Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 28th June

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A new day! A new start! I hope you are all feeling ready for the day ahead.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingtl
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAnyone else going to join us today?

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TL - BE 10:3o AM

Good morning all. Its's CST (central stanrdard time) 10:40 AM June 28th

Slept late and have some things to do!
Go to mother-in-law alteration shop and pick up clothes.
Class 1-3
Call Library

Anouk & Normy:
Way to go - you're being so productive!

Driving in rain is a bummer - but you're persevering!

How did you get on tl?

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Mother-in-Law Alteration Shop

Wow! You can get your mother-in-law altered in the US!? ;)
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Mother-in-Law alterations


pro's bookending section

Well, I didn't get up at 4am, but I got up at 6am. I reset my alarm last night when I couldn't get to sleep until later. I need some sleep when driving to another state.

Also, it's pouring. :( This is a big pain. I really did not want it to rain today!! Or tomorrow!!!!

Okay - coffee first...

pro's CI: dressed and almost packed

I resisted the temptation to lie down again, and I'm now dressed. Still don't feel well, though. I'm afraid I'm getting sick.

I'm almost packed - all except for this notebook computer, which I need to turn off and pack now.

Have a great day, everyone!

Enjoy the break Pro

And have a good rest.

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pro's CI: showered...

I'm not dressed, but I'm showered. I'm checking in after this small action because what I most want to do right now is go back to sleep. I'm not feeling well. And I CAN'T go back to sleep now!! I have to drive north. I can sleep when I get there!!

Gotta get dressed and packed now - FAST.

pro's CI: nap, then some more work

I ended up sleeping for three hours after worked for a while earlier. I was just too tired and my stomach was feeling bad (still does).

I did a little more work just now - the one other important thing I had to do this morning - and I wrote to my other consulting clients saying I'd be in touch soon.

Now I need to pack up and leave - it's already very late! I'd hoped to leave at 9am and it's past noon.

pro's CI: finished work for one consulting client

I owe work to several consulting clients. I just finished the work for one of them. I'm going to do something different for a few minutes (maybe open mail, get dressed) and then move onto the next one. It's hard to do this one after the other.

I also need to pack for my trip. It's not pouring out anymore, but it still looks gray and soggy.

tired and stomach hurts

I'm really tired and my stomach hurts. I'm going to lie down for just a little while.

feeling sleepy

I'm sleepy and want to go back to bed, but that would be bad. :O

poor pro

Do you think the head- and stomach problems are symtoms of stress?

Just got up from my nap and could need some extra sleep, too...

Congratulations on the done work on your first client!! One less!

oh dear - slept a long time

Hi Anouk - I do get stomach problems when I don't get enough sleep. That's why I lay down again. Problem is, I slept for almost three hours! That was time I was going to spend working, and now I really have to leave.

I have one more work thing I want to do, and I'll write to my other consulting clients about getting back to them later.

pro's CI: pulled together materials I need

I pulled together all the information I need to do my work this morning. Chances are I won't leave at 9am as planned, but since it's pouring it doesn't matter much.

rain, rain, rain

I can't believe it. The weather could not be worse. It is supposed to rain heavily all day today both here and where I'm going (fun drive - NOT), and tomorrow there will be thunderstorms all day (for fun on my drive home).

Plus, this means I can't get my car undercoated. He doesn't do it when it's raining. :(

pro's CI: sitting down with coffee

I've got my coffee now. I just want to check the weather (both here and where I'm going - it's POURING), and then I'll start my consulting work.

Anouk's First Bookend

Good Morning everyboday!! :D

Seems like you stayed up long and didn't sleep very much, Normy. Hope, you are not feeling too tired.

I watched a bit of TV last night because my head felt all dizzy and I didn't feel like reading in order to distract myself. In bed, I read a bit more for my presentation but it was after 11.30 when I switched off the light.
Wanted to get up at 6.30 but was still too tired. I need my 8 hours of sleep. Took me a while to get up so that's why I a bit late this morning.
Luckily, I only have one class tonight.

Thanks for all the positive replies! They really help me to get back to my desk.

Normy: taking breaks: I set my timer on 30 minutes and then stopped ( or at least after I finished the paragraph). This really helps. I don't get overwhelmed this way.

I am going to do now:
- brush teeth, wash myself, get dressed
- have breakfast
- walk dog for 15 minutes (she is getting a short morning walk today and a longer one in the afternoon as I am not very productive anyway before 5 pm)
- make my bed

Anouk's last CI

I am too tired to work more. Had something to eat. My mom called and couldn't stop talking about flowers and her garden... Watched some TV. I guess I should have gone to bed earlier last night.

Normy: thanks a lot for your postive vibes. I think you are right: I set the goal to high. I think, procrastinators tend to do that - or at least I do it. I learned that in my psychologic seminar: even you go for task that are much too easy - they are not motivating or you go for tasks that are much too hard: so you don't have to blame yourself if you fail. But as you say, Normy, I didn't fail. I worked really hard the last two days. I earned 70 Euro and that's not counting the time I spent in the library.
The problem is that I didn't start early enough but I can't have everything at once.

The presentation will be tomorrow at 4 pm. I have class from 10-12 am. So I have time before and after to get my presentation together. I will go to bed now and get up early.

- organized family meeting on sunday
- talked to my mom
- dinner
- fed dog with really fancy dog dinner :-)
- washed my dishes, dried them and put them away (even though I really wanted to do it tomorrow)

to do:
- let dog out for a second
- brush teeth
- go to bed and SLEEEEEP

Good night to everybody.
Pro: have a good time!!!
Normy: have a nice date!!!

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Anouk's CI (5)

Back from uni. The lecture really sucked. It is about didactics and the lecturer can't teach. Can you imagine this. I could get so angry about it!!!

I didn't eat enough before the lecture. Had a snack in the cafeteria but it didn't help at all. Now, I am dizzy again from a low blood sugar level. And that prevents me from thinking clearly.

- uni: 65 minutes of reading during the lecture
- photocopying the sources for tomorrow

to do:
- dinner
- prepare foil with family tree
- prepare notes
- read some more

I don't think I will be finished as I vowed at 10 pm. But I barely procrastinated today. Didn't even talk to DSO because he didn't call. So, do I deserve the full punishment? (50 Euro).

Will try to do my best after dinner.
See you soon
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All the best with your presentation Anouk!

Remember the positive self-talk! It's not a punishment - it's a 'motivation away from a certain behaviour' LOL (i.e. the behaviour of not doing what you'd said).

You ~have~ worked hard and so the motivation (whether towards the reward or away from the penalty) has obviously been working. I don't think that realistically you could have expected more, and if you haven't done all that you wanted it's probably because the goal was set unattainably high to begin with. And don't forget that the goal was to prepare for the presentation - you ~have~ prepared, and it will be all the better because of the preparation and hard work you have put in. I'm sending you the vibes ready for tomorrow!

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This is basic behavioural modification we're doing here - if you work this hard then punish yourself what do you think ~that~ will train you to do in future? LOL! I think you definitely deserve ~some~ sort of reward. If the presentation goes well because you were well-prepared you deserve the full reward. If it's shaky round the edges you might want to make the reward reflect that - but ~do~ reward yourself for the work well done.

And don't forget to let us know how you get on ;)

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Anouk's CI (5)

Nobody here :-( I am feeling a bit lonely. DSO hasn't called yet either. But my puppy is here to stare at me ;-)

- finish the article (40 minutes)
- walk puppy
- fill air into the tires of my bike

to do:
- read important sections on senate and maiestatis
- go to uni to just sit there (take something to read)
- write out notes for presentation
- prepare a foil with family tree

Hope someones here to cheer me on when I check in next!!
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And I'm back too!

Here's the cheer....

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~and~ you've got glitter! WTG! :D

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I'm here, Anouk!!

You've been doing GREAT!!!!!

I fell asleep again - I was soooo tired, and my stomach hurt. But I'm back! I won't be online too long because I have to leave, but I'll be online for at least an hour, maybe two.

Anouk's CI (4)

Procrastinated a bit on looking for graphics, even though I can't still upload them. Found a couple of cute ones.

- did dishes and dried them
- had nap
- managed to get up after 30 minutes even though I could sleep some more

to do:
- finish this article
- start another important article
-> 2 30 minute sections
- walk puppy.
- DSO is going to call any tome sooner or later

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Anouk's CI (3)

Pro: seems like we both got up later than planned. I hope the weather gets better. Could you also go another day? How does your head feel? Better?

- what I did so far (it's 1.10 pm)
- another 30 minute session of reading and making notes
- lunch
- started doing the dishes but a friend came by to give me some books
- went do uni and copied some more stuff I need for presentation (angry because the stuff we are supposed to copy and read for homework still is not in the folder: I guess, our lecturer is a bad procrastinator ;-) )

going to do now:
- do dishes
- have a short nap
- make tea

Anouk's CI (2)

Seems like I am alone today. Hopefully, someone will show up soon to make this easier!

- 2 3o minute session of reading/ making notes, structuring
- 2 10 minute periods of dusting (flylady) - isn't it funny, normy, that this is kelly's mission for today as we talked about it yesterday ?!

to do:

- another 2 30 minute sessions - hopefully finishing this article
- having lunch
- going to library doing the photocopies

Anouk's CI (1)

Wanted to start working on my presentation at 9.00. Now it is 9.37 :-(
I procrastinated a bit walking my dog, my mom phoned, I did a phone call organizing stuff for my DSO. Organized social stuff for Sunday, phoned my mom back, looked up appartments for rent in the newspaper

- brushed teeth, washed myself, got dressed
- quickly cleaned a bit of the bathroom
- had breakfast
- walked my dog
- s.o.

To Do:
- 30 minutes reading sessions
- go to library and copy stuff that wasn't there yesterday
- write my presentation on cards
- try to read as much as possible about my topic

I will start with 2 30 minute sesssions NOW

That's a great start!

9.37s pretty good Anouk - I'd be proud of getting started if I were you.

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it's still the 27th here

It's not morning there, is it? Isn't it late at night?

You should go to bed, Normy!! Didn't you say you'd been staying up too late (like me!)?

Norm's First Bookend 28th June

Well it's 28th June for me and Anouk anyway. I think Pro and tl are still on 27th for a few hours yet.

One good thing about the way yesterday went for me - today is highly likely to go much better! I probably won't be able to post until I get back from my course, about 5pm BST (6pm for Anouk, and I think about 11 am for pro. tl - either I don't know, or I can't remember your time zone). So hopefully there will be someone on the board.

Anouk - you had such a great day yesterday that I feel buoyed up by your success! I can't believe I forgot something as simple as time bingeing and taking breaks. It would probably be really helpful (I nearly used the 'must' word!) if I drew up a checklist of things to watch out for, for when I'm in procrastination mode...

...OK, I've put a reminder in my DA Task List and started the list off. So here's the bookending bit: I'm going to get some sleep - I've only got four hours before it's time to get up again! Then off to my course. Be back in about 15 hours, when I'll see if I remember to do the other end of my bookend!

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CI after nap

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*Had some painkillers and had my nap - I feel ~soooo~ much better.

*Had my evening meal.

*I'd got a phone message from someone who'd seen my details on the net, so I rang back for a chat about my classes, and she's keen to start in September (yay!)

*Got more details back from another venue and they're offering me a room at a decent rate - I think I'll check out the room. I'm half tempted to run a couple more classes on a Thursday.

*Checked my plan for tomorrow (I noticed I'd put accounts on there and I thought 'Oh good'. I don't think I've ever thought 'Oh good' about accounts before! It used to be a dreaded task. It's so much easier if you don't put it off).

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*Walk with DDog Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Date night! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(So I probably won't be checking in again tonight ;) )

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Norm's CI 4

It's 5.30 pm here now. I've just got back from that course and I'm shattered. I'm glad I stayed up and worked out the directions last night - I definitely ~would~ have been lost this morning otherwise. As it was I got there with time to settle in, introduce myself, and get a cuppa before we started.

Needed lots of caffeine though, which I'm not used to, and my head is pounding - I'm going to take a half hour nap (procrastinators seem to need their nap time don't they - I don't need them when I've not been procrastinating).

It was a good course, and I enjoyed it, and now I've got an extra qualification which means I can continue to do teaching practice observations (didn't used to have to have a quallie for that, but you do now). I was impressed with the teacher - the topic had the potential to be deathly boring but it was an interesting day. I'll have to see if I can extract any teaching points from the way she ran the day too (a meta-analysis if you like, in addition to the subject material). I'm particularly aware that I may be able to apply some of it to the thing I was procrastinating on yesterday.

So it really knocked me off kilter all that dragging my heels yesterday - I'd have had my journey planned, food prepared, and an early night (and a less sleepy drive) if it wasn't for that. Another lesson learned.

I also realised that I have learned some positive things from being a procrastinator - like being able to rumble in a hurry! And that actually I ~do~ get more satisfaction from a rushed deadline than one achieved in advance (yesterday's two hours done - zero satisfaction; managed to get up and ready, including prepare food, in less than one hour - very satisfied!). I always thought I didn't like that stressful adrenaline rush, but I did like the way it raised my energy levels. So that's alerted me to the need to find a more constructive alternative.

OK - nap time. Just looked at my schedule and I'd allowed more time to get back, so I'm actually ahead at the moment!

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Hi Normy,

I am glad, too that it went well.

I agree with you on the satisfaction point. Watching TV is much more satisfying when I do it instead of the task I am procrastinating. Household chores suddenly seem to be VERY attractive and satisfying when procrastinating. Otherwise I don't care...

If you finish a task in time then what are you supposed to do in your spare time. I normally feel bored because there isn't the drama of procrastination...

I guess, it is all about learning how to really live in the present moment and enjoy it and be passionate about things. Then you don't need the drama anymore. But I think, I still need to learn that...

glad it went well, Normy

Congratulations on getting it all done!

When I was younger I could stay up all night studying or working. But now that I'm older, I can't. If I don't get a full night's sleep, I don't just get tired, I get sick.

Norm's CI 3

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*Showered and hair washed

*Teeth done Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Quick clean bathroom and shower

*Dressed to shoes

*Hair and makeup (as much as is seemly for a woman with two ruddy great cold sores on her top lip)

*Food to share done


*Emails checked

Time to go! See ya later!

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Up and at 'em!

I'm up! And I see Anouk's up too. Didn't think I'd have time to check in today before I got off but I woke up early so I got up straight away (I don't think my poor body was expecting that!).

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Got up 6.15 am, had coffee, checked out train times (good idea to check them, but seems it's not a good idea to go on the train - veeeerrry slow - it would take me hours to get there! I'll stick to going in the car).

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*Shower and dress
*Make food to share (what? Oh I know - Moroccan Cous Cous - quick and easy!)

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Hi Normy

Hi Normy!
wow, you managed the get up that early after such a good night! Congratulations.

I hope, you have a successful day today and get everything done.
Don't worry about yesterday. It probably was just an exception which your psyche needs in order to adapt to your new habits :-)

Thanks Anouk

Had another insight about yesterday. I know that when I achieve something I tend to up the ante (this is referred to in The Now Habit). Yesterday was an example - I successfully achieved the set goal of two hours, so then I raised the bar! I want to get my boundaries much clearer so I know I can trust myself - then I won't need to rebel.

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upping the ante - hmmm...

That's interesting. Maybe I'll read "The Now Habit".

Personally I don't rate it that highly...

...but I'm not one for throwing the baby out with the bathwater. That's one procrastination trick I do a lot.

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