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Saturday May 8, 2021

Have a productive Saturday!

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Trying to ascertain my priorities of the day and not let this weekend turn into last weekend, where I sort of felt deprived fun and didn't do as much as I wanted to do.   Here's the deal: i need a car to do some things, shopping, errands, health appointments, dental stuff.  It's a big priority for me.  So I'm willing to just get a station wagon, where most folks would not.  Trouble is I don't know even how bad the breaks are, and it's a bit of a girly car to be honest.  Not my style, but it could be very utilitarian.  On the plus side, I'll be less freaked to drive it to the trails.  On the minus side, it looks like a station wagon, which is a big hell no for me.  It's like buying a luxury car at a higher price of a sedan and NOT having it look like a luxury car.  That's what getting a station wagon is for me, rational or not.  So I had tried to go with the SUV, but the breaks were in need of getting replaced and the dealership couldn't level with me about it.  Honestly....  I feel like maybe I should go there tomorrow and just say to Sam (my salesperson) at the dealership, "Can you have the service team look at the breaks for me first?  Just have them look."  OTOH, I feel somewhat *had* and very uncomfortable with my choices.  Of coruse, it's up to me, but in my area, we just don't have that many Volvo's to choose from.  It's like all SUVs and this *one* station wagon in this area.  I must remember there are not bad decisions, only learning experiences, but some learning experiences are more expensive than others.  SO I'm going to check out the station wagon and come early to the dealership tommorow to see Sam.  Also, going to put recycle in the car so I can get my money's worth.  

To do:

* call bidlane about towing old car and getting an estimate.  Worst case scenario I have to call a scrap metal shop, which involves my hanging out in a car waiting to get picked up.  Unlike with my old car, which was not the car of my dreams, I am honestly really sad about giving my old car away.  This is really emotionally hard for me, b/c I put so much into this car.  I lovingly waxed this car sometimes weekly, etc.  I'm thinking the dealership would be a better place to hang, if I really do need to wait for a scrap metal shop to pick up my car.

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I am not sure what to do in terms of buying a car, b/c it’s on my todo list, but the dealership is a little too devil-may-care about my buying a car . I’m a qualified buyer.  They know what I do for a living, they know where I work.  They know I’ve bought multiple other cars with my own money, but I’m getting the run around from these sales people and they’re not communicating with me, despite my sending them a list of what I would consider pretty clear questions.  Also, other sales people at other dealerships have been upfront with me about my questions over email (they just happen to completely lack the cars I'm looking for), which is how i Like to communicate with sales folks, since they like for things to be up in the air, and I need concrete estimates.  The one dealership where I want to buy a car has not, for weeks, given me a breakdown of the car prices, costs, and I witness a lot of their ignoring me.  I came in person to the car dealership and had to wait for a few minutes for anyone to ever say, "Hello," or recognize my presence.  I'm getting the picture that they're not in a rush to sell me a car, which I find kind of annoying, because I really, really, really, really need a car like three months ago, and I'm willing to pay for it, but I just don't get it.  Plus, so much mysoginy so little time at that dealership. I was literally the only person there and they acted like I was not there.  There were like twenty sales people there and myself, and most of the men (they were all men) acted like they didn't have a customer.  So on the one hand, the vibe is very weird at that dealership, but they have great cars and great prices.  Well, some of the cars have damage and bad breaks, but the sales people act like their used cars are perfect.  I felt much better at the other dealership, where when I told them what part of the break was broken they just nodded and agreed, did not dismiss my observation.  I've had like seven volvos, so I think I know what bad break pads feel like.  So yeah, so much mysoginy, so little time; and by that I mean there was a lot of commentary from the salesmen that was of that ilk, which I'm not going to repeat here.  That said, I thought about bringing a guy there so that they would be more respectful as my friends in program say they do when they buy cars, but I don't have any dudes who could just show up with me.  I'm really trying to be solution-oriented here.  I could call one friend, who would not consider it an imposition, but she does not usually call back.  All that said, there is another dealership that's been nice, but 1) the car they have is not exactly my ideal, it's a station wagon, 2) the previous cars I've seen at that dealership have damage, and are not good quality.  So it's like my choices appear to be uppity people from the OC or nice people with not-so-great cars from the South Bay.  I'm trying to make the decision without being affected by the vibe, since I don't really care about that, but the fact that these sales men are not answering any of my questions and not providing me with an estimate is making it hard to buy a car.  I honestly just want my higher power to bring the right car into my life or help me to identify it.

And inaddition to this is the UA bit about feeling like I don't deserve a nice car, when I totally deserve it, because I'm a human being and on that account I deserve the best that life has to offer, as does everyone else.  I think there's this weird guilt trip about having something nice, especially when the mysoginistic sales men at the dealership are saying things like, "You shouldn't get used to driving in a luxury car; we wouldn't want you in a new car.  How about we put you in this little thing over here so you don't feel like you're stepping down your expectations?"  Gross.

Things to do

  1. Biay DONE
  2. Shopping Done 
  3. 5pm CTK DONE
  4. Meeting 10:30 Done 
  5. Clean Done some 
  6. Walk Done
  7. Maria's exercise video NOT DONE
  8. Gift for n d SORT OF DONE
  9. GCP course NOT DONE
  10. Writing Ch 1 FOCUS ONLY ON THIS
  11. Paperwork to Eir NOT DONE
  12. Read AIG NOT DONE

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Prayer and meditation

2. Read devotionals

3. Wash dishes

4. Do numbers

5. Clear tables near computer

6. Get medicine ready for the next four weeks