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Wednesday May 11, 2022

Have a productive Wednesday!

checkin: 05/11/2022: 10:53pm

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I'm a little stressed b/c my boss does not seem to understand that according to the FLSA training related to my job is part of my work hours.  He expects me to just do forty hours for client as well as training for work.  I'm meditating on how to say this in a way that he can know I'm just trying to educate him about the law in order to protect my own interest so I'm not expected to do more than I ought legally.  Oof.  Another reason why I want to get F/T job working for a good salary, where the management understands the law and respects my time.  I have had this dude accuse me of being irrational, tell me that if everyone met him at the exact same time as I did, that the company couldn't run, which doesn't make any sense, since he's the one who picked the time/day.  Eegads.  Just deliver me.  I know I can only look at what I am doing and how I can make this work, where this == my research concerning Redis, my chart for the client, my meeting with client to discuss caching, my testing the code that aforementioned boss gave me, my looking at the schedulers, my setting up a meeting with junior engineer to discuss k8 deployments, my attending the 8am training tomorrow and running through the course work, passing the assessments, and my doing the physical self care to get there, including the sleep schedule, which i'm going to fix this weekend, my calling the PT to pay my 4 dollar bill.

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Do numbers (Done)

2. Put clothes away

3. Put medicine away

4. Wash dishes

5. Fix dinner

6. Pick up books and put them away

7. Start picking up stuff off the floor

8. Go through my e-mails