Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 29th June

Good Morning everybody. After a short night (couldn't fall asleep), I am back at my desk.

- brushed teeth, washed, got dressed
- quickly cleaned sink and toilet
- put washing in machine
- made tea and muesli

To Do:
- write out notes for my presentation
- create foil
- insert another topic into my paper because the girl who is doing the first part simply left it out :-(

Have to hurry a bit!

See you

TL - BE - 5:00 PM

Got hair cut
got oil changed - finally!!!!!!
picked up letter

didn't run/swim

now to studying

TL - BE - 12:30 PM

Slept from 5:30-10:20.
Class 10:30-12

Didn't have to do speech - so have it written for next week

To Do
haircut at 1
oil change
study for final tomorrow
maybe swim for 30 min
matbe run 30 or 40 min

Pro, Normy, Anouk:
I'm starting to think of this board when I make choices:) What will I be able to say I did or did not do:)

Normy - glad you did hw - feels good huh!
Pro - where are you?
Anouk - great job on presentation and rewarding self!

back online

"Pro - where are you?"

I was away for a few days with no internet access. I'm back now! :)

I also find it makes a difference...

...posting what choices I've made to a board, and also explaining the choice when I've procrastinated - the former encourages me, and the latter gives me the opportunity to work out what's going on so I can make more informed choices in the future.

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What's you input?

When it comes to choosing food - I can always choose the healthiest b/c i know the results and how beneficial. I've done it so much - it's a way of life:)

So I'm trying to do this when I make decisions about which activity to do. It seems like there are some people that always choose the activity that needs to be done and simply don't do unnecessary activities.

My grandparents were very good at this. They were from very poor families (depression era) and simple factory workers. But they seemed to never be behind and retired w/no debt and everything paid for. It was just natural for them to do what needed to be done.

too much choice

I agree with you, tl.

I guess the problem today is that we have too much choice, no matter if things to buy, to have as hobbies, to watch on TV,to eat, to throw away and it is easy to make debts. I think this huge choice makes it more difficult to choose the right thing + you have to think for yourself and not get influenced by ubiquitous advertisement.

Probably this availabilty of everything also makes it easier to procrastinate: there is always something that we can do instead.

We need much more discipline to think about the things that we really need, and that are really good for us and i guess this board helps us to be more aware of what we are about to choose.

Too much choice

I agree. I spoke to a dietician who said that it's generally considered that one of the reasons so many people are overweight is the vast choice that we have. When there was less choice our tastebuds had enough of what was available and we stopped eating. Now we have enough of what's in front of us, and go to the cupboard to find a different taste experience.

I think a similar thing happens with other choices in life. Would I rather not have a choice? I think I would like less. I've noticed in the past that I'm OK choosing between two or three things, but more than that I just get overwhelmed and give up. If it's something I need to make a choice about - I procrastinate.

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An old habit returns

For me, Normy's observation is pretty timely. I've been falling back into an old habit -- trying to work on everything at once, and not making much progress on anything.

With multiple projects to work on, I can always procrastinate on one thing by doing a little work on another. This way, I can merry-go-round through my project list and feel like I'm working without actually getting things done.

I'm much more productive when I can work on just one thing at a time, and I plan to line my projects up during my weekly review so I can knock them down in order. I can't do everything at once, and I should stop trying.


Teri's BE 4:35 AM

Didn't sleep last night - so will be very tired after class and will nap.

writing speech

to do:
practice speech for 7 AM
pick up letter
class at 10:30 AM
haircut 1PM
study for final tomorrow

Good Morning Teri

That's an ungodly hour to be up! At least it means us Europeans have a bit of company from across the pond this morning ;)

When are you giving your speech, 7am? Or do you mean you are practising it by then?

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Norm's CI 1

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Good morning Anouk.

I got to bed at a reasonable hour last night, but I was so tired even three alarms couldn't get me up this morning, and I started an hour later than planned. Finished my Morning Routine and I'm ready to work. DSO said he'd be joining me this morning, but he's not quite ready, but I'm going to start at 10.00 am anyway.

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I'm going to open my homework file and see what leaps out at me - I think I've got an essay on the nervous system lurking in there.

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Norm's CI 9.05 pm - last check in for Thursday

Well, I think it's procrastination. I still haven't done any work (just been mucking about with boards and gifs). Now I'm toying with the idea of having some supper and having an early night (I'm still very tired from my escapades yesterday).

OK - I've just had a look at my schedule for tomorrow, and I can jiggle it about to get an hour in then, so I'm going to admit that I'm procrastinating tonight - possibly due to tiredness - and have a crack at it in the morning (~after~ I've packed - that's got to be the priority!). So this is going to be my last CI for today, and I'll see you tomorrow.

P.S. Good evening (afternoon/morning - depending on where you are!) solidground! :) Just noticed we're online at the same time.

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Norm's CI 8.15 pm

Forgot to do the darn 'post comment' thing again so I've only just posted my previous post which was hours ago, LOL!

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*Went to supervision meeting
*Went to chiropodist (through very heavy traffic, and I was late - and I've been doing so well on that lately - humbug :( )
*Came home (still heavy traffic) to pick up DDog to go to vets. I was only intending to pick up a repeat prescription for her arthritis and drop her insurance form off, but they wouldn't give me the medicine without seeing her again (good little money spinner that one, eh?)

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*Accounts and Tax

I'd like to get last year's finalised and submitted. I'm going to spend an hour on it tonight - if it doesn't get done in that time so be it. I've learned my lesson about upping the ante - I really need to respect my promises to myself about how long I'm going to spend on things.

The tax thing has also brought up a question for me which I'll post on the Questions & Insights section.

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Still on plan

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Completed all the tasks listed in my previous post.

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*Supervision meeting

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I've done my homework

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Well I did that nervous system question in one sitting. It felt ~too~ easy compared to all the work I've done previously, but I've answered the question so I'm not going to stress about it.

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*Meal prep
*DDog walk
*Daytime Routine
*Find claim form for vets and put it in bag

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Anouk's CI (1)

Trying to fight tiredness. Even made a coffee and I barely ever drink coffee:

-talked to DSO on phone
-read a little bit more for my presentation
-put up washing
-walked puppy
-fed puppy
-fought with the printer who suddenly decided to eat paper
-started to write out the notes for my presenation
-made bed

to do:
-taking notes for presentation
-go to uni at 9.50

Anouk's CI (2)

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My presentation is over! I was very tired and finished at the last minute but I got quite a good positive feedback from the other students and I felt confident. Luckily, I like presentation - IF I am prepared...

Got myself lots of unhealthy food to celebrate and an electric toothbrush which I have wanted for ages and in the supermarket was a special offer, so I thought I deserve it ;-)

Hope, everybody is well.

I will only eat chunk now and watch TV!!!
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So are you going to get yourself that gear that you were going to reward yourself with, or did you change it to party food and toothbrush?

You don't look like you need a graphics intro any more - which site are you using for your text? I use and (plus various gifs and bits and bobs that I pick up - usually from other people as I don't normally have time to go searching for it). Are you using photobucket or something similar?

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Hi Normy,

Thanks for the congratulations, Normy. I am really proud of myself. Thanks to the group and your cheers, I stayed and my desk and didn't feel as bad as I normally would have. I had enough information to answer even some more difficult questions.

I guess, I am going to get myself the gear when I go climbing next time. Can buy the stuff there - it's a bit cheaper.

I got the graphics from Remembered my tiny html knowledge from a couple of years a go and just thought to give it a try.