Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Strategies: The Circus approach - or being really busy.

I think part of the reason I procrastinate is I get bored with a single task. It's either easy and I get bored, or think I should have done it already, or I think it *should* be easy for me, and then I think I get insecure about how long it may or may not take me, and end up avoiding it altogether.
But if I've got LOTS on my plate, or I'm multitasking, even though that's supposed to be inefficient (I'm sure it is, but if I add up my hours at the end and figure out it should have taken me less, then at least I can use the excuse that well, I more inefficient than usual because I was multitasking, but OMG, LOOK HOW MANY PLATES I WUZ SPINNING!

I don't work better under pressure, but often I do at least... work.

And I saw a post on metafilter, and yes! That's me! Maybe. I'm still not sure I could quite make it to the vege market like the example, but the brain-pattern-thinkery? That's totally me.

"My Saturdays have been dedicated for I guess almost a year, now, and I am here to tell you that this method works. Here is how I figured it out: I realized that my trip to the laundromat could be combined with my trip to the farmer's market. I used to avoid the trip to the laundromat because the laundromat is one of the aboveground circles of hell and I used to avoid the trip to the farmer's market because you have to get there at 8:30 in the morning to get any food. But one fateful morning...! I realized that if I combined the two trips... I could get to the laundromat at the crack of dawn before anybody's there hogging up all the machines, fling my wash in, race to the market, buy tons of kale and sweet potatoes, race back to the laundromat, put the crap in the dryers, race home, put away the groceries (cool! Car Talk is on! No more fake-stuttering Scott "forgive me" Simon), race back to the laundromat, grab the clothes, go to a garage sale or two, everything's free by now (Oh, look, some kid VHS-taped all of Mr. Show off the TV; 25 cent--that's a must-have) race home, put away the laundry, eat a massive breakfast and engage in hours of wild, unrestrained puttering.

This routine is so demented and so appealing to someone who has dedicated a life to avoiding pain and boredom, I am now addicted to it. Plus it's automatic--I don't lie in bed going, "should I skip the laundry this week?" I can't ever skip the laundry! If I skip the laundry the whole circus act will be 50% less fun and exciting. If I skipped the laundry, what would I do? Sleep? I couldn't sleep for thinking about the laundry.

Every other day of the week remained undedicated, though--so I was only competent on Saturday, which made me feel doubly insane. Then two weeks ago I figured out how I could divide up my work week into dedicated days, and until this week I'd been doing much, much better. This week is effed because of two things: one, when you start doing your work, it metastasizes because of that phenomenon you described of the other people and their incessant, "Are you back? Are we gonna kick ass? Great! Here's a wheelbarrow full of crap to do!" Two, the deadline is making me into a worse crazy person than usual. After tonight the deadline I'll see how I do routinizing the wheelbarrow full of crap."

great example

I can totally relate to the above, especially the dsire to "engage in hours of wild, unrestrained puttering." LOL