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Saturday 18 August 2007

Amy's To Do List

To Do List

1. Go through three animal groups

2. Put paperwork away

3. Edit gradebook


1. Put more laundry away

2. Pick up house

3. Do two loads of laundry

4. Clean both bathrooms

5. Post lessons for the week

Check in by midnight 

1. Go through two animal

1. Go through two animal groups

2. Put paperwork away

3. Edit gradebook


1. Put more laundry away

4. Clean both bathrooms

One thing at a time. . .

I'm going to start working on this police report now.

Be back later.



Police report for fender bender done.  :)

1:40pm CI for Lark

Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a few days--really bad week, with so many things happening way beyond my control. I did get the work project from heck done, though. I procrastinated five times as much as it took to do the project. I contacted Pro about the spam on the site earlier, and hope it'll be removed and prevented soon. Probably there should be a screening process for new members?
make today "clean up day", putting things back, finishing loose ends. etc.
do one half-hour work project
visit sick relative
go to 12 step meeting
clean out car (again, and thoroughly)
wash dishes

Julie's 9:15 CI

This is my list from yesterday but I need to continue to work on it. I think I am over the worst of my jet lag so I can get through this list over the weekend. I will check back in at 10:30.

I'll check back in at 12:15.
I'm leaving for lunch and will check back in when I get home.

Back from lunch and errands. I'll check in again around 5:00.

Morning routine
Walk Zoe
 Print off student’s emails
 Email students re: reminders, clinical info.
 Contact clinical sites-made list to contact Monday
Check website to see what else needs to be entered/updated
Look up student’s for on-campus clinical
Call on-campus clinical sites
Check to see I have all the books I ordered
Arrange to get books to students
 Call Kathy
Decide if I need to contact Rhonda
Unpack suitcase
3 loads of laundry
Pick up house-15 minutes
Check to Sandy
Email new students
Make tentative schedule for off-campus students

Rexroth 08.52 BST

Todo today

up post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
clean floor and surfaces in living room.
put up table and resort boxes and furniture
put going away stuff on table
work on landlord file
file odd bits of paper

and some more sorting



Rexroth 15.51 BST

Still cleaning and clearing and I've got a lot done and want to finish today.


Rexroth 18.32 BST

So very nearly finished just about another fifteen minutes after the kitchen floor has dried then I'm done.

Rexroth 19.59 BST

I've finished and my flat is clean tidy and I know where things are and it's ready for the electicians on Mon/Tue and the tiler on Thursday.

Now to surf the net...


Rexroth 21.52 BST

and so to bed.

Night Folks