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Wednesday 22 August 2007


to do, now:

45 mins of work on dissertation

Be back later to check in.  Thanks.



Did 30 minutes of reading for dissertation.

Will try again tommorow to do at least 15 minutes of some sort of WRITING for it.

Need sleep.  Much other stuff went well.  :)  ODAT

Goodnight all.


11:00am CI for Lark

There are far too many things to be done here in one day, and I've been all morning trying to pick the most important. On the other hand, progress is being made and I don't want to mess those things up (Excuse my rambling.). Well, the most important thing is the project I promised to have done today. Good choice there. The next is to repair my bathroom door (Obviously, a close second.). I'm going to focus on them, and check in later. Take care eveyone.

scarlett CI 10:00 am EST

Priority: Update review list (started)
Next CI: 10:30 am

Ta da:
Finish report
Eat breakfast
Take pill

To do:
Do dishes
Register conf
Call re: copper

Julie's 8:45 CI

I didn't check in until later yesterday and didn't accomplish much so I hope to do better today.

Here is yesterday's list that I need to keep working on, with some additions:
Morning routine
Walk Zoe
Finalize clinical schedule
Email students clinical assignments-got one group finished
Email assignments to group #2
Email assignments to group #3
Get notes/materials out for class today, thumb drive, AG books, presentation books, notes for PP, copies of reading material
Fax/email schedules to clinical sites-will do Thursday
Pet supplies
Email students with updates
Unpack suitcase
2 loads of laundry
Pick up house-15 minutes
Email Linda again about assessment

Find out if gradebook is set up right
Add quizes to Utest-week one is on
Take Marie to vet at 10:00
Leave for class by 1:30
Download new pics to computer if I have time/or put them in an album

scarlett CI 8:25 am EST

Good morning, y'all.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Priority: Finish report
Next CI: 9 am

To do:
Eat breakfast
Take pill
Do dishes
Finish report
Update review list
Register conf

Rexroth 09.55 BST

Todo today

up post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
put on washing machine
work on landlord file
check on stuff to buy
think about todo before going away
go out to town to shop
meet friend in town for coffee
write journal
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep


Rexroth 21.16 BST

I've worked on the landlord file and did not go out shopping which I needed to do for my trip. The landlords want to meet me but very much at their convenience. I have just emailed them to say I am not free until after I get back from holiday. Also I'm going to close the files after I have made a careful note as to where I have got to and what I have done. I have a relationship with a friend to try to sort out, some court documents to file by next Tuesday and still stuff to sort out for going away. I believe I'm getting my priorities right.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 23.00 BST

That careful note took a long time and its all away now and I can focus on other things.

Night Folks Rexroth