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Friday 30 March 2007

Welcome to Friday.

Regards Rexroth

Confessions and My "Commitment" To a New Habit

Well, I'm not sure I can actually handle the bookending.... I described my fear of lists elsewhere..... 

But I am seeing that admitting our problems is healthy....  So in the interests of full-disclosure, I found this site something like 6 hours ago and I have been time-bingeing reading and writing on it every since.

Now I am going to stop, even if all I do is eat crackers and watch television.

I read somewhere in here that we can only make one new habit every 30 days.  So I would like to propose that my new habit for the month of April is working on my time-bingeing:

1) 30 minutes to a task, even TV.  I own a VCR and there is no reason I can't watch TV in 30 minute increments

2) After every 30 minutes, check in break: I will write down what I did.  I will eat, drink, sleep, or perform any other bodily function that I have been neglecting.

3) I will take at least 1 break and do at least 1 DIFFERENT 30 minute task before giving another 30 minutes to a previous task

4) I get exceptions for sleep, class (my classes run 1.5 hours), group meetings, and social events (yes, sometimes I time-binge on social events, but that's only when I'm enjoying myself - and I think it is worth separating enjoying myself from distracting myself - if only I could spend 24 hours a day enjoying myself instead of being numb!)  I will take a break after every 1 hour of group meeting.  I will make clear to my group members that I need a break every hour.  I will try to institutionalize hourly breaks as part of our group meetings.  I will say something like, "Guys, we've been doing this for an hour.  I find it helps my productivity to take a break every hour.  I'm going to take a break for ten minutes.  Would you like to join me?"  Even if I can't muster the strength to say anything, I'm still going to take a break every hour.  Heck, my group members can't possibly look down on me more for unannounced breaks than they do for me never having anything ready when I said I would. 

5) It is okay if I screw up now and again.  The important thing is to keep going.

6) I am not afraid of this list.  I am not afraid of this list.  This list is my friend.  This list will help me be a happier person.  I love this list.  I will print out this list and kiss it at least once a day..... or something! 

Damn it, I'm already afraid of this list.  Help!  I AM going to try printing it out and kissing it.  Right now.

StarSphere, Take A Look At This

Hmmm... I think this article may help you realize something - Demand Sensitivity and Demand Resistance at

Sorry for such a short post - I have many things waiting for me to start.


"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."

Thomas C., 11:18 a.m.

Today's to do list:

* Finish music/video list for class 1
* Balance checkbook
* Go through library, pick up books for class 2
* Choose readings for class 2
* Finish syllabus for 183, post to we
* Drop off class 2 reader master to copy shop
* Pay bills

Already well into task 1, because it's so much fun--but haven't meditated, and it's late morning already.

Perhaps that's the first task!

8:50am CI for Lark

Yesterday was really bad, so I'm trying to do better today.
morning routine
pay phone bill
pay business bill
order or pick up supplies
clean house for half an hour
do as much as possible on work project A
finish project B (a small one)
visit friends tonight

nightwing's to-do list

I've always made schedules in the past, but somehow, never seem to get the tasks finished (most of the time). I just HOPE I can at least finish all of these things as it is already a light to-do list.

- Art history paper
- Watch & critique the movie "Marie Antoinette"
- Study for art history final
- Call father about doctor's appointment
- Call doctor about appointment
- at least 90 minutes of preparation for the calculus test

Side Things (slightly for fun)

- fan art description
- time sorting


"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."

nightwing cont'd

Didn't do the paper or critique the movie and surfed the net instead. And now this art class will be second class failed this quarter! Argh! I'm feeling highly guilty, upset and confused at the same time, but I know that I must pick myself up and keep on going... again.

Right. It's great that I wrote down the doctor's appointment. Or else I'd end up paying for a session I didn't attend.

Maybe it'd be a good idea to get "The Now Habit" book tonight. Spring break starts in a few hours and it will probably be the time where my procrastinating self starts to work full-time. ::sick::

>>Quick Update - just finished with the calls for the appointment.


"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."

Rexroth 09.06 BST

Todo today

up prayer reflection meditation
deal with email phone messages post
tidy up place for friend coming
have final look at her files and emails
sort white washing
meet with friend and talk over wills insurance
lunch with friend which I was going to make
back to bed if I'm still feeling rough
sort landlord stuff from yesterday
check I have stuff for tomorrow visiting other friend to help her assemble furniture
take it easy
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 12.48 BST

Friend didn't come and was still intending to when I phoned her at 11.45. She is not coming now. I've done a little shopping and am back in bed where I will more or less stay for the rest of the day depending on how I feel.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 22.20 BST

Did stay in bed for most of day and I'm both glad I did and glad I tidyed up this morning. I'm tired and going to sleep.

Night Folks Rexroth