Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Hi newbie here


So how does one write a letter of introduction? Specially when you have to think it through 50 times then reread what you wrote to see if it makes any sense, and then decide if what you said is really what you wanted to share in the first place? Signs of perfectionism? Lord knows?

Im glad I decided to try surfing again on this topic. Seems I may actually have found some place where others can truely relate. Seems it affects all aspects of my life......never on time for anything...... be late for my own funeral if that was house looks like a bomb hit it or its been ransacked.......and im always running late. Weird thing is im only like this when Im at home. At work I like things neat and orderly and if Im ever at a friends house I'll be one of the first to pitch in and clean up.

Is there any long term solution? Currently I just cant see the forest for the trees. Its like im frozen in place and I just dont feel like I can accomplish anything anymore. I want to have a life where I dont feel ashamed or embarrassed or guilty. I want to be able to have people come over whenever and just knock on my door rather than pretend im not home. I keep people at a distance and Ive just lost someone extremely important to me because I couldnt let them in to see the real me.

Is there anyone else who can relate and tell me that things will get better? There is hope left and I can break this addiction? I could certainly do with either a kick in the a$$ or some form of encouragement.

Thanks for listening.


welcome, blackice

Hi blackice,
I can relate to a lot of what you said.

I recommend reading the articles page:
Specifically clicking on the article about "demand resistance and demand sensitivity".

I have gotten a lot of inspiration from being here.

P. S.

I sent you a private message.  (The website doesn't tell me your email address.  But I sent you a private message via this website -- and the website will send it to whatever email address you registered under).

moving along (slowly_moving_along)

Hey man.

Welcome, Im new too.

All I can tell you that in my case I function better when my all around confidence level is up. I would try something totally not cleaning related which would boost you. Like a visit someplace or going swimming. Something that feels like you are doing it for your benefit. After rasing your confidence around a problem it might seem smaller and easier to work with, but damn dude, if I could just follow my own advice better myself.