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Thursday 24 January 2008

Journey 5:15

Whew!  Just got outta the boss's office - had a 6 mos review and a long talk.  Not bad. . . but it took hours and now stick a fork in me, I'm done.  I'm going to get some stuff organized to get to work on first thing in the morning and then I'm heading to the house. 

Have a great evening and a successful and productive day tomorrow.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

scarlett CI 4:50 pm EST

I was pretty darn productive today.  Of course, I did find excuses not to tackle the reviews, but there were mitigating factors and I'll do them tomorrow.  But other than that, I got a lot of good stuff done.


Ta da:

Eat breakfast
Take pills
Write up project for M (MIT)
File letter
Sched V visit
Label NV folder
Email G re: next workshop date
Sched reg. mtg w/ A
Sched mtg w/ GG & n00b
Update budget info on latest review & send
Go take pics @ A
Upload pics & draft email (MIT)

3 Reviews (MIT)
Remove links in report (Fri MIT)
Radar (MIT)
Label photos
Take pics of last rev.
Talk to pl off re: ww

(& go to landfill)
Check on concr. re

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

iPedro - Thrown off track...

Hey everybody. Just to report that I'm still here... but I've been thrown off track by an unexpected flu. 

I was doing a good job with keeping up with my goals, but now with a fever, all I'm doing is sleeping all day.
Hopefully in a couple of days I'll be better. 
The reason for me to come on here anyway is to hold myself responsible for coming back later and telling you all that I went to the mental health centre close by to inquire about group therapy. 
I'm going to go get ready now... hopefully later in the evening I can tell you all how it went.

Task completed

Well, I went to the Centre for Mental Health here and was referred to the OCD clinic. I called the OCD clinic and unable to speak to a human, I listen to a machine explaining the different services with wait times ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

... I guess getting help through that is out of the question. No wonder so many people go untreated. It's sad.

ipedro - what country are you in?

I'm curious what country you're in. Maybe you said in an earlier message, but I missed it. I'm curious what country has national health care where you have to wait 6 months to see a specialist. I don't think that's usually the case.

I sure wish someone would do something about the health care disaster in the U.S. I have health problems and live in terror of losing my insurance (and even though I have insurance, I'm constantly fighting with my insurance company about reimbursement).

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

I'm in Canada

Believe it or not, I'm in the "Universal Healthcare Heaven" of Canada. 

While the government healthcare system has great programs that are fully paid for, I'm beginning to find out that getting on those programs is nearly impossible. It's not made easy at all. It's as if they forget that their patients are people with mental health needs. 
I'm a pretty stable person despite my issues but if I was a person in desperate need of care, I would probably have gone to the medicine cabinet and popped an entire bottle of sleeping pills after hearing a robot tell me over the phone that I have to wait 6 months to a year just to see a doc. Undecided

OCD Clinic

Man, that's a bummer - I hope you got on the waiting list anyway . . . if you want some treatment now there'a good chance you'll still be wanting it six months from now.  Some people (i.e. Hilary Clinton) want Nationalized health care in the USA - I know we need to do something about health care but gee whiz I don't want to have to wait six months or a year to see a doc. 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a friend who's helping me find a solution

I have a friend who's a nurse. I've been very open and candid with her regarding my problem instead of being ashamed and keeping it to myself. 

She knows social workers who can find me a place to go. Hopefully I can be on group therapy within the next month or so.

nationalized health care

Interestingly enough, I am now living in a country with nationalized health care: people complain about it, but frankly, I was never able to get an appointment through my hmo with specialists: to see a dermatologist or an endochronoligist I would have to book over 6 months ahead. Here I book appointments with specialists all the time. I am soooooo happy to have national health care: in Boston many of my students would never go to the doctor and would end up in the emergency room waiting hours to see someone for what would have otherwise been a minor condition. I have never been in such good care in my life!

e's check in and out

It has been both a productive day as well as one filled with procrastination. I woke up when I usually run out the door, both children were home today, one out for th fourth day this week with a croupy cough. The other one is getting it this evening, so I am waiting for it to settle in to my chest.

I did have some productive meetings today, but I wasted an enormous amount of time: it pays to check in here early. I also have not walked to work for three days now, and I seem to lose my willingness the less that I walk. I also am watching the fact that I have wanted to have a glass or wine, or three each night: I have not renounced drinking because it is not usually a problematic thing, but I am watching it to see if it is becoming a way of escape.

However, I am grateful for several thing today, so here is my list
for having agreement in my household that C is truly ill, so no arguments about staying home
for meeting with Dr. P, a brilliant scholar (and a gentleman)
My desk is staying clear, and a system is being developed for getting rid of unwanted things.
getting to work on time despite running late this morning
having clean, pressed clothing that fit ready to grab hold of this morning while running late
the tiny, tiny, but still forward movement I am making on my taxes, despite my fear of failure
a warm apartment
take out Chinese food
having a profession I continue to enjoy
flannel pajamas

I am noticing my desire for the cosy, and I don't want to fall into the I-want-to-play-hookie pit tomorrow. So, tonight: big book, prayer/meditation, read a bit. plan for tomorrow.


Mark CI 1:20 PM EST

- prepare for 4 pm meeting
- MIRC thing done
- grid progress -> figure out javascript issue w/ positioning

Other Tasks:
- clean office
- clear remaining smaller bugs
- all completed bug items submitted for testing
- practice guitar
- bag/board comix
- walk wiggie
- 4 pm meeting
-  design drill-down abstract-view modification
- figure out problem with removal script
- read 2  London Review of Books articles
- read 2 NY Rev. of Books articles
- read 25 pp. Judt history book
-  email G.
- listen to Hough CD
- list to guitar LP

scarlett CI 10:50 am EST

Man, it never fails to surprise me how long stuff takes.  I think I'm including plenty of cushion time, and yet?  It ALWAYS takes me even longer than that. 

Focus: "Pebbles," small tasks.  Wanna knock some of this stuff out.
Next CI: 11:50 am

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Write up project for M (MIT)
File letter
Help customer
Answer phone

To do:
3 Reviews (MIT)
Go take pics @ A & draft email (MIT)
Sched. visit to V for tomorrow
Update budget info on latest review & send
Take pics
Talk to pl off re: ww

Sched V visit
Label NV folder
Set next workshop date
Sched reg. mtg w/ A (& go to landfill)
Sched mtg w/ GG & n00b
Check on concr. re

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

Go Scarlett

Looks like you are really in a groove!  Yay!

Do you live in MA?  I noticed the "MIT" :)


journey's right

Most Important Task - got it off the Zen Habits blog.

And thanks!

Become aware of resistance, and let go.


I think MIT = Most Important Task

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

N's To do list

I need to make some calls, write some work emails today -- no, I WANT to.  But of course I DON'T  want to either. . .

so this is a bookend.

Will check back after I do it.


N Check in

Made the calls/sent the emails.

Then fell into a whirl of procrastination -- futzing around with my email inbox . . . :(

I need to turn it around.
I am going to have a glass of water
take a 10 minutes websurfing break (counterintuitive I know)
check back in. . .

N bookend

Apparently I'm not done with the "break."  I'm giving myself 10 more minutes on the internet and pledging to check back in here after it. 

Right now, I'm very thankful that this board exists and to everyone on it!

Nan CI

Back from break. Now:  meditate.  Get back to work.

pro's CI - 10:05am

I'm done and ready to go. This took way too long!

I hope that I will continue with my pile this evening. I got a good start.

Have a great day, everyone!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 9:30

Good morning!  I'm not real motivated this morning but gonna try to get as much done as I can this morning because the afternoon is full of meetings and I'm going out to lunch.  So here goes:

X - gym
X - read email (30 min. actual)
X - Daily planning ( 30 min.)


 - lunch with friends - 1 hr.
 - WPS project meeting - 1 hr.

 - one-on-one meeting with new boss - 1 hr.
 - prep for one-on-one - 30 min

- club budget  - 15 min
 - work on blog post - 15 min
IN PROGRESS  - linux install planning - 2 hrs. 

 - two little projects - 30 min
 - AO - limit to 30 min
 - dishes/laundry 30 min
 - 1 item of mending 30 min
 - screen time - 1 hr.
 - dinner - 1 hr. 

Let's go!


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Journey 2 pm

Had a nice lunch out with old friends, now have one more meeting and then need to get back on the planning for this new project.  I'm having trouble getting started.  The most I post here the more I realize I tend to procrastinate at transition times, and especially when starting a new and unfamiliar project, or finishing up the loose ends of an old project.   I'm pretty good at staying on task when I'm in the "middle" of something, but need to work on those transitions. 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

pro's CI - 9:20am

I'm dressed and going through the pile. Took too long getting dressed. Washed a pot in the middle.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

9:03 CI for Lark , Frustrated today

I'm not doing as well this week as I planned. My one client started to "put some heat on" yesterday, and I did well the remainder of the day. Now this morning, I'm kind of resentful at both him and myself. Sitting here isn't going to help, huh? I just want to do well for a period of time, so I'm going to focus on that for a couple of hours, and check in again. If anyone has positve thoughts and advice, I'm REALLY open. Thanks.

Hey lark

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time.  I hope you've gotten into a groove and are working away.

1) Just sit with your resentment for a few minutes, using a timer; or write about it, or just rant to the empty air
2) Put on music that motivates you
3) Use a timer to work in small chunks; during your breaks do something physical like dancing around or sun salutations.

I've found that if I try and use logic or "shoulds" to get rid of my negative feelings, they fight back pretty hard - that's why I've adopted the sig line that I have.  I try to let go again, and again, and again, and again...

Good luck!  You can do it.

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

Best of luck!

Hoping you do well this morning and feel less frustrated!

One piece of advice that helps me is to remember people have different working styles. Working in spurts (really well when the pressure's on, really badly when it's off) and plodding along are both OK; successful, productive people do both.  I try to deal with procrastination, but also just accept that I work best under pressure. (And I may resent it when people put the pressure on, but it sure helps me get stuff done ;-) )

Sending positive thoughts your way :grin:

pro's CI - 8:50am

I'm not doing too bad this morning. I'm almost dressed and ready to leave for work. But I need to go through my pile to find some things and that will take time. So two tasks:

- Finish getting dressed.
- Fast, fast go through pile to find things I need.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

scarlett CI 8:50 am EST

Morning, all.  I've got the 70's funk cranking, so here I go!

Focus: write up project
Next CI: 9:45 am

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills

To do:
Write up project for M (MIT)
3 Reviews (MIT)
Update budget info on latest review & send
Take pics
Set next workshop date
Sched reg. mtg w/ A (& go to landfill)
Sched mtg w/ GG & n00b

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

kromer 7:50 CI

I ended up working last night after my last CI, and was pretty today doesn't look too bad.
To-do today:
*Finish coregulator analysis (15 min)
*Finish lab meeting presentation (3 hrs)
*Visualize results from tweaking weights (30 min)
*GO analysis, enrichment compared to canonical pathway (1 hr)
*Compare to canonical pathway by hand (45 min)
*Lunch with a friend (1 hr)
*Appt. (1 hr)
*Harambee (3 hrs)
*Photocopy Harambee curric. (1 hr)

I'm going to start by visualizing results of weight tweaks and doing a GO analysis (about 30 min, I'll just get started and then clean up the results in lab)
Then, I'll finish the coregulator analysis
Then, I'll go to campus for my appointment (If there's extra time before my appt., I'll start copying the curriculum)
UPDATE 9: Done with visualizing results + with coregulator analysis, leaving for campus now.

kromer 11 CI

OK, went to appt. and am now in lab; I have an hour before lunch with my friend.

There are a couple things I would like to get done between now and then:
*figure out new visualization bug
*filter list of coregulators to exclude DNA binding proteins
*ask LR a question
*if time, start photocopying curriculum
I'll finish photocopying the curriculum after lunch, check in when that's done (around 2 probably)

kromer 2:20 CI

OK, I've filtered list of coregulators, had lunch, and photocopied curriculum.
I'm going to figure out the bug (DONE 4), then re-run network flow code (DONE 4) and look over/make graphs of the result.
I'll try to talk with my supervisor about the result if he's here.
Then, I'll ask LR a quick question. (DONE 4)
I'll check in after that, then work on my presentation (I'm really behind on it, and starting to panic a bit...)

kromer 5:00

OK, I did all of the above, except by the time I finished my supervisor had already left. Fudge.
To do now/this evening: Go to Harambee 5:30-8:30, and finish presentation! :scared face:

Here is my (ridiculously detailed) list of things that *must* be done before the presentation:
1)map EG ids in diagram to gene names (20 min)
2)Run coregs->canonical TFs and TFs->genes, visualize results (45 min)
3)Compare predicted TFs to canonical TFs (15 min)
4)Do GO analysis and list any interesting results (20 min)
5)Make overview diagram of my method (40 min)
6)Find good, simple diagram of canonical pathway (20 min)
7)Fill in the rest of the text in my presentation (1 h4)
8)Practice! (if this has to wait until tomorrow morning, that's OK)
All right, it's going to be a bit of a late night, but it's do-able.
I'm going to try really hard to finish this minimum list before doing any extras
Check in again when I get back from Harambee around 8:30

kromer 10

Very late...Harambee went late, then I had to get some dinner and call a friend, then I just wasted time even though I have so much work...argh! Grr to me!

I got through the first thing on my list, but that's all. I'm getting a little panicked/overwhelmed...but I'm just going to remember that I need to get something done, a mediocre presentation is better than no presentation!
Next, I'm going to make an overview diagram for my method. Try to get done in 30 minutes, stop after 40 even if it's still bad.

kromer 11:30

just finished the stupid diagram, grr! (got distracted multiple times...took a shower, talked with a friend, etc.)
Now I'm going to run coreg->tf and tf->gene and visualize the results. I'll put the graphs I make in my presentation. Then, I'll compare the tfs I find with the canonical TFs. When I'm done with this, I'll check back in (should be around 12:30)
UPDATE 1:20: done with coreg-> +visualizing results, also with finding diagram of canonical pathway and with finishing text in presentation.
Weighting for tf->gene to finish, then need to do GO analyses. Will try to do quickly and be in bed by 2 (not ideal, but OK)

kromer 2:10

Presentation done! (finally)
Now to bed, up at 7 so I have some time to practice (then lots of sleep tomorrow night!)

kaoba thursday am

Hello everyone.

Today I want to:

( ) walk
( ) drink six glasses of water (X)( )( )( )( )( )
( ) brush and floss


( ) work for 0:30' on project Y
( ) assemble and publish bulletin
( ) start on report due Tuesday 29th

Wishes to all for a productive day!

kaoba update mid-morning

This is what's happened so far:

( ) walk
( ) drink six glasses of water (X)(X)( )( )( )( )
(X) brush and floss
(X) work for 0:30' on project Y
( ) assemble and publish bulletin
( ) start on report due Tuesday 29th

. kromer - you're looking good! Ambitious list, but you seem to be moving.
. scarlett - I like your idea of having a focus.
. pro - good luck with the pile. I have a "pile" also (more or less my whole desk!) and avoid it like the plague.
. lark - when I am feeling unmotivated or resentful of what I need to do, it helps to do *tiny* chunks. I've been know to set timers for one minute ... chop it all into the tiniest bits possible, and then do those. Moving along vibes to you, and be kind to yourself.