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21 days of working hard towards a project that I very much want to suceed.

I have a project due, much of it is already done. Previously I wouldn't have started at this point and I feel grateful that this time has been different (thanks to PA and my own work to change this pattern of procrstionation). 

In the chatbox I summerised the barriers;

  • It's large and important -classic procrastination stuff.
  • I don't know where to start - classic procrastination stuff
  • My ego and public face is tied up in the project -classic procrastination stuff
  • It requires learning new skills - classic procrastination stuff 
I have noticed that I leave starting this project  to as late in the day as possible, getting less importaint things done first, That stops today. Avoiding this work harms me.
I will check in for the next 21 days, doing 3 hrs/day on self employed days and make sure I do something on the days where I am scheduled out of the office. This is reasonable, doable and practical.
There is still time to do a great jon. I want to do a great job. 
I start now.  


hugs and solidarity


thank you. x

I am not doing this

I am not doing this

i did the 40 mins I needed to do


Well done! Good work,

Well done! Good work, ms.



thank you. x

the 3 hours I needed to do.

today I did the 3 hours of work that was neccicary. It felt awful at points but it got better. 

going to start using this thread again to work on a new project

I have 88 days.

I will work on the project for 40 mins a day when at work and 3 hrs a day when doing self employent.  

thank you all <3

what a lovely set of people PAers are. 


x x x 


i got the work done. I sstayed up until 5am one night, but I got it done. Then I got terribly ill, becasue- of course. 

I still feel some shame about the work, but i didn't procrastionate. I am still learning how to work this way.

thanks to PA and all of you who kept me company.

x x x 

@ MS

Well done! I can see the progress you are making before our very eyes. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us. Thank you for sharing this bit of your journey with us.

Now go do something nice for yourself - you do deserve it even if you don't feel like you do.




WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So happy for you MS. WELL DONE times a hundred and three! Im doing a happy dance here for you .SO inspiring!!!!! ( I will STOP yelling in caps now I promise! Laughing) Delighted for you. CoolWhat  thesis said is so true. Mark its completion with a gift or treat.  Well done again . xoxoxo


Congratulations! Well done, you are pure awesomeness! Time to celebrate! Give yourself a treat so that you associate task completion/hard work with happiness/reward!


Congratulations to MS !!!!

1 day left

it will get done. it will not be what I want it to be at this very second (perfect), but it will get done. 

Good job!

finally done? how are you going to celebrate?

2 days left (because of extendableish deadline)

ok so I have been working hard. It is difficult to know what was procrastionation and what a break....

 no time for pondering. moving forwards.  

@ ms

Well done, well done. WELL DONE! on all the hard and wonderful work you have been and are doing! So inspiring! xo

6 days left

today I ingaged in nearly all of my anxious procrastionation behaviours; binge eating, spending, playing games on my phone, whatching episode after episode of tv shows. Yet I have moved forwards. I'l try again tomorrow. 



Hey ms, very familiar indeed to me too. But every monent is fresh, every moment is a new chance to make it right. You are doing really well, the bumps are bound to come, it doesnt matter as long as we move forward! Good luck!

@ ms

I so relate! Hang in there- you are doing GREAT work.Very inspiring to me. Cheering you on!have a good weekxo

@ ms

We are cheering for you MS! The fact that your keeping going despite feeling worried or anxious is fabulous. It's so easy to want to run and hide.


thanks knitfisher, PA really is a wonderful place, so glad I found it. 

9 days left.

a tightness in my chest. but the work is getting done. x

10 days left

after a very slow start I worked today. 

However I have a new problem and the problem is that I am doing stuff in time. I have never really edited things properly, I have never finished neatly and sometimes not really finished at all just cobbled things together. But now that I am actually working for the first time in my life I have no idea how to make all these diecisions which are normally taken out of my hands becasue of a deadline. I'll work out how to do this but I wanted to note it here.

12+11 days left

some hard work was done. 

13 days left

a good day. 

@ MS

Fantastic work MS- you are doing great.xo

thank you jalla, x


14 days left

a good day today. feeling full of ambition. I acted as in the way I want to act, I didn;t wait for a magic time when working is easy. x

Awesome MS! Not waiting for

Awesome MS! Not waiting for a magic time sounds like wonderful advice. 

thanks thesis. x x x


16 days left

also didn't get aloted time done. did work though. 


17 days left

I got 2 hours of editing done, not the alloted 3. However I did some good non editing stuff and made some decisions which are always the most tricky parts for me. today 3 hrs.

18 days left

I didn't get the aloted 3 hours done. But I did manage 1 hour. I also went to some meetings about the project. This is procrastionation though and it mainly centres on not getting started. 

today will be better.  

19 days left

I did enough work today and started in good time, as I said I would yesterday. I'm feeling happy about that. 

 I also came across this article on procrastiation which spoke to me, particularly about the other things I have given up in my life. 

 thanks pa.  

@ ms

Firstly, solidarity in your project.

Also that article was fabulous.

"I could be in discomfort and nothing bad would happen"

Woah - how I wish I could have this tattooed on the inside of my head. Most of my life is spent avoiding one kind of discomfort only to create another.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

It's really great huh

It's really great huh knitfisher, most all of my difficulties in this life come from my attempts to distract myeself from even the smallest discomfort. 

20 days left.

3 hours done. I started very very late becasue of procrastionation. This needs to be the first thing I tackle tomorrow. But I did it and that's positive. 


So grateful I am "not the only one" who does "classic procrastination stuff"

wishing you the best.

saw a great quote today The secret of success is constancy of purpose.
--Benjamin Disraeli


Thanks for your company vic. it's not always this hard. 

day 21

I got those 3 hours done and am happy to be able to do other things now. 

@ MS

Best of luck MS. CoolWishing you all the very best with completion of project!xo

thanks jalla