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I'm back - Rexroth

I'm back,

Head hanging in shame etc.

It's nearly one in the morning and I'm awake worrying about papers I need to file at court by next Thursday 19th. I've plenty of time to do it and I've been ill. It should take me about a hour or so to get the work done. I've had nearly six years to do it. I had forgotton and if I don't do it the court won't hear the case.

So I'm back and need to be.

I'll post my todo list later as I think I need to sleep at the moment.

Regards Rexroth

My goodness, you have your own forum topic!

This is a first, Rexroth. Seems you've become a valuable member of this group. We really missed you and your support. I hope you're doing well on the legal papers. It seems governmental employees are far less understanding and forgiving of procrastination. Be well.

Thanks lark

Actually I haven't touched the papers today and didn't intend to. I have had other pressing stuff to do and I feel OK about this.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth, Glad you're back!

I am a long time lurker at this site.  Your daily posts have been an inspiriation to me.  I am very glad you are back.   No need to hang your head in shame.  Just begin again!

Amazingly, my biggest to do is also involving court papers.  Lots of papers.  For several legal situations.  These are things I have procrastinated about for a very very long time. Years for me, too.  One of them has an upcoming court deadline, and others are looming.

I have been praying for some Higher Power inspiration in getting me started on this paperwork.  So tonight, I come here and find you are back!   And posting about court papers!

It is now the middle of the night where I live.  I am going back to sleep now, as I must work tomorrow.   But I hereby commit to breaking down my paperwork into smaller to-dos, and getting it done.

Thank you rexroth,
and thank you, Higher Power!

Thanks for support

Thanks for support movingalong.

I'm up and in action and will see what the day brings.

In recovery Rexroth


It's good to see you're back. I hope you're doing okay. It looks like it about time to get that court paper thing taken care of. I'll keep reminding you till it's done! Take care my friend.

Thanks Lark

Thanks Lark. I'm just going to post my todo list for today.