Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sat 30 May 2020

Good plan : )

Sounds like a good plan, pro.

This morning my plan is:

- take a shower

- go outside and check on and water the plants

- take the dogs for a walk before it gets too hot out

That will do for a start. Also remembering Kirtan with friends on Zoom is at 12:30, want to do that too


Sounds good, haribol! 

I'll use the chatbox during the day to stay on track, then at the end of the day I'm going to check in here again and say whether I did what I said I was going to do.

Accountability helps me!

Apparently emoji won't show in comment subject ..

Tried to put

testing link to an emoji graphic

OK, in this comment, I am using the rich-text editor toolbar to try to link to an emoji graphic, over at

Full size (108×108): 

Smirking face graphic from emojipedia, Samsung version

Quarter size: (27×27): 

Smirking face graphic from emojipedia, Samsung version

testing simply

As a test, in the subject line above, along with regular text, I entered an emoji from my phone keyboard (

well, that got truncated

no emoji or code in Subject, this time.

let's try emoji code alone, in body of Comment with rich-text turned off:


still only plain text in subject

still only plain text in subject

now an emoji entered ftom keyboard:

plain subject

emoticon from rich text edit bar:  embarassed 

Looks like it's pasted in as a graphic from a limited set.

Does html code for the lines above get revealed if I disable rich-text? Yes, it does. Img src value for the emoticon is a URL with this parent directory:

(which has access denied)

images to use

I uploaded a bunch of smilies and images that people can use, but I forgot how to give access. I'll post it soon.


Sounds good. Thanks, pro! I'm

Sounds good. Thanks, pro!

I'm not in a rush for more emojis. I just enjoy figuring out what my formatting options are. smile

If the underlying O/S were UNIX or LINUX-like, the chmod command might once have been used to grant read-access to everyone for that directory. But I am completely ignorant of how drupal works, so who knows if this is applicable? 


rich text box

The rich text box often doesn't work correctly. I don't know why, and don't have the time right now to research it. I'll fix it eventually.

Disabling the rich text and typing HTML in directly works.


my plan for today

Today I want to do my spiritual practice (meditation, program readings, journaling). And I want to work on my vision worksheet - the plan for my life. Describe a vision, goals that emerge from that vision, and action steps to achieve these goals. Then I'll put the action steps in my weekly calendar, and start on today's actions.

Working towards a manageable life...