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Sunday, November 25

/files/images/flying_pig.gifI promised I would do it when pigs fly so.....

Almost done for the day

I just have a few things I need to do before going to bed, but have run out of steam & am finding it hard to do them!  I need to:

Pack up catalogs to look at tomorrow
Glance through remaining Pile & see if I need to do anything tonight/take anything to work
Pack gym bag
Change sheets
Run through new songs



Done!  Good night -- hope everyone's week gets off to a good start tomorrow!


Journey 10 am

Good morning . . . today will pretty much be a day of rest since I worked last night until 3. And then was woken up at 7 by dh, who is one of those horrid cheerful morning persons.  I'll be off on Tuesday since I worked over the weekend, so that will be my chore day.   Today:

Check work email, all is well

Straighten house
sort laundry
finish organizing project list
prep for tomorrow
make dinner
clip doggie toenails

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of.  - Benjamin Franklin

journey 10 am update

and thanks to elisaveth for the reminder, add this to the list:
take meds and vitamins
fill up vitamin/med container to take to work

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of.  - Benjamin Franklin

Edge's CI - 9:25AM

Yesterday I walked aaaall the way from work back home, which took me roughly 40 mins. I just might do that again today since the weather doesn't seem to be too cold fow now. Going to take my walking shoes with me.

Shopping didn't go so well yesterday - I didn't buy anything. It's so hard finding something you like at the price you accept. Bother. Don't know if I can go again today after work. Probably will, if not for coats at least for some tops or pants; I haven't got anything really warm to wear this winter :rolleyes:

The most important item for the day is contract signing. Good thing I reminded myself of that, otherwise I would have forgotten to bring along with me the necessary documents. Wish me luck, guys :-) I'll be finally making my career move :-) *knocks on wood*

Okay I have to go get dressed and ready for work now. Will check in later. But before I go, some things that I need to not forget doing:

- Clean kitty litter box (yes, I didn't do it yesterday :rolleyes: )
X Call G and ask about the work certificate, then confirm appointment to sign
X Lunch break: sign contract
- Reach 25k in story (DO IT, DAMMIT !!)
- Cover the general folders at work
X FL J list
- Empty out some of your content folder and create lists for STsee
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

good morning....

Saturday was a horrible day, and Sunday is looming not better, so I thought I would start the day right by ending Saturday with a post. The best thing about Saturday was listening to the podcast that Edge posted: Today I am going to put that advice to work.

To do:
clear out all but practicum stuff from one area
create a place only for tax related stuff
place holiday stuff in another room so it is not calling to me
water x
meds x
charitable contributions pile
email martin
sort out tasks
write an email to G

elisaveth continued

okay, things are not going so very well today. I think I forgot to take my meds for two days (it always happens when there is a change of routine), so I feel tired, have been sleeping non-stop and have little to no motivation. I slept 80% of yesterday and so far have been up and taken a nap already this morning and it is just noon-thirty. I have written some greeting cards, straightened the kitchen, written some morning pages, so it has not been a complete loss, but the last month's motivation has flown.

so, i think i need a treat. yep, i definately need a treat.
open my windows
light a candle
light a fire
take a bubble bath
choose to dress
go for a  stroll
read outside
take a drive
 play a game
Once I have some good times under my belt perhaps I will be willing and able to think about something less pleasant....

elisaveth on her way out

Despite all the best of actions, it was a very low day for me. I went for a long drive to the sea and took a walk, but the joy was out of it because I had no one to share it with and I was blue. I took a detour on the way home and got completely lost in the same area I always get lost in: one day I think I will spend one day just getting to know this area reallllly well, so I can own it for good. I came home, took yet another nap and ate a sweet. Everyone else is watching Dawn of the Dead, while I am not a horror movie or spoof movie person, so I am feeling a bit sorry for myself, although I have to say that writing here helps. I am now going to watch old reruns of House until I can call it a day. Good things that I did today: took a walk, took my meds, felt my emotions, drank water. Some would say that it was a "terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day" but some days are like that and then there are new ones.

Hi Elisaveth!

Sorry you had a difficult day.  But glad you spent time walking on the beach!  Yay for taking healthy action!  Sending you hugs.

As you said, some days are just like that, and then there are new ones.  May your new day be blessed!
  --- movingalong

hello back atcha, movingalong

What a nice thing to read in the middle of a fair-to-middlin' day! Things are going a bit better today: I have been too busy to dwell on things, so today is a new day. I need to do some soul searching to see if I need to make amends - or if I don't need to. I can't tell sometimes, so writing here helps.

have a great day yourself!