Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thu, 4 Jun 2020 CI

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another test ...

just to see if it only gives the "edit" button to one comment at a time.  Nope, I still have the edit button on this one and the one below.  Weird.  Also confirmed by noting the comment id and trying to go to the URL /comment/edit/xxxx (where xxxx is the comment ID) and got a permission error.  So it's not just a matter of the edit button not appearing.  Weird.  Well, at least we know ..

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Testing ability to re-edit replied comments

Sorry, I have to test this for myself ...


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Now replying to above comment

To see if I can then edit it afterwards ...

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Sorry, I couldn't believe it.  Wow, that's weird.  

getting the to do list down 6/4/20

frog of the day:

complete the unemployment data by week needed 

clean out my area of the garage

move tomato seedlings outside to harden off

plan meals and cook

take meds

call the state about taxes

it feels overwhelming, but... I think it is an honest assessment of what is important. ignoring the backlog of other things for now and focusing on congratulating myself on the little victories.



I am not making progress on my frog. I need help in doing this. I did move the plants out, cook, worked on the garage. I also started looking at the Social Security site. Today I chaired a 12 step meeting, which was stressful but good service. I also got sucked into computer problems, which I did work on. One day at a time. For now, I want to spend an hour doing loving things for myself. Cleaning up the kitchen. putting food away. straightening. putting on music that is soothing. I am trying not to beat myself up for my continued lack of success on my frog. But I do need to get it done or I will be screwed.


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You're welcome Pro!

I didn't reply to your orginal message becasue I'm afraid, if I do, you won't be able to upate your checklist. Is editing disables once someone replies?

an experiment

I have no idea! Could be. We'll have to try an experiment. Can you still edit the comment I'm replying to?

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No ability to edit

Thanks, I have my answer. smile

pro todo - 4 Jun 2020

Monica - thanks for the great day openers!

This list carries over what I didn't do yesterday, plus adds some stuff:

[x] meditate and journal
[x] pick up mail
[x] take pills
[ ] open mail
[ ] email
[ ] pay bills
[ ] 11am "selling" meeting
[x] do laundry
[x] vacuum
[ ] dust
[x] cook healthy food
[ ] check NY Times billing
[ ] update calendar
[x] track my time in the app
[ ] fill out my weekly planner

Postscript: I did 4 big loads of laundry, and this took a lot of time, so other things didn't get done.

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Monica's Checklist

[x] up at 5am
[x] drink 3 cups of detox tea
[x] dress for exercise
[x] morning workout
[x] put new SG discussion questions online for June 17th meeting
[x] reply to work emails and phone messages
[x] shower --> dress to shoes
[x] attend EA Zoom at 7 pm