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How procrastination costs you money.

Yesterday I missed a credit card payment by one day. Ding!
they rolled back the late fee but I am sure my interest rate goes up.
Today I got a late notice from the DMV. Because I have not got the registration in for my old clunker that I have procrastinated on selling the fee went from 29 bucks to 89.
I have paid more in registration fees than I will ever get if I sell it.
I sell a homemade product and if I cant get the order out in time I sometimes have to give a discount to make the customer happy.
I procrastinated getting my invoices out and so people are paying me late. My fault and now I may be bouncing my rent check. I have over draft protection but once again I will get dinged.
I feel like I am just scrambling and trying to keep my head above water.


Mail-in rebates do me in everytime!  /files/smileys/evil4.gif  I wait until the absolute last day.  It never fails...  I don't know what it is about them, everything has to be EXACT and even my doing it perfectly sometimes gets challenged (they will say something was missing or it was late, when neither was true).  /files/smileys/huh.gif  So I have to make sure I have proof that everything was signed, sealed, addressed, copied and postmarked.  Very stressful!!

The last rebate offer was $40 for four tires I bought Oct 2010.  It was the first week of the rebate offer and it didn't expire until January (I had 3 WHOLE MONTHS)... It needed to be postmarked by Mon January 17, 2011 (federal holiday, PO closed).  Well, this time I had a trip planned and my flight left Sat evening Jan 15.  I did get to the post office just before they closed at Noon, but all the scrambling and stress cost me years off my life!  :P

I remember ~10 years ago, same thing, waited til the last day on a Saturday.  The post office closeby closed at 2PM and the clerk decided to lock the door at 1:50pm.  /files/smileys/angryfire.gif  I had to drive 30 miles (ea way) to the only post office open until 3PM.  This was for a $20 rebate and wasn't worth the gas!  /files/smileys/blush.gif


I'm OK with bills but my weakness is anything to do with my self-employment. I used to be late getting invoices out (I seem to have that under wraps now), but I really drag my heels about advertising (or is it marketing - I can never remember the difference). Anyway, I mean the thing that gets me clients. So I end up running events with not enough people on them to make any money - basically I'm subsidising it!


I am self employed and sell

I am self employed and sell at events! I have a hard time invocing my clients also. Fortunatly I have great clients. but still. We should be collecting money. It is much easier to work for some one else but so much less satisfying. I have an event in two and a half weeks and am getting stuff done for it. But not enough.

My freind always tells me

My freind always tells me you need big brass balls to be self employed. Amen to that!


Deep respect to you everydayineveryway! If I had to earn a living by selling I would starve!

I do payroll as well now. Weird - I put off going self-employed for ages because it was scary, then was I was self-employed I worried about going on the payroll because it was scary! I actually like doing a bit of both, but having the safety net of the payroll takes away some of the impetus to get things done in the self-employed bit. (Like in the Now Habit, where he talks about walking a tightrope when there's a fire behind you - payroll is like a fire extinguisher, so why would I walk the tightrope?)