Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


TODAY:       UP @ 6:00 AM

Thomas C., 11:32 a.m.

I took my temperature this morning. It was 101.3 F (38.5 C). I just downed some Ibuprofen to reduce it, and kept going. I'm feeling pretty energy-less, but I have so much to do today:

1. revise and send in spiritual school report (over two weeks late)
2. help students with surveys
3. register for conference
4. finish reading book in French (long)

Already helped on item 2, and have to do it again at noon. But I could certainly wrap up item 1 quickly, and even take only a half-hour on item 3. Then devote the rest of the day to item 4.

Lark's CI at 10:30am

Many phone calls, etc. today. Very little done so far. I have a birthday party to attend tonight, so time is limited for alot of thngs, and I'm starting to stress.
(X) morning routine
house clean up
sort out workshop
mow some grass
focus on project A for work
birthday party tonight

Day Plan

Now: Eat 15min

Wok on paper for two hours solid, then start a J-Horror Movie.

1HR Check over Biology research results. (-)

2HR Work on paper some more, Get dinner at 6PM.

1HR Look over old Computer Science homeworks in preperation for the final exam.

1.5HR Watch another movie or socialize.

Kaith 1 PM - haven't started - on internet - Commit to...

Kaith here - woke up at almost noon, showered, and made two biz phonecall, looked at apartments online, but still feel frozen, not getting started.
Plan - mantra - I CAN
1 to 1:30 PM - make bed, clear space, quick meal, set self up for next 2 hours of work,
1:30 to 3:30 PM - make list and just do it - write on paper what I am doing for next 5 to 15 minutes and do it.
3:30 PM Leave, go to postoffice, drop off computer and drive 45 min. to help friend pack for moving tonight
9:00 PM - after helping friend, check email & apartments w dial-up there, make calls on cell on way back to E & C,
10:30 PM - walk 15 min, stretch 15, walk 15, stretch 15 - listen to something inspiring or study tapes
11:45 PM - home, in bed, lights out 12:15 PM - sleep 12:30 PM to 8:30 AM

Rexroth 07.51 BST

Todo today

up prayer reflection meditation
deal with emails post phone messages
bath and wash hair
out to town
find map for travelling
meet brother and his wife for lunch
sort Mum's will and holidays for June
home and rest

then I need to think - I'm posting regularly and I am no longer afraid of some of the things I want to do but I am still procrastinating and so...

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 17.37 BST

Home with a load of silver from my Mum's estate which I'm going to sell. Feel very upset about it all.

Regards Rexroth

I hope you're doing better, Rexroth

I can identify with where you are, i think. My mother passed away last year, and things still come to the top of the soup, so to speak. I have a brother (and sister in law) which makes things more complicated too. It was easy to throw away or donate many things, but it's difficult when other items come up. Sometimes I have to ask what she'd have me do with some of these things if I was able to ask her. In some instances I've been able to live a bit better from what I've gotten from the sale of a few small items. Plus, I've not had to store or clean some things. I hope this helps a little my friend.

Thanks Rexroth 22.02 BST

Thanks lark. I'm going to sleep now I just feel I've had enough for one day.



Well, my challenge to myself didn't work.  I just got so anxious that I did nothing and made myself ill. Feeling VERY down and out...

* RSs & SAs to IEM
* check students' paperwork for EOY needs
* check for recycling options for testing mtls.
* mail RSs - Hernandez, Fabyan 
* email students with P & WP needs - Veneman, Sawyer, Enzaldo, Panameno, Ollis
call Lyndsey/Laura re/ appt., LR, P & WP needs
* start late LRs
* note for doctor re/ Imitrix

* call Misty, Veneman, Sawyer
* prep for meetings - WRAT, items to mail, phone numbers
* print out new RSs for Sawyer
* recycling

We seem to always lose self-challenges.

Can't figure it out, but they don't work as well as they do on paper. It's the only area I can recall where it's a lose-lose situation for me. When I'm in that area, I've discovered that posting only a few simple (but important) goals will help me. If I may make a suggestion, try that for a day or so. We all seem to need a few successes, even if they're minor ones, now and then--or at least to start this program. I hope this helps a bit. Take care.

Thank you, Lark.  Yes, that

Thank you, Lark.  Yes, that seems to be the case.  Whenever I put a spotlight on anything I want to accomplish, it almost guarantees failure.  I don't get it.  Oh well; tomorrow's another day, as is the next, and the next...