Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

MosheFH are you there?

HI MosheFH
I just now checked the chat box and you had checked out just as I checked in!
Oh well. I looked at the chat logs and it does not appear that many people use it but it would have been fun.\
Welcome to the board.


Hey, someone's been in the chatbox without me!! I've been wanting to have a go ever since it was set up - never found anyone else here at the same time.


Anyone want to chat?

Apparently I'm in the chatbox, but I can't get it so I can type anything in there. I know I've had it working in the past.

It's telling me that everydayineveryway left the second I walk in - I'm not sure I believe that as it looks like I'm the only registered person here.

Anyway, my suggestion is that if people would like to chat, how about we meet at a pre-arranged time? I'm in England which is currently in British Summer Time (Greenwich Mean Time + 1hr). That makes me hour behind most of Europe, and 5-8 hours-ish ahead of the US, so what I'll do is pop in on Tuesday 9th May at 8pm BST.

To check out what time that will be for you, you could go to (that isn't a typo, BTW, it really is 'wwp' - I've no idea what it means - maybe the webbies here know?). (OK, I've put reminders on my calendar and in my Outlook Tasks - with bells - all I've got to do now is not procrastinate on Tuesday!).

Up for it?

(P.S. If anyone can post reliable instructions for getting into the chat room before then, please do!).


Chat tonight 8.15 pm BST

What was I thinking? I don't finish work till 8.00 - give me 15 mins to get back home, LOL! I won't be able to stop long - I've got a date night, but it would be great to meet up with someone here realtime!


Getting the Chat Room to work

I just tried it again and it worked for me this time. I clicked on Join the Chatbox, then I clicked on the link to enter the chatroom manually. This time when it opened there was a little field at the bottom left hand corner that said 'Say' (wasn't there last time - I had a yellow field that didn't do anything). I typed a message in the 'Say' field, hit enter, and it came up in the chatbox. I've left a message in there about Tuesday in case anyone doesn't see this but reads the chat log.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

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I think there is something

I think there is something funky with this chat box. It told me MosheFH had left the second I signed in, It also told me Normy left the second I signed in and MosheFH is saying it says the same thing!
I check the users on line. Its saying right now that Normy is here but I would suspect there would be a recent posting to show that ? Maybe?

HI Normy. It looks like you

HI Normy. It looks like you will be logging on in the middle of the day for me when I am at my studio... and not near my computer....
Darn it. IT would be fun to talk to you.

When would be better?

When would be a better time for you? (Probably the middle of the night for me! LOL!). We may just be able to get something your late night/my early morning, depending on what time zone you're in.

As for whether or not I'm logged in - I use tabs on Mozilla and tend to leave it logged it, because logging in is one of the things that makes me procrastinate about posting - it's a pity you can't send a nudge! Anyway, I think the chat box lies.


Chatbox works!

Everydayineveryway and I managed to hook up, and we had a brief chat about Neil Fiore's Now Habit Procrastination Log which I'm currently trying.