Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 28 December 2007

pro's CI - 11:05pm

I'm ready for bed - teeth brushed, contacts out. Now I just have to get into bed. :grin:

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

guess who's still awake (and vertical)?

Go to bed now, pro - now, now now!!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 10:30pm

I'm back home, and I need to get to bed now. I'm dawdling at the computer. I haven't slept well for the past two nights, and tomorrow I'm meeting someone in the morning - I need to sleep.

I bought a bicycle pump when I was out of town and it has parts missing, which is a big pain in the neck. I'll call the store tomorrow. I'm not sure how to fix this, though, because they're 200+ miles away.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

RR's CI, 7 pm

all receipts
went to event
went to another event today
sent out emails

To do:
finish editing story
finish gifts

kromer's 9:30 (PT) CI

Think I'm getting sick, don't feel so great. :(
I'm going to try to get a little work done, but I will do easy stuff and I'm not going to beat myself up if I'm unproductive.
To start, I'm going to finish my UCSD personal statement. It should take about 30 minutes and not too much thought. I'll check in after that.

kromer 10:50

Finished personal statement.
Will hang out with family for a bit, then work on research summary for UCSD.

kromer 5:50 (PT) Check-in

Ended up going with family to Golden Gate Park, recently got back (and am feeling much better, yay!)
I'm continuing work on my research statement; it's only a paragraph, but I'm having trouble getting it done, so I've pulled out my timer (and my cheesy Christian rock background music...don't know why it makes me more productive, but it does...) I've done 1 8-minute chunk, and  think that 2 or 3 more should get it done.

Falcon Fri. a.m.

Oh, drat!   Yell

I set my alarm clock wrong, and slept through the early morning martial arts class I meant to go to.  I was counting on the class for exercise & some people contact to get me revved up for the day.  Now I'm on my own for getting jump-started & fighting the winter depression. Oh, well -- at least I'm well rested from sleeping in!  And I'm glad you guys are here to check in with -- that helps.  Smile

  1. Eat breakfast & take meds
  2. Shower/dress
  3. Go for walk
  4. Review list & plan rest of day


Falcon's CI - off to slow start

Darn, I'm having a hard time getting going this morning!  Probably a rerun of yesterday -- I'll feel like crumbs till I finally haul myself out for a walk, then I'll feel o.k.  It's the getting myself up & dressed & out the door that's the hard part.

O.k., deep breath.  Going to grab myself by the ears & throw myself in the shower, dress & go for that walk.  Now.


Falcon's CI - depression is cruddy!

Well, I'm clean, dressed, I've taken a walk & picked up my coat from the dry cleaner.  And it's very mild out, so I sat outside for a few minutes and wrote out some things I need to do, & that felt good -- I needed to be out of my untidy house for a little while.

Can I just mention that depression is a pain in the you-know-what?  I still feel kinda cruddy, though less cruddy than before my walk.  And it's really annoying, because my life is really good & there's nothing for me to be down about.  Which makes me feel aggravated at myself for feeling so down, which doesn't help my mood any!  ::tongue::  Does anyone else get into that cycle?

All right, next. . . eat something.  Then start on packing -- my trip isn't for a few days yet, but I'll feel better once I see all the bits & pieces so I'll know if there's anything I need to buy, launder, etc. before then. 


kromer--good job Falcon!

Sounds like your getting a lot done :) Keep going!

The feeling cruddy--aggravated with myself--feeling even cruddier cycle sounds very familiar :P

Falcon -- Thanks, Kromer & 2:00 CI

Hey Kromer -- thanks very much for the encouragement & sympathy!  I just spent the last hour lost in goofing off on the internet, & feeling down on myself, so the good words really help. 

I realized one thing I need to do for today is let myself off of some phone calls I've been meaning to make to schedule some appointments.  Pressuring myself is just leading me to zone out & put off everything else I could be doing as well.  The phone calls can wait till I get back from my trip; in fact that may be better in terms of timing anyway.

Time to pick myself up and start over.  Maybe I'll go get groceries next; it'll be good to go out & be around other people for a bit.


Falcon's CI 3:50

Back from the grocery store, and for some odd reason they don't have quiche.  Going to eat a snack, then go into town to the bigger store & see if they have any, so I can pick one up for my lunch guests tomorrow.


Lark at 9:35

Work phone calls began early this morning--before daylight--and while I'm happy that business is good, I too often screw up when I don't focus on one thing at a time. Financial insecurity has been in the back of my mind. That's what makes me overbook sure as heck.

 morning things
 spiritual time
 focus on main project
 order supplies and do smaller project between times
 do cleaning swoop through house
 call client about his bill
 do an hour of general outside cleaning, etc, (best day for it)

Journey 8:30 am

Good morning!  I'm finally getting over my cold.  It's my last day of vacation and I feel depressed that I didn't get a lot of organizing done this week, but I really was too sick to do it.  Sometimes I think a minor illness is the HP's way of telling me to take a break.   

I didn't check in yesterday but I was quite productive, although not on the stuff I had planned to do.  My daughter and I spent all day cleaning her nasty room.  She has the attic room upstairs and I don't clean up there as it's her responsibility.  However, since she is a lot like me, it's a pigsty.  She asked me to help her get it back in shape, so we busted our a$$es up there all day yesterday and got it cleaned and organized. 

Today, I'm going shopping and having some fun.  Tomorrow, back to the gym and housework. 
Right now I am going to go get on the scales and see what damage I did to my diet over the holidays (cringe).

Best wishes to all for a great new year!!


pro's CI - 8:20am

I slept very badly last night. Now I'm trying to pack up and check out of my hotel. I think packing up my computer now will hasten the process, so I'll do that next.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Movingalong's Friday goals

My goals today are to pay the car insurance bill and the electricity bill, and to find my records for some other bills.

-- movingalong

movingalong's Friday evening check-in

I paid the car insurance.  I found the electricity bill. That was as far as I got.