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Wednesday August 2, 2023

My to-dos - Wednesday

8:45 - 9:15  - print HW, answer emails

9:15 - 10 - reading test, writing MT

10:00 - 10:30 - prepare for Thursday  

Unswerving feet go forward

Unswering feet go forward believing nothing agreeing with nothing that would dissuade me from this commitment or would put a stumbling block for me on the way.



Mandatory training

Read all MFT bank staff docs including pension etc

Call pension line

Contact IT ask re how I get PIN for the NHS smart phones

Reflect on patients whom I saw in June -
check if I missed any reflections in May
Keep a log of the dates I have attended - excel? good idea for my appraisal

Log into PCDS and refresh knowledge on acne, HS, fungal infections, drug reactions, lupus, neutrophilic dermatoses, blistering disorders, pigmented lesions, vulval disorders, penile disorders.... dermnet is another source and BSMD speakers talks shared with me

Chase up appraisal doc

View BAD material how much - divide it into days

BAD meeting log in and listen

Reflect on BAD something each day
Email Ben with estimate of what sessions I viewed in BAD 2022

Check re car parking at MFT



Arrange to speak with Teresa for advice re childcare and working- DONE

Call Tom in Warrell unit tomorrow
Call dentist seek earlier appointment than 1st september
call GP and see if any cancellations for tomorrow for csmr

get my clothes, coat, keys x 2, dental splint at the front door AND LUNCH ready tonight



transfer as many files as possible from my phone to my laptop

NHBC chase up

Find the Migraine diary

Call simply health cnsl

DSA form 2021-2022 2022-2023
PIP form complete -ASK FOR EXTENSION
Physio exercises

Consider PNDAs again maybe the 20:00 join it- BOOK via event brite

Plant and card for Ansar and family
thank you card from ciara for her outfit and video of same
Message Sundas

rosary each night and readings
As soon as I receive payslip I need to complete a financial statement to Perm TSB
Get diesel for VW ??
Have a shower and wash hair
while in swinton i could post cardo laura and michael

s t

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Go through my DVR

2. Take out trash

3. Wash dishes

4. Put medicine away

5. Put important papers away

6. Go through my e-mail