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Friday, February 22, 2008

/files/images/snoopy_writing.gifsteal Linus' blanket.... practice my Joe Cool moves...get that Red Baron...

pro's CI - 9:30pm

I was up at 5:30am this morning for no good reason, and I'm tired. I'm going to brush my teeth and get ready for bed so when I get tired I can just go to sleep. Well, really I'm tired already, but I'm not yet dozing in front of the TV or trying to read a book.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.


I haven't been here for a while b/c oddly, I haven't been procrastinating much lately in my day-to-day tasks.  Housework used to slay me, but I've been on top of it lately.

However, I do have some long-term goals to work on that I know I won't finish without some sort of check-in.

The office closed due to snow and ice today.

To do:
work call 1
work call 3
narrow possible cities down to 3
skim india chapter

To do tomorrow:
draft of general cl
edit resume


Really cool that you haven't been procrastinating much lately. Keep it up!

Thanks, Kromer!


9:26 CI for Lark

Pretty icey around here today. I was supposed to drive somewhere about an hour away, but I'm going to wait a while. In the meantime I'm playing it safe. Yesterday I had a success with a big work project, and one small one. I also did okay with my weight loss program--drinking water DOES help, Elizaveth. Sort of a delayed reaction, but half an hour after a glass of water the hunger's gone.
 morning things
 spiritual time
 drink water, don't do junk
 finishing touches on big work project
 call client about other project
 evaluate and make list for next project
 tidy house
 tidy workshop
 check in at lunch

drinking more water

I'm trying to lose weight, too, and I could do with drinking a little more water. I'll try that.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.


I need to follow my own advice: I had a steady diet of sugar and salt today, and I am pretty sure it is because I missed my four glasses of water first thing this morning. Even if I drink it later, which does help, it does not seem to do whatever it does first thing in the morning. The water seems to affect me at a cellular level: I sense things beginning to work properly after I have drunk it.

I am happy it is helping you: I truly feel like I have been chronically dehydrated since childhood, as I have always been ravenous no matter how much I ate!

Journey 9 am tired today . . .

Imagine my surprise when I got to the doctor's office yesterday and found my daughter sitting in the waiting room!  I knew she was getting a cold, but she got much worse overnight and had a fever of 102.  Turns out she has the flu.  They gave her tamiflu, I hope it helps.  They also gave her prescription cough medicine but she was still up most of the night coughing.  Her bedroom is right over mine so I stayed awake a good bit of the night just listening to her cough.  She's pretty miserable, but seems better this morning.  At least she isn't coughing nonstop anymore. 

So anyway, I just want to get through this day.  It should be very busy working with coworker on big project so it will go by fast and I won't have to deal with transitions and figuring out what I should be doing.  And it's Friday! 

wishing everyone a successful and enjoyable day


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Journey 9 pm

Worked hard and accomplished a lot at work today with the motivation of working with a coworker all day and having the big project to work on. 

Now I'm going to play a game for a few minutes and then hit the sack.  I'm tired!

"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

kromer 8 CI

Today: Biochem and senior thesis!  (and a bit of other lab)

For biochem:
*Read chapter on translation
*Go over pset1
*Finish going over lect notes 2
*Go over lect. notes 2
*Go to class

For other lab:
*Finish data anal.
*Mtg at 9:30

For senior thesis:
*Start run on high-memory machine
*Email about tshirt+retreat
*Email about expr data
*Write 1 pg
*Fix TAMO bug

*Find check
*Email Spanish prof
*See A

cringe busting

Thanks for the cringe-busting idea Falcon, and also the 10+2*5 idea.  The 10+2*5 really helps with boring tasks like laundry. 

"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Falcon - Snow day!

And it's unexpected, since my workplace rarely closes for weather.

It would be really great to make the most of this day, and start the weekend tomorrow with my life more on track.  I've already eaten breakfast & done my exercises, so that's a good start.

Goals to start with:

  • Get showered & dressed
  • Be "at work" -- settled in with a notepad and a cup of tea -- by 9:00
  • Do a mind-sweep of all the odd tasks in my life that need doing, and then. . .
  • Cringe Bust it!
  • Check in here, probably around 10:00 or so

Cringe-busting is a great technique from 43 folders:

  Let's see if I can make the most of my time today!


Falcon - everyone hibernating?

Hi all,

Looks like half the recent comments are from me!  Maybe everyone else is sensibly hibernating today -- or too busy getting their stuff done to check in!

I'm not doing too bad.  I've been getting my weekend & travel plans sorted out, which is major. 

Next up is to contact some people.  I really HAVE to get a message to L., who I've been totally neglecting, so that's next.  And tonight I need to call K and M.M.  I'll look up M.'s blog first to get caught up.


Falcon CI - good night

Not a bad day.  Althought I didn't do a large number of tasks, the ones I did were things I'd been putting off a long time, and that I feel really good about getting done.

Signing off to eat dinner, watch a video & go to bed.  Good night!


Falcon CI - shoveled out

Well, that wasn't too bad -- the snow was thick but fluffy.  I am SO glad I have a snowblower!

Next:  Get some fluids in me (ginger tea & maybe I'll make some hot chocolate) maybe eat a snack, use some ear drops. 

And then look over my list & check in here by. . . let's say 3:30, to report on what I'll be doing next.

Hope everyone is warm & snug!


Falcon CI - cocoa & cayenne

I'm a little late checking in.  But my ears are cleaned out, and I've had my hot chocolate (lots of cocoa, not too much sugar, a pinch of cayenne pepper.  Mmmm!)

To do next:

  • Sort out plans for next weekend
  • Check in again


Falcon CI 10:45

Hi all,

Well, that was tiring!  But I got through my list, looked all the cringy bits in the eye, and came up with actual, doable next steps for each one.  I also put my list into the GTD format that I use at work, which will hopefully make it a little easier to actually implement them.

Now I'm really sleepy, and thinking of taking a nap before I look at the list again to see which things I want to tackle today.

It's still snowing like crazy here -- looks like several inches out there so far.


Falcon CI - hibernation

Just took a nice long nap.  I'm really convinced that human beings are meant to hibernate this time of year!

I had some lunch, and am on my way out of hibernation mode -- gotta fire up the snowblower and start clearing away!


snowing here, too

I woke up to a pretty, snowy cover, but I doubt my workplace is closed. It's just a few inches. On the other hand, it's still snowing. I still doubt they closed the office.

How much snow where you are, Falcon?

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Making the most of snow

Seems when something like a storm messes up my plans, that day sometimes goes down the tubes. Making a contingency list works well when I make it. I'm somewhat better at this than before.

pro's CI - 7am

I did a little exercise after all. Maybe I'll do some more.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 5:50am (!)

I woke up at 5:30am this morning for no good reason. I'll regret this later - I'll be tired today. Oh well. At least I should get to work on time.

Maybe I'll exercise this morning? Naw - unthinkable this early.

Maybe I'll work on my pile?

I actually don't feel very alert - I just can't get back to sleep.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

e's feb 22

I am recovering from a fun night out and fumbling my way through the day. It is very tempting to focus on other things than work, so here is my to do for the next hour

Instant Boss: 3 20 minute segments
read Dr. P's thing and write report to Dr. B