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Physical resistance

Sometimes, I reallly, really want to start doing something which I've been avoiding. I try to push myself to do it but I feel some sort of physical resistance on me, like trying to push against a large elastic band.

It took me a long time to realise this happens when I try to push myself to do something which I've been avoiding. I've also found that my heart beats quicken and I become very conscious of how I'm breathing.

Does anyone else experience this?

p.s. I've noticed some posts which have mentioned chest pains of some sort - do you think this could this be directly related to the avoidance of something i.e procrastination, or is it indirectly related to stress THROUGH procrastination?


Your description of  a "sort of physical resistance" is right on target.  That's EXACTLY how I often feel!!!

I've been posting and reading on this forum for a month, now, and it's absolutely amazing to me that others can describe experiences which fit my own so closely and specifically! Yes, I get the same heart beat and breathing  symptoms,  along with hot flashes (you probably don't get those ;) and tingly hands.  I've always attributed these things to anxiety. 

I also get this weird feeling that I can only describe as wanting to crawl out of my own skin; it feels like my nerves are all firing in response to my MAKING myself do something which, as you put it, is often something I "really, really want to start doing".  That's what's so puzzling to me.  The task isn't boring or difficult.  It's often something I'd enjoy doing.  I just react when it's something that I have to do, something with a deadline. 


It does sound like anxiety. But this gives you good information: What's causing you to procrastinate is deep anxiety about the task. If you know this, you can ask yourself why and find a way to calm yourself down. Knowledge is power!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

I am afraid of pain

Hi Steven
I made 20 years ago a decision to make every morning our bed right after rising up in the morning because the bedroom looks more tidy then. And I have made it a routine and I do it. But I notice it is not easy to make the bed I might notice difference in my breathing brethe faster, once my husband heard I was complaining in a low voice. I did not notice it myself.

I have found out I procrastinate because I do not want to face the pain what doing the bed or any work causes me. I fear the pain. My desease is that working causes me pain at least in starting it. Starting working does not make any pain for a normal person.