Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday, June 27

I thought we were suppose to each use our own thread for CI (book ending), but if it's ok, may we all use the same one for each day? Maybe I'm confused. I don't want to intrude on your thread - but I don't want to be left out:(

Normy's 2am CI

Went to my friend's then came home and tried to find out where I'm going tomorrow. It was like a blast from my past today, the amount of procrastinating I did - maybe I've got six months' worth done all at once? I don't think I've procrastinated on finding directions since I started my Anti-Procrastination thing this year - until today. And it had to be an awkward one too. I ended up having to do a web search for the venue - which wasn't an easy one to find (I got it from a directory in the end), so I could get the postcode, so I could get the map and directions. The map and directions didn't seem to match so I ended up digging out an old A-Z from when I used to work in the city I'm going to (it's over 20 years old). I think I managed to make sense of the directions.

I also discovered I'm supposed to be taking food to share and I don't have anything suitable. I'll have to leave at 7.30 am and I really need a shower before I go (my friend was playing with my hair, and it's gone all greasy) so I don't think I'll be able to make anything. I've been tired all day and could've done with getting an early night, but I really wouldn't have been able to work out those directions in the morning.

I'm sure it'll work out - I could've just been a bit kinder to myself.

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TL - 3.50 pm BE

Called Dr and nurse will call back tomorrow
went to class
copy notes/study for management tests on Friday
organize speech notes for Thursday at Toastmasters "Likeability"

Anouk - you inspire me to write what I actually need to do for school.
you were so productive today!

From the Now Habit - Remember to schedule breaks and fun things!
glad you took a break!

Pro - I have a doggie too. I take him running often but it's hot now here in TX - upper 90s F and sometimes 100F

I understand the noise irritation and crowdedness. It's like environmental clutter. But some people thrive in it. I try to think of situations like that as "distressing but not dangerous." But if it's affecting your mental health - then maybe a relocation would be advantageous.
And sorry your brother is bugging you - have you talked at DA about it?

Anouk's last CI

I am REALLY tired now.
Forced myself to do another 2 30 minute sessions. I think, I was only able to do it because of posting here and my vow. And I thought that I will have to suffer more tomorrow, if I stop earlier today. I wonder where all that rational thinking comes from suddenly ;-)

My blood sugar level is pretty low because I procrastinated having another snack. And I don't have any yummy sweets at home. Procrastinated shopping too. But I guess I am having other priorities at the moment ( cooked propper lunch though and had a salad for dinner).

I cheated a bit because I wanted to do the 2 30 minute session and then finish my handout, but I included that. But I guess I can still be proud of myself.

There is still heaps to do. I didn't finish making notes from this article. So, I will have to do this tomorrow. Then I have at least a rough outline for my presentation. I can use the rest to fill in information. Hope it works out that way. All the other presentations where pretty good so far.

Good night to everbody!

We're proud of you too Anouk!

You've had a brilliant day - well done! :)

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Tell you what, if your presentation goes OK I'll do you a graphics special! ;)

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thanks normy,

looking forward to it!!

Anouk's CI after another session

Ok. I did another 2 30 minutes sessions on reading and excerping. It's going slower than I hoped but at least the article I am reading is good.

Also cleaned away the mess in my bathroom (heaps of clothes always magically appear within no time at all) and made my bed. Even though I am going to - hopefully - use it again soon.

Still have to do my dishes. I guess, I will do this now.

Normy, what happened to you? Still sitting in the sun? :-)

Ok: I will do the dishes, relax a while and do another 2 30 minutes sessions.
I also want to write the literature I used on my handout. Will check in later

I was still sitting...

...but it wasn't sunny any more. In fact it's quite cool now (15 degrees) so I had my jumper on. I just needed to get outside. I didn't want to cook either, but I wanted to eat what I'd planned on the menu, so I did cook it - yummy!

I'm off out now - I'll see you tomorrow but it might be in the evening because of the course.

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Anouk's CI after dog walk and dinner

Ok. Back at my desk. I feel tired already, but I only earned 15 Euro today and I definitely will need more for the stuff I want to buy ;-)

How did your break go, Normy? Have you decided on what to do?

I walked my dog: again longer as planned but I met dog-people and had a couple of chats. It was sunny again so I could do my exercises at the bridge where my puppy is always swimming.

When I came home I felt really hungry, so I had lunch and procrastinated a bit watching TV, but it was boring. So here I am.

- I am going to read again. 30 minutes - break: try to get rid of that heap of clothes in the bathroom - another 30 minutes. Then I will report back.

It is 6.45 -> 8.00

Looking forward to your graphics tuturiol any time soon, Normy

Hope, you find your medicine, Pro

dog owners and socializing

I've noticed that dog owners tend to like to socialize with each other. Strangers with dogs often chat with each other on the street while their dogs sniff each other. The other day I passed a place having a "Doggie Ice Cream Social" - must have been 15-20 people with their dogs, licking ice cream cones (people with the ice cream, not the dogs). Having a dog seems to be a good way to meet your neighbors.

I went out to pick up my mail and get something to eat. I'm now gobbling down my lunch so I can make my phone calls and get uptown before 5pm.

dog owners

Yes, if you are lonely or shy: just get a dog and there is no difficulty getting into conversation with people - not only dog owners. It has it's good and bad sides (if you just want to be left alone ;-) ).

I made a decision

I had a half hour break at the end of which I decided I was going to cook the evening meal and have the rest of the night off. I'd forgotten I'm supposed to be going to visit a friend tonight anyway, and I was just torturing myself! I could do with getting a good night's sleep. I'm on a course tomorrow so won't be able to get back to it straight away.

I also should have taken a lesson from ~your~ posts Anouk - I was time bingeing (supposedly on doing the task, but actually bingeing on procrastinating). I'd done two hours and tried to carry on. I probably ~needed~ a break, and that was one of the reasons I rebelled.

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not giving yourself needed breaks

I do that - not recognize my genuine need for a break and then beat myself up for procrastinating.

Actually, it's more general than that. I had an insight that sometimes my procrastination is for a good reason that I'm not recognizing - maybe I'm unhappy at a job and unconsciously trying to get myself fired, or truly tired and need a nap, etc. I've been trying to be more aware of what's behind my procrastination urges so if there's a genuine need or problem I can address it.

That's probably always the case

I think there's always a good reason for procrastination - it's just not a good solution!

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Norm's 4.24 pm CI

What happened to 3pm? What happened to 4pm? I'm going way off beam now! And still not another stroke of work done.

I wonder if I'm self-sabotaging? Well, obviously I am, but what I mean is I was beginning to feel guilty about coming here and hardly procrastinating any more, so maybe the 'pleaser' part of my psyche is getting me to procrastinate so I don't get thrown out of the club? I'm sure you wouldn't throw me out anyway - would you? :0 You wouldn't, would you pro??

So here's my plan of action, which looks pretty much like a plan of inaction to me. I really don't know if it's my Logical Mind coming up with a sensible idea, or if it's my Sneaky Mind that's come up with something ~really~ convincing! They both sound the same to me - Sneaky Mind is a good impersonator. So here it is:

Go and sit outside in the fresh air and sunshine for half an hour and read a good book or have a snooze (it's a fact that I ~am~ overtired from going to bed too late last night). I'll be doing something different and having a proper break, instead of sitting in front of this computer pretending I'm about to do something, which I'm quite patently not. After I've had a break I make a decision either to get stuck in, or call it a day. If I call it a day I'll need to re-arrange my schedule so that I still do this before my holidays (which basically means tomorrow after my course, or Thursday).

OK, half an hour, starting now...(4.30 pm).

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Anouk's CI after reading

Normy, I know exactely how you feel!!! You can do it!!! It's good that you have someone to check on you. Your DSO (what does that mean exactely), us :-)

I have done two 30 minute sessions of reading. It is not easy. I procrastinated a bit by sending my boyfriend and interesting quote from what I have been reading.

I guess I am not working that well between 1 pm and 5 pm. So it's good that my dog needs a walk. That's what I am going to do now.

Wow, everybody seems to be online at the same time!!


'DSO' is somewhat tongue-in-cheek (it is when I use it anyway) and means 'Dear Significant Other' - for all practical purposes he's my DH (Dear Husband) other than the not getting married bit (and no, I've not been putting it off! I just not into marriage, lol!)

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thanks for explanation!

Thank you for the explantion, Normy. I like that. Maybe I am going to use that too - if I may ;-)

terms of endearment

I always liked the term "partner". That's really what the person is - a life partner.

That's one of the the ones I don't like

Reminds me of 'howdy pardner' or a business partner. I think it possibly has different connotations in British English - it sounds very pretentious here. I quite like 'soulmate' but people think I'm bonkers if I use that one. I just use 'co-habitee' on forms but that just says he lives here and doesn't actually give the relationship (but then they often don't need to know the details of the actual relationship).

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Norm's 2pm CI

I did do a 1pm check in, complete with analysis of what ails me(!), but it seems to have fallen by the wayside. I'm in full-blown procrastination mode here and pulling out all the stops to get me going again - timer's on, DSO is under instructions to check up on me to see if I've started again after checking in (I've got 8:50 mins left!), I've had a break, I've been for a walk, I'm not hungry or thirsty...basically I just don't want to do it, but I know it'll be worse if I don't. And the weird thing is it really isn't that bad a task to do - what I'm doing is projecting into the future and what I see there is fear/anxiety about being on unfamiliar ground. I guess what part of my mind is doing is saying if I don't do the prep then I won't have to do the job. What the logical part of my brain is saying is that if I am prepared the ~less~ anxious I'll be - mind you, I can over-prepare too. The logical side is being very loud but the other side is sneakier and the noise is giving me a headache, lol.

OK, time for some motivational graphics...

Oh no! :jawdrop: Weird things are happening to my computer again and I can't get at my graphics. Never mind - try this:

[insert mental image]SUPERWOMAN! NO TASK TOO ONEROUS![/insert mental image]

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pro's check-in section

Good morning, everybody! (or afternoon, it's later for some of you!). I haven't caught up on posts yet (need coffee first), but I wanted to say hi - also this message starts my check-in section in today's check-in thread. (All my check-ins will be replies to this message.)

Normy - your graphics are so amusing. I love the cat.

Off to make coffee - I have a lot to do today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pro's CI: ready for bed

My teeth are brushed, my futon is pulled out and sheets are on (reverse of what I do in the morning) and I'm ready for bed. I'm going to get up at 4am to work. I used to do that when I was in high school - that was the only way I could do my homework.

So I'll be checking in tomorrow morning around the same time you people in Europe are checking in! See you then.


Good Grief

And I thought ~I~ was getting up early!

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pro's CI: neat and organized

My apartment is now neat as a pin. I love that. Messiness makes me nuts. I can't work in a mess.

It's 10pm now. I'm too tired to work on the consulting, and I want to stop staying up late anyway. So I think I'll go to bed early - in the next hour or so - and then get up very early tomorrow morning and do my consulting work. My best work time is morning, plus that has the added benefit of getting my sleeping and waking hours reset. I've been going to bed too late.

Me too

I'd really got into the habits of going to bed and getting up at a reasonable time, but I've slipped back into old habits (nearly 3am when I went to bed last night).

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pro's CI: back from errands

I got done some important errands I needed to take care of today, but not my consulting work. I need some down time right now (will watch my very favorite TV show - House, MD), but I will try to do at least the most urgent consulting work before I go to sleep tonight. I hope I can. I'm feeling tired.

pro's CI: ready to go do errands

I dried an put away the dishes I washed earlier, washed the rest of the dishes, showered, and dressed. I need to go out now - I have errands uptown (after I make a few phone calls). Before that I need to go get the mail and have a little (late) lunch. I took a second dose of the migraine meds, which helped a little.

I haven't done my consulting work yet (bad), but I have to get uptown before 5pm. Seems I'll be working late tonight.

pro's CI: did a few things...

Possibly I couldn't find the pills because I need a refill - not sure. In any case, I ordered refills. I waited too long to take the migraine meds, so now I have a full-blown migraine and feel like sh**. I'm going to take a shower and massage my head - sometimes that helps.

I've made my bed and picked up a little bit. Need to pick up a little more, and finish the dishes. I haven't finished my work email yet - too busy hunting for my migraine meds.

Feeling unhappy, want to run away from home. Boulder, Colorado is nice. I went there once some years ago. Maybe I'll drive out to Colorado.

I've been thinking about taking a road trip. Why not? My work is all on the computer and I can do it anywhere. I could really use a break - change of scenery.

good idea

Maybe a road trip is really a good idea. Another migraine so soon doesn't sound good. Maybe you need a change.

Good that you got a couple of things done. I remeber times where I couldn't even get myself to brush my teeth in morning. I guess, I was really depressed at that time. Luckily that is over.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Sending you get-well-vibes!

depression and getting things done

I know what you mean about depression. I've had that problem, too. I finally went on medication to get me out of it - I was very stuck for a while.

Migraines in batches is a typical pattern for me - I'll get them every day for a while, then none for a while. Others in my family who also get migraines have the same pattern.

pro's CI: can't find stuff (hours lost hunting)

For the last many minutes I've been hunting around for my migraine medication. I *KNOW* I refilled my prescription and I have a big bottle of pills somewhere, but I CAN'T FIND THEM. This apartment is the size of a closet - how do I manage to lose things in it?

pro's CI: I don't WANT to do it!!!! :)

I'm feeling like a four-year-old today. There is a part of my consulting work that I need to handle every morning. I usually do it while I'm drinking my coffee, but this morning I don't feel like it - I'm doing it but resisting. A part of me is screaming, But I don't WANNA do this!!!! Big baby, I am. But possibly this is because I'm a little migrainy this morning and haven't taken medication. I'll see if that helps. If I wait too long to take the meds, I'm done for.

pro's CI: late to bed, late to rise...

I've got my coffee and toast now, and I washed part of the dishes. I'll wash the rest after breakfast.

I've been staying up too late, which causes me to get up late and then I stay up late again. It's very hard to get out of this cycle, and when I get up late I get less done. I guess I'll have to set an alarm one morning. Then I'll be able to go to sleep earlier that night.

Me too

Late to bed, too tired, donwanna do it.

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I know this may sound weird, but sometimes it's the graphics that get me going, lol!

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How can I put in graphics, normy

what do I have to do to put in graphics? do I have to type something? Tried to copy them but can't insert them with ctrl v. I want to add graphics too!!! :-)

I see what you mean

I just tried it that way and it didn't work - it'll have to be a full blown graphics tutorial - but not today Anouk, sorry! It'd be far too much fun! (I'll put a reminder in my Task List so I don't forget, LOL!)

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Anouks CI after phone talk

Ok. Managed to quit talking on the phone after the planned time. The green tea and talking helped to wake me up a bit.
Now, I am going to do some serious reading.

Hope, I can walk my dog in an hour or so as a heavy thunderstorm started.

Normy, you can keep on doing the task! Think about how it will feel when it is done. (But I know how you feel: I sometimes think that I can do things faster than the time they really need. I guess that takes a lot of experience to know how much time you need for certain things).

Norm's 1pm CI

Hi Anouk, I'm glad someone's still here - I was beginning to think I was talking to myself.

It's not difficult work but it's slow going because I don't want to do it. DSO is around and in a giddy mood - he's being very distracting (I don't think he's meaning to be - he just full of beans).

Well, I've achieved my 'vow' but I haven't finished the job - nowhere near. I've grossly underestimated on this one (probably because I didn't bank on being so slow with it). Not feeling any sort of satisfaction about it right now (I get to order the book though - maybe I'll feel better if I do that?)

It's Ddog-walking time now, then I'll order that book and carry on. This has completely thrown my plans for today, but it needs to be done and it's been so hard for me to get started I want to keep going whilst I still have a modicum of momentum.

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Anouk's CI after nap

Hi Normy,

I am still there.
Did 35 minutes. The rough outline of the handout is done. It is an easy one: I just copied the chronological order out of a book. Tonight, I will add the literature I used. That's an easy task so I will do it later.
- had lunch
- washed and dried the dishes (really felt like doing it later but I am trying to make it a habit)
- had a short nap: I am still tired and was tempted to stay in bed, but work needs to get done.

Hope some green tea helps.

- going to call my boyfriend
- reading for 2 30 minute sessions

will report back in about 2 hours

Norm's Noon CI

Am I the only one bookending here? I'm really struggling with this today and could use the group support. I'll carry on for a while, but if no-one else is bookending I'll have to do it elsewhere - it really only works well for me when I'm working with other people. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I've got quite a bit of work done, with a couple of odd moments of procrastination. I'm dragging myself kicking and screaming through this and making it much harder work than it needs to be. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Going to get a quick meal then I'll be back. I'll check in again at TOTH to see if anyone else has posted.

Later: Spent 10 mins on meal (I made extra last night so I wouldn't have to cook) and 9 minutes procrastinating. Back at it....

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Norm's 11am CI

Hey, guess what? I've done loads of this planning already, and forgotten how much I'd done!

I'd planned it as a full day last time (it didn't run as I was poorly), so I'm adapting it to a half day,which is what we're running this time.

I was obviously up to that old procrastinator trick again - get 98% of the way there, and then stop for no apparent reason.

OK, getting back to it....

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Anouk's CI 1

Of course I am joining this thread. Much better graphics!!

I am back from:

- jogging
- had a shower
- very quick breakfast
- feeding puppy
- uni
- photocopying: a bit frustrating because an important book I need is not there

- I will start reading the overview articles after I had a little snack.
- will spend 2 30 minute sessions on it
- then make lunch

My schedule until the end of July:
- presentation in history
- presentation in psychology (14th) - about forms of fear!
- test on school paedagogics (17th)
- test on 19th/20th century history (24th)
- test on linguistics (24th)
- test on English didactics (27th)
- text on Roman History (27th)

And my long-distance relationship is ending after 18 months: my boyfriend is moving in with me in less then two weeks. I am a tiny little bit worried that this might distract me from learning...

So much from me right now.

See you later

I'm glad you're back Anouck

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You're on a roll today!

I'm glad you're back though - I've been messing about over here this morning (procrastinating), and now I've got company I'm more likely to get down to work ;)

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Norm's 27 June 10 am CI

Well, there's nothing like a job you don't want to do to get some other jobs done!

*I got the yoga mat on the line as planned.

*I cleared the desk in preparation for the work.

*I looked through the in-tray for the relevant papers - and that's where the procrastination kicked in. I kept finding things of the Do It Now variety (so why were they in there in the first place, LOL?) so I did them. The pile in my in-tray is now ~significantly~ smaller (well, it ~was~ one of the jobs I deferred from yesterday, and you already know it's something I've been wanting to get done ;) )

*And now, somehow I've managed to spend 1/4 hour on my TOTH Check In. That's ~not~ good, LOL! I'm going to stick to the bookending thread whilst I'm doing this job, and CUOP after I'm done.

So basically, I've been procrastinating for about an hour and 15 minutes (plus the days and weeks beforehand that I didn't do the job either!).

Here goes...Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Just a quick edited to say: Didn't I just say I was going to stick to the Bookend thread? And what do you think was the first thing I did after I posted?... I went and read a new post on another thread! Arghh - my mind is such a tricksy thing!

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27th June Bookending

Hi tl,

I don't remember there being a 'supposed to' about how to post our bookends, but when we started here there was only one of us posting at a time, and we were just experimenting. We did indeed have separate threads then, which made it easier to see what we'd done and where we were going.

However, just recently we've been trying a dated thread, and all of us using the same thread. The disadvantage is that with the way this board is threaded it can get a bit messy (I now look in 'Recent Posts' to make sure I've not missed anything), but the BIG advantage is that it is ~much~ more motivational - certainly for me. I'd like to carry on with the dated thread if that suits others. Maybe pro (who's site it is) will have some other input, I think it's OK as pro is one of the people who has been using the dated thread.

Just jump in tl and tell us what you're planning on doing today!

I notice we've got two dated threads for today, so I've plumped for this one as it was started first.

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ok - thanks

Thanks normy!

Today I need to
call dr for prescription
get oil changed
start speech
copy notes for classes

Norm's First Bookend 27th June

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Another fine day for some bookending fun! OK, well maybe not quite 'fun' but it's a great feeling achieving your goals and getting support from others. Let's cheer each other on!

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*It's 8.45 am, and I've CUOP (spent rather more time than I meant to on that - will have to ration myself in future - board time is the main thing that gets me out of procrastination, but it can also be a distraction - I'm still working on getting the balance right).

*Nearly finished Morning Routine (just breakfast and clear up to go), and I'm aiming to get going by 9.00 am.

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*Pick up wet yoga mat from work for drying

*Summer School planning put off from yesterday

*College admin

(Remembering to do the hardest to start jobs first!).

There's more on today's list but that's enough for now.

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