Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Article: "The Science of Procrastination: Researchers Tackle Willpower and our Ability to Control it"

I found this article kinda interesting:

It's talking about some psychological studies on 'ego depletion' - the idea that self-discipline is like a muscle, it gets exhausted on a daily basis (but, can get stronger over time).

They did some studies to test that idea, and:
"One of the most interesting studies presented three groups with a plate full of both chocolate and radishes. The first group was told only to eat the radishes. The second group was told to eat chocolate. The third was allowed to eat whatever they wanted.

Next, they were all given an unsolvable task. The radish group gave up after around 8 minutes. The chocolate and no rules groups, on the other hand, both lasted closer to 20 minutes."

It's got some other tips, but it's really helped me - I've realised if I set up some tasks while I'm not having to exercise self-control (metaphor being, I'm not tempted by chocolate 'cause I've just eaten a bunch), so that when I get to the task I can't *see* the chocolate, then I won't be having to exercise self-control not eating it.

Or basically, if I lay out my clothes, and bag, and vitamins, and get out my *breakfast*, and turn off my computer, and put any distractions away before bed - when I don't really care about it, then when I wake up, I've had nothing to do but get dressed, eat my breakfast etc, and leave the house, rather than checking my email, getting distracted by books, and dawdling over every single choice I have to make.
That's been helping a bit.

Although, that theory does kind of imply that I'd have more reserves in the morning, right? And I don't. I *suck* at home, I suck at work - if I do start doing work it's usually not til the afternoon. What's with that? Conservation of energy, or am I just not a morning person?
Eh, rambling aside.

I'm not sure if it makes any difference at how badly I procrastinate when I get to work if I've done the routine in the morning, but at least my boss isn't as annoyed with me for being horribly late. Uh, I should be stating more stuff in the positive, right?
Ok, umm, at least my boss is pleased to see me on time!

laying out work for the next day

I don't like to lay things out the night before, but I do find that when I do it life goes much better. Similarly, if I can bother to straighten out my desk at the end of the day (which I routinely think is a wate of time) I can set up my morning so I glide into it at work.

I detest both ideas and I have no idea why I do because they both work so well!