Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Old problem, new to site

Because of procrastinating, I have:

Hurt my credit (just didn't get around to those bills although I had the $ to pay them)
Lost friends (I'll call tomorrow...)
Hurt my career (can't find that vital info, too much clutter, don't get around to clearing it out, I can deal with that problem on Monday)
Missed deadlines (plenyatime)
Gained weight (I'll start exercising tomorrow)
Irritated my spouse (when are you going to take care of that...?)

What is the best book, therapy, tape, practice that any of you have found to help with this very real problem?

I live in So Cal, any groups to go to?



I too am a compulsive procrastinator

I too have hurt my credit, lost friends, hurt my career, missed deadlines, gained weight etc...

This website has caused a major paradigm shift in the way in which I view my procrastinating. Compulsive behavior has been a constant in my life. More importantly, my life has become unmanageable. I am new to all of this, and a meeting would be helpful.

Believe it or not, I am finishing up my residency. It is a miracle I got through medical school and am currently in training. One thing I can tell you is that I had success despite myself. As you climb the career ladder, the consequences of procrastination can have a much greater impact. Fear of hurting patients has prevented me from doing clinical harm. In fact, because of time bingeing, patients like me. However, deadlines for tests, research, and administrative tasks and responsibilities has stunted my growth. With loads of debt and a ton of responsibility to contend with, I need to put my house in order.

If I did not screw up my chances of getting a fellowship position in Southern California, then I will be there in a year from now. June 21st is match day. Maybe I will be able to share my solutions at that time.

Career Ladder

'As you climb the career ladder, the consequences of procrastination can have a much greater impact.'

I'm not sure if I agree with that - I think procrastination stops many of us even getting ~on~ the career ladder, so I don't think the impact is ~greater~ as such, but probably that it's more obvious, and maybe that it's more uncomfortable.

Procrastination higher up the career ladder may seem more catastrophic if it has a big effect on one person, but further down the ladder it can still adversely affect many lives, and you may never know the full impact of what those effects are.

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welcome - I can relate!

Been there, done that. :P

I'm reading a book now that is very helpful. It's called "The Procrastinator's Handbook: Mastering the Art of Doing It Now" by Rita Emmett. I like it because it's more action-oriented than most books on procrastination - not just an analysis of it. It has many helpful suggestions.

We can all relate!

"The Procrastinator's Handbook" is good, as is "The Now Habit" by Neil Fiore.

My first piece of advice would be to start thinking about the small steps that you can make to set those big things right. You're not going to lose a bunch of weight all at once, but you can adopt a small change that will help you make progress.

If you keep your mind on the small steps instead of the big intimidating goals, you should be able to get more of the little things moving in the right direction. Start small, but start -- and keep on starting.