Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

In Trouble Right Now

Of all the time I've wasted on the internet, I don't know why it didn't occur to me until yesterday to google "chronic procrastination." I guess I've been putting it off.

I've reached that point of sheer terror on the nexus of procrastination, too many missed deadlines to keep up with, fear of leaving a job in disgrace, fear of dissappointing my 2 young children who see me as their hero, fear of the unbearable burden my beautiful wife will have to bear if I don't get myself together, all that and I'm sneaking up on 50.

So, hello. I feel like I've found a home. I'm having a tear.

But until I say otherwise, you can bet your cheek of choice I'm in trouble right now.

after reading your post, i

after reading your post, i thought to my own post and thought how it was so different from yours on the surface- in the terms of specific situations, but how  in reality i can empathize beyond explanation with you and what you must be feeling. sometimes when everything in this world gets me down, and thinking about ANYTHING earthly seems hopeless to me, i know i need to think about somthing that is not OF this world. I mean God. i was not raised with religion  i dont even think my parenst believe in God. but the olderi get and the more i learn, the mor ei know Him. wheni was 13 i asked to be baptised. but the point here, is that maybe before you start to fix things and mend the leaks, you need to  get SOME type of peace in your mind. SOME respite from the terror that you feel right now. somthig has to give you hope, a sense of protection or soothing. ppl say that mothers are supposed to soothe. but ppl dont always have that. maybe growing up you didnt have that-maybe you did. but you need some hope and some type of assurance that 'things will be okay'. im not saying an easy way out- but at least the knowledge that there is way to change things and that someone will help you. here ppl will help you, but also that YOU have the strength and were created by something who gave you the RIGHT to have authority over your life. are you spiritual at all? i know this post was written a few weeks ago, whats going on now? i know that  feeling as thoug youve let a child down is one of the worst feelings. i know you cant make up for it, but children are resiliant. their resiliance is not everlasting but they are so amazing that it is never to late to try with them. they are hope. meaning that you can always begin with them what you wish you started or never finished- you can try again and it makes ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE.

The Point

Am there, myself, though I couldn't put it as eloquently as you did.  I hate that fear-feeling of, "When will they find out that I'm a fraud?"  I had chest pain, lately, and when the possibility of a heart attack crossed my mind, my first thought wasn't for my sons - it was, "Oh my God, if I die, they will discover those portfolios I haven't turned in from last year; they'll find out that I just duplicated learning records for the past few months instead of composing new ones; they'll see my HOUSE!!!"  And I am a 53-year-old educator functioning (or NOT functioning, for the most part) in three positions of responsibility.

I love your wording -I've reached that point of sheer terror on the nexus of procrastination.

I'm LIVING on that point, at present.

Good luck -



Maybe it doesn't help get my work done or fix the situation I've caused myself and the people that depend on me, but it sure is affirming that there are people who know what I'm talking about.

I haven't figured out how to get started, so I don't know how I'll do. I'm just excited today, and somehow that has helped me get some much needed work done.

Not that I'm not still in trouble.

Right now and all.


Have you found the "Check-Ins" section of this forum?
There is some feedback between users but, for the most part, it's a contract with yourself.  Please join in!  Love your humor.

Where To Start

Sorry to be so dense, but I can't figure out where to begin. I found this site the other night when I should have been sleeping and recall reading a suggested approach, but I can't find it now. Gmarie, your link is to a reply form for your post. I do not know what a check in is, and I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks for any pointing in the right direction you can help me with.

When I am in this state, I have a hard time focusing on things that are right in front of me, so pardon, please. I probably am trying too hard to understand how I can use this site to improve the way I handle my days. Oh, well, back to werk.

You ever get that feeling that everyone knows whats going on but you?

In trouble and mildly freaking out right now.


Hi RightNow,

If you look at the right-hand side of the screen, you'll see a box that says "Active forum topics." Several of those listed will be days of the week with dates. If you click the most current date, you'll reach the check-in page for today or the day before (depending on when you do this). There you'll find people's "check-ins"--lists of things to do/goals for the day/notes--that sort of thing. Many people find it helpful to list what they plan to do and then to "check-in" later and give an update on the progress they've made (or lack thereof). You can add your own check-ins by clicking on the "add comment" link under the initial posting of the day.

Good luck to you.


Thank you Mollie and Gmarie.

I took some time to check the Checkin thread, and am getting the picture. Part of my challenge will be to avoid clicking around aimlessly once I get here. There seems to be a wealth of information amongst the various comments. Yikes! I get sucked into the vortex pretty easily.

I'd have more time if I wasn't in so much trouble right now.

So sorry to have confused

Sorry to have confused you.  Mollie is a great help!  She got me going, here, too.  I am relatively new , as well, and keep spending more time than I ought to trying to make things work - replying to posts, getting the *&%#@! formatting stuff to work right, composing my thoughts, etc....  I'm just a touch compulsive (or is it obsessive?) in addtion to being a procrastinator.  =/  Good luck to you.  =)

No I'M sorry!

I'm just getting my mind around what I need to do. My confusion is nacho fault. It is a good part of why I am here, so please to allow for a bit of it. In a couple of days I may gain the courage to post beyond this thread. Don't you worry that when this becomes "the thing that needs to be done" that you won't do it? Since you were the first to respond to my initial comment, I already feel guilty for letting you down if I fail. If I quit now I won't have to worry about that.

See what I mean?

Getting a D- here. ;)

Quote:  Don't you worry that when this becomes "the thing that needs to be done" that you won't do it?

Absolutely.  It's already happened. I've not accomplished all "to do's" on a list, yet.  PLUS, I often have a good day and then totally blow it the next.  I am determined to find something that works, though.  .  I'd give myself a "D-" instead of an "F" in this effort.  ;)