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Another New Member Looking For The Cure!

Hello my fellow time wasters, potential dumpers and 10% out of the lemon squeezers,

I am a 22yr old male.  I live on my own and I am fully independent.  My sex and social life couldn't get any better if I had a genie in a lamp.  I am good looking (although I would like to drop a few pounds... like 25).  I have my own legal home business in which I have a very flexible schedule and I am my own boss.  I have a car, nothing special but gets me around.  I am intelligent, well spoken, well mannered and popular.  My side job on weekends is probably one of the most fun things you can do.

I sound great.  You might want to marry me.  You might want to be friends with me.  Hell, you might be jealous, might want to hear more or you ex'ed out of this window already lol


I am always late.  I am widely considered unreliable.  I have no priority order.  I can't stay focused.  I make to-do list after list and not follow most of it.  I haven't followed a solid schedule since high school (dropped out).  It effects every aspect of my life.  I am broke and in debt (i JUST make the bills.. late of course lol).  Sleeping schedule.. not existent.  I don't feel I have to go on because that above list and more must be all over this site.  I feel sick, I know it's a problem and I HATE IT.  I hate my underachieving self. 

I have EVERY reason to step-up and take charge of my life. Besides me being in a bad financial situation in which, CAN be fixed with productivity my family also needs help.  My mother is sick.  My sister is pregnant.  There is hardly any money to survive.  I am already independent and ahead of my age group but I need to secure my future asap.  I have all the tools and resources.  This is not a case of bad luck or catching a break.  I am lucky enough to have TONS of opportunities fall in my lap.  I have all the advice you can shake a stick at!!!  I should take my own advice but can't.

I have the plans, the lists, the tried and proven facts to make my physical and financial life meet its full potential!!!!

But my mental... this is where lies the enemy in which leaves me exactly what I greeted you above:  time wasters, potential dumpers and "10% out of the lemon" squeezers and such.

I have read chronic procrastination is a product of Depression and ADD.  I have plans, dream and ambitions yet cannot even follow a daily schedule.
Where do I start?  I spoke about this a million times with friends and family.  I don't believe talking with do the trick and I am starting to worry.  How long can you be sick of something, know what's wrong and NOT change it?

I want 100% of that juice and make lemonade for me and my family.. I want a lemon farm!!!!  lol

Please... Please... Pleaseee... Help.

Thanks Signed,
Wasted Potential (WP)

**Excuse the grammer... I write well but not perfect =)

Welcome WP

Glad to read your post. It could probably have been done by any of us here at one time or another. After doing what we all suggest, I think our lives have gotten better here. Please read the articles on this site, along with anything else (except the smut spam which we seem to get every week or two!), and also pay attention to our bookends. Then start by posting your own really soon. Ask questions, etc. Good luck and keep coming back.


I want to 2nd lark's welcome and suggest the bookends too. I have to testify that a to do list one posts here has a surprisingly powerful effect.

 Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself