else to "stumble."

So anyway, i'm having my spiritutal time and going to bed.  I'll post back.

task p--the difficult one

i pushed at it some.  It yielded a little.  With the perspective that this site provides, i'm going to call that the best i could do today and try again tomorrow.

good going, clement!

glad to see you are taking action: and yes, even if 5 minutes seems to little it will help set you up for more later.

isn't it a bit late for you

isn't it a bit late for you :)

but thanks it really helps.

not too late for e

thankfully, it is still only 5 PM, so I am still going!

taking longer

w.k. is taking longer.  i'd rather quit.  But i plan to keep going.

keep going!


Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

i kept going; now task 2

this day is shaping up to be one hard thing after another.  That's why i need the HP.  I dont have the strength in myself.

i dont want to do task 2 either.

Thanks for the encouragement, pro.

How's the dishes going?

Journey 9:30

Good morning! 

I'm sleepy . . . didn't sleep well at all last night.  Partly worried about dd's knee surgery and partly the onions I ate at dinner!  

Today I need to call the surgery center and confirm plans for Thursday.  They discussed with dd but I just want to double check.  

Also need to make as much progress as I can on the WPS project without stepping on anyone's toes, and get some stuff done for Toastmaster's that I've been putting off. 

First, coffee!  Then read and process email and make my todo list for today. 

Back by 10:30. 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

have to send email

i have to send (another) email i dont want to.  here goes...

sent it

whew.  was hard.  didnt like it.  but did it. And that's the point, no?

re: sent it: Gratz!

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

thanks for the encouragement

it really helps!

Good luck w/ your phone call today.

karen and kaoba

we missed you these past days! so glad you are here!

Thanks, e.

Good to be here! 

I think scaling down what I expect of myself in one day has helped.  I made schooling the kids my main priority, being present to them, and not rushing. 

Stress has been my main problem ALL my life.  I need to keep practicing awareness, and being calm, rather than pushing myself to achieve something.


know your values

Each person has to choose their own values, of course, but i happen to be right in tune with yours--being present to my kids.  That's a huge one for me.  And, yeah, i find it hard to do that too when i'm stressed out.  Huh--a happy parent is a better parent.  Go figure.

Sounds like you've really got something going there, k.

kaoba 5pm

e and clement,

Thanks so much for your notes. I was ok until about 10am, then got totally derailed. I know about the importance of getting on the horse again, but I am just not being able to do it :( I'm feeling a bit discouraged these days about ever being able to change and have it stick ...

But I see lots of movement happening in all the messages, and *that* is encouraging!

making changes stick

k, let's celebrate your day til 10am then.  That's *something*.  I hope i didnt say the wrong thing about getting back up on the horse.  If anything i say is not helpful, just disregard it.

I haven't been able to make many changes stick in my life.  I fight procrastination every day.  Multiple times a day.  I guess where i am is this site helps me fight.  I still lose some battles.  Some days more than others.  I also know everyone's experience is different.

I hope you get lots of support and encouragement here for your fight.

i heard this once

it's not how many times you fall off the horse that counts, it's how many times you get back on.

welcome back, horse-get-back-onners.

kaoba 7am


I've been away for a bit. Glad to see new members and old!

Yesterday I made a list of what I would want to do so that at the end of the day I didn't consider it a "lost" day (I have way too many of those ...). So I did some of those things, and I did feel differently about my day. It's not that I did more, or even more "important" or "urgent" things, but somehow that focus of "what would have to happen today so that I don't feel I lost the day" helped.

So, for now:

( ) weigh
( ) get groomed and dressed
( ) have breakfast

Have a great day, all!

New Beginning

I've been absent from here for a little while.  I was feeling so poorly I didn't know what I could accomplish in one day.  So I took a small camping vacation, along with some Prednisone, in hopes of resting up and stopping the cycle of fatigue and body aches.  So here's to a New Beginning!

Sit down with the DGKs and my DD and decide on how to do lunch ( DONE)
Work on next set of question for Amer. Lit. Unit 1
Set up new umbrella clothes lines. ( DONE, but needs some revamping)
STAY IN THE PRESENT!  (doing pretty good about not stressing today!)

That should be enough.  I don't want to overdo it.


I woke up today feeling like

I woke up today feeling like I have an opportunity to work on a specific part of my practicum that has kept me stuck for two years. What is nicer is that today is Independence Day here, so I needn't go to work. There is a lot that I have not been taking responsibility for, so I want to put it down here so I don't continue to ignore things.

I went to work yesterday and leapt straight into my new job. I did not bother to go upstairs to my office and check my microsoft office task list, and I think I may have forgotten about a doctor's appointment that I was supposed to go to. I would like to commit to taking responsibility for my life by checking my computer at work every day.

call N
call MF

break the larger projects into minibits so they are accomplish-able

so far: water and meds are done. breakfast would be a good idea!

e's reality check in

well, i ate a lovely breakfast, came back to work and fell promptly asleep for another 2 hours. I don't understand why this is happening, but it seems to relate to eating: perhaps I am hypoglycemic? In any case, I am now in the second 'morning' of my day and the first thing I found out is that my credit card has been suspended because I have not made a payment in the past month or more. I am going to whine and say that is because the banks have been on strike here and that we have tried, which we have, but I need to take responsibility for my fiscal life and figure a few things out today. So today I am going to spend some time talking to folks about how to pay bills from here, if at all possible.

Next, I had all this good energy this morning that I have not been channeling and so I want to set up some instant boss sessions so I can narrow in on specific tasks.

the sink is clean
the bathroom tp is full
my teeth are brushed and mouthwashed

still to go: shower and dress to shoes so I get something done!
call Mom for bday, k for bday
call mf at 4, and nj in an hour or so.


here is the result of taking action: i spent an hour on the phone with the charge card people, they reduced my interest rate by half! and the guy on the phone actually got rid of $400 worth of finance charges! doing my happy dance here

e's happy tango

 thanks to all of you here (and the routing section, Journey and Clement) I KEPT GOING! I called the other charge card company and they cut my rate in half, too! Seeing as my finance problems were snowballing primarily due to these charge cards I feel a load off my back.

then I CALLED MY PRACTICUM ADVISOR! I can't tell you how long I have been putting that off. She was so supportive, is available, can talk on the phone, and has lots of advice. There is a ton of work to do, but now I feel like there is someone I can do it for! Phew!

e's doing the twist

I called my line of credit and asked for help. They were nice, friendly, helpful and we will see. In the meantime I know that I have a little more room there to roll over some debt. Then I TALKED TO MY HUSBAND ABOUT IT.

I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes the person I have the most difficulty with talking about things I procrastinate on is my spouse. He has seen it all before, does not trust that I will follow through on anything and is generally suspicious, with the outcome that I hide my faults from him as if I had stoen something out of the cookie jar. We came to some agreement on a plan of action and I feel much much better.

e on talking to spouse

This is so true, about your spouse knowing one so well and knowing so well how many times one says one will do something only to not deliver ... I know exactly what you're talking about! That's wonderful that you agreed on a plan and that you feel better about it.

e's doing the cha cha cha

oh yeah, i made meatloaf, did three loads of laundry, and kept the kitchen looking neat while I did it.

ride that wave

good going e.  ride this wave you're on.

doing the happy dance with e

congrats on calling the credit card co! 

and good luck on the practicum!


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

you did it

way to go.  good result.  Congratulations on getting something done.

Yes!A good breakfast.

A good breakfast.
Important. :)
And I'll go have dinner.

Have a fantastic holiday-day!