Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday, 5/30/07

This is the third day since I found this board and realized how extensive my procrastination problem really is. Avoiding discomfort, whether in the form of deadlines, distasteful tasks or conflict, has become a way of life. I truly believe I can honestly say the problem has become unmanageable–I have lost control of my procrastination.

Still, since I found this website & read the entries by other people like me, I really don’t feel so alone. I have firmly decided to work the 12-steps in my effort to address this issue. What I’m trying to embrace right now is the idea that a higher power could restore me to sanity where my time-wasting is concerned. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this aspect of recovery?

For today, I will:

Bring mail to P.O.

Call C

Call BS

Fill out applic.

Work on clutter on chair


OK, I have procrastinated into the panic phase of my work "style", if you can call it that...  Once I get through this "crisis", created by me, of course, I am committed to do what it takes to change.  I now have 52 reports due on Friday, as well as hours of related work checking transcripts, doing report cards, etc.!  =/

I just received my evaluation: "Outstanding" in areas involving my work with families and co-workers, "Exceeds Job Requirements" in the areas of job knowledge and initiative and "Meets Job Requirements" in the areas of dependability, punctuality and strategic planning. Guess what area I got a "Needs Improvement" in?   COMPLETES WORK IN A TIMELY MANNER!  (And the "Meets" scores above were charitable, as well.)

Soooo, I need to do 17+ reports each day for the next three days, including today and it's already 5:00.   If anyone is so inclined to give me a "high five" or a "go girl" once in awhile over the course of this evening, Thursday and Friday, it would be much appreciated.

Here's today's MUST DO list:

* Sawyer, Chloe  #1  #2  #3  #4 
* Sawyer, Christian  #5  #6  #7  #8
* Sawyer, Chelsea  #9  #10  #11  #12
* Veneman, Shelby  #13  #14  #15  #16
* Faulkner, Zoe #17
* Emails - Lyndsey Bohlender, Shelby Veneman, Frank Ollis

You can do it, Gmarie!

Let us know how the reports are going -- just crank them out! You go girl!

Thanks, Mollie.


Lark's 2:30 pm CI

Very rushed today, working but not doing extremely well.
focus on two work projects
house cleaning swoop
take bill to customer
go to bank

jj's 11:00am CI

Yellup at 8:30 - try 9:20!!
X make bed
X put load of laundry in washer
X put patio planters outside and water
X eat breakfast and read (on the patio if nice enough) - DO NOT TURN ON THE TV TO WATCH TENNIS
X put laundry in dryer
X put second load of laundry in washer
X wipe down front planter stands and bring pots up from back
X fold laundry from 1st load
X put second load in dryer
X check email
make shopping list
wash hair/face/get dressed
go shopping - groceries/plants/tomato rings
put groceries away
fold laundry from 2nd load
get mail
phone w about tree
eat lunch/snack
put together remaining containers
wipe deck plant holders and bring pots up
plant annuals around fountain
make supper
do dishes
check email/weather
bath/get ready for bed

Mark CI 11:02 AM EST

Next Action:
Fuji -- extract title and "extra" info 3/4 hr

soon to be next actions:

test outreach 2 hrs
Fuji -- email re authentication issues 1/2 hr
prototype integration of Enterprise search results with mypacs public cases 4 hrs
bug 922 -- javascript tweak 1 hr
water plants
research animated gif issue 1/2 hr
call Mike 1/2 hr
file receipts 1/4 hr
create new folder for baby's health care, loan, mortgage 1/4 hr

prepare and eat dinner (pasta + salad w/ Kristen) 1 hr
speed clean kitchen and office 1/2 hr

Completed tasks:
pediatrician appointment -- took way too long -- 2 1/2 hrs including travel time
fix bug revealed by testing institution signup 1 hr
return DVDs and library books 1/2 hr
prepare and eat lunch 1/4 (sandwich at desk)

Deferred tasks: