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Declutter & Fitness Challenge

I have started a new fitness regiment that I can do from my home.  Just wanted to write in for some accountability.  The other area where I'd like to see some improvement is decluttering.  I would like to get to the point where I could, for instance, fold laundry within a day or two instead of having to walk past a heaping pile of clothes and having the irritating task of fishing for clean socks every morning.  I would also like to finally finish some home improvement things in my house.  I moved in August and I have not unpacked the last boxes, gotten pictures framed, sorted through clothes for donation, brought items down to recycling center, etc.  Feel free to join in on the challenge!    



movingalong HEALTH/FITNESS: Nov/Dec 2014 report & goals ...

November 2014 fitness/health report:

I've been continuing to go to regular healthcare/fitness appointments.

Again reminding myself to listen to good music -- for mental health benefits. Will try to do that more often.

Reminder to self: I choose more sunshine and fresh air, because that helps enormously!

Concerns about medications.



__ New eyeglasses.

__ Purchase decent supportive shoes for walking.

__ Regular brain exercises practice.
__ Regular physical therapy exercises practice.

__ Go on brief gentle daily walks.

__ Get financial assistance to pay for a dietary counselor or nutritionist.

__ Learn how to plan and prepare quick inexpensive healthy food. (never learned this!)
..... Take steps in this process:
. . __ Find and join support group for those with this challenge.
. . __ Get cookbooks for children/teenagers from library -- which is where I'm at culinary-wise.

__ Work OA program.

__ Continue going to fitness appointments -- and on time!

__ GET  BETTER  CALENDAR  for Healthcare appointments and reminders!!!

movingalong DECLUTTERING: Nov/Dec 2014 report & goals

November 2014 report:

Restarting decluttering goals after being injured in falls and accidents in Sept/Oct 2014. The house has gotten very messy but I can re-start.

Finally unpack/rearrange everything I had moved aside during the July/August renovations. The first test will be ask higherpower to guide me to put everything away, and not leave it laying around.

The second test will be to learn to declutter each day, as I live my life.

The third test will be to finally begin going through the old boxes

__ To do: Investigate chore service via caseworker N. and A.Agency. And now C.Ch.Agency.
Also perhaps get help from from social services disabled coping service.

__ To do: Ask landlord/crew to clean up from renovations

__ To do: Get kitchen clean enough so I can ask Landlord to repair broken appliance.

Now it's November, where are my good intentions?

Fitness-wise I've been really back-sliding, because of all the upheaval of the summer my routine got disrupted and I've comfort-eaten a lot too. Also, totally back on caffeine in all its glorious forms.

As for decluttering, also in arrears on that front. It doesn't help that I've been putting up a friend for the last six weeks, and she doesn't show any great willingness to help, but then I don't ask. I mean, she's not terrible, but still, it's a drain having someone else here, and they inevitably create more untidiness and chaos. And actually, I feel a bit resentful (and as if she should be showing more gratitude!) So as well as my place being messy, my head is messy...

So, the plan is to get back into doing some exercises for my back (yoga/pilates-style) in the mornings, make a fresh juice (which I've been doing for about a week already and which seems to be having some beneficial effects) and declutter one small bag of no-longer-wanted-needed-useful stuff per day.

Nice to read movingalong's posts here as well (and the tip about good music),

Solidarity :)   

It's an inside job...

movingalong health/fitness Aug/Sept/Oct 2014 report & goals

August fitness/health report

I've been going to regular fitness appointments.

Not enough practice at home. The inconvenience of the home renovations made it even more difficult to fight the inertia.

Still, I've gotten some done as directed.

Had a big setback due to overdoing slightly.  Had to backtrack.  Slowly regaining some of the lost progress.

One good thing about the home renovations is that my bathroom is now structurally more accessible. Therefore it is physically much more easy now to bathe after exercise.  So I'm grateful for that. This has also improved my mood.

Have been working brain exercises, too.  Some success. Some overdoing it.

I was recently reminded to listen to good music -- for mental health benefits. Will try to do that more often.

Have been getting more sunshine and fresh air, and that helps enormously!

There is overall health/fitness progress, but it is so slow, and that's frustrating.
I choose to remember to persevere, and not give up.

Healthy eating has been difficult due to lack of money and lack of culinary skill and ..
the landlord's long building renovation project which affected my kitchen.

Lots of fatigue. Difficulty sleeping.

Concerns about medications.

update early November, 2014
Most of my Setember/October plans were derailed by new injuries.

*** Willingly underwent major test performed to diagnose one aspect of my health. Surprising results. More tests.  Results: More damage than previously assumed yet -- good prognosis. Refocus with new exercises.  Hopeful. Yay.

Goal: Call Director about N.ex
DONE ... which led me to see need for new practitioner.

Goal: Find a new healthcare practitioner for one area of my health.
UPDATE: Found the right person. Began working with her. She's great.  I have so much more hope now. YAY!

movingalong decluttering: Aug/Sept/Oct 2014 report & goals

August 2014 report:

The landlord's repairs began at the end of July -- and they discovered deeper issues, and thus the work became a necessary massive renovation that lasted over five weeks.  August was a weird month. I refrained from adding to the chaos, so that's something, I guess.

I had intended to do some sorting through some old boxes during the month of August -- but I didn't.  I had the time and the space to do this ... I had a great opportunity ... but I avoided it.  Total procrastination.

Positive: Found new location for cat's litterbox, which makes it easier for me to clean more often.

Positive: The stains in the rug were not as bad as I had feared. Starting to make cleaning progress

** Good news that I may be eligible for chores assistance. Had preliminary mtg about that.

September 1st 2014 update:

I wrote lots of plans here but they were negated by health issues. ...

Oct 31st, 2014 update:

My September and October plans were all derailed due to painful new injuries I received in September and again in October.
The house is a wreck again, but I can forgive myself and re-start.
Will restart in November.

hazyjane fitness/declutter update 17/6/14

Just one major development: I've quit caffeine. Including (boo-hoo) chocolate and green tea. It's only been four days but the detox/withdrawal symptoms are beginning to wear off. 

It's an inside job...

movingalong decluttering: June 2014 -- Eeek!

Major crisis: landlord needs to do repairs.
I have deadline to declutter before he sees the mess.
Oh the chaos and drama of procrastination!

movingalong decluttering: July 2014 update. YAY!

Continued panicking and self-paralyzing for weeks in June.  Undecided

In July, finally prayed and then asked for help. YAY !!!

Got help. YAY !!!

Got it done. YAY !!!

Okay'd by Landlord. YAY !!!

Repairs in process! YAY !!!

Great work Movingalong!

Great work Movingalong!

Movingalong reflects: June/July'14 decluttering crisis. & Future

Thank you, Thesis.

It was hard. The classic procrastinator's last-minute frenzy to get it done.

My goal is to do regular decuttering -- so that my home won't get so bad again.

No more cycles of avoidance/denial, followed by crisis deadlines, panicking and self-paralyzing, followed by the chaos and drama of frantic clean-up marathons.

movingalong health/fitness update June 2014

Saw health professional in mid-May.
Need to follow through on her recommendations.

✓ Got ph. appt first!
-- ✓ contact atty re: health insurance snafu for ph.
-- ✓ check status with atty re: overall health insurance appeal

✓ Schedule scan.

research spinal issue

movingalong: health/fitness July 2014 update. Progress!

Continued to plod along through June and into start of July ...
trying to get healthcare approval ... finally got results!  Laughing

Re: payment for treatments: Won legal-insurance appeal. YAY !!!

Got appointments. YAY !!!

Begun treatment. YAY !!!

Permission from doctor for further activity -- granted! YAY !!!

scan done. CLEAR. YAY !!!

7 minute workout app

I read about this in Glamour magazine (my very occasional guilty pleasure) and downloaded it this morning. Pretty good, user-friendly, you can set it to your fitness and motivation levels and generate a personalised workout. 

It's an inside job...

hazyjane fitness/declutter progress, or lack of...

I haven't done any decluttering lately, it feels like all I can think about is doing my essays/not doing my essays.

I have been doing a small amount of pilates fairly regularly though, which I think is progress in itself. And I'm being pretty good about the face routine, although I suspect what would really help would be a good diet declutter. Must start caffeine detox soon... am down to one last teabag and determined not to replace...

Lastly, saw my osteopath friend today, who diagnosed an unstable knee joint (I injured it years ago) and said three months in the gym would sort me out. So, am thinking perhaps a ninety in ninety goal, I have gym membership and can go to classes, I just never bloody go! But it must be done. And I could end up enjoying it :).

It's an inside job...

movingalong fitness update 5/20/2014

I had been somewhat afraid of exercising due to a seemingly-scary diagnosis I received at the end of March, so I"m going to forgive myself for my prior faulty attempts, and move forward from here.

UPDATE: I saw a medical professional specialist who told me what exercise I can and cannot do for now,
and that furthermore, I will eventually be completely well. YAY.

Now that some of the fear is gone, I will start anew today.

UPDATE -- restart needed.
See new post above:  "movingalong health/fitness update June 2014"

a new exercise regime for my face!

I've started doing the Eva Frazer facial workout, having got the video from someone. I've had the book for years!! But never tried it. It's actually very difficult and alarming to see how my muscles struggle: it's rather unattractive...but here's hoping the benefits will be evident in a few weeks or months... 

I'm still doing the pilates dvd as well, not every day but often enough. I should do it right now actually but I have to walk the dogs...

It's an inside job...

thanks for the tip about Eva fraser

thanks for the tip about Eva fraser

hazyjane update...monday 28 april

I slipped up a little bit with the pilates but I'm back to doing it again now. It's definitely helping to tone me up and as long as I do it as soon as I'm out of bed it's pretty easy.

Stopped doing the meditation practice: because I was doing it before going to bed, and that was really leaving it too late. But I dropped out the morning session as well... I might try to get back into it.

Decluttering: have made no progress since my last update, except for getting rid of a major piece of outdoor clutter. I must try the 15min timed bag-it-for-the-charity-shop idea. That really is doable!! Maybe, in fact, just five minutes would be enough actually. I think I'll give it a try right now. 

It's an inside job...

progress report hazyjane

Ok, it's saturday morning and I have NOT done my exercise dvd this morning...yet. The fact is the dogs need to go out and that means me saying 'I'll do it later' and risking NOT doing it at all... yesterday, instead of turning the dvd on and following it, I made up my own twenty minute routine based on the week plus worth of mornings I'd done it, and that was ok but not really as good as doing the actual dvd...

So, walk the dogs, then do the dvd and start with another section of the work out menu. As so far I've only been doing the warm up, one sequence of the three main routines, and the cool down...

Re decluttering, still more an ambition than an actuality, I have to probably try a little trick on myself, where I set the timer for fifteen minutes and just fill a plastic bag with tapes/cds/videos/books for the charity shop. I could do that! I'm absolutely confident that I could do that. I just have to REMEMBER to do it, that's the trick :).

It's an inside job...

movingalong -- walking along

Walk daily for 15 minutes. Build up stamina.

Day one: April 14, 2014 --

movingalong health fitness appointment

Made appointment for professional expert consultation.

On May 9th, I called and made the appointment.
Saw the professional a few days later.
Will update on another post.

-- (update is posted above as "movingalong fitness update 5/20/2014")

update re: movingalong walking along April 16 -- May 11, 2014

Have made no progress here but am grateful the thread is still being used, because it keeps me mindful.  Will do my 15-minute walk today!.

Update later on May 11th, I didn't do it ...
And as of May 20th, still hadn't done it.
I will make a new post for starting over.

so much for decaff... grrrrrr

Wow, it's harder to knock caffeine on the head than I thought... because I'm not willing yet I suppose...

But, my pilates dvd is getting used every morning, plus I'm now giving meditation a try. This is good.

Progress not perfection :). 

It's an inside job...


yay for the fitness and decluttering!

thank you @movingalong :)

Thanks for the encouragement :)

It's an inside job...

decaff coffee and decluttering...

I'm on day four of the pilates dvd, still not doing the whole thing but, progress not perfection!!! and I'm certainly improving.

Also today I started drinking decaff coffee, again, I'm still drinking tea so far from perfectly caffeine-free, but that's the aim.

And, decluttering, there are two bags to go to the charity shop, and plenty more where that came from. The place is looking better, and I'm feeling better. 

It's an inside job...




(oops, posted wrong place)

Hazyjane progress report 8/4/14

I'm feeling very positive. On the fitness front, I have done some exercise on getting up, using a pilates dvd. I also went to my first yoga class in AGES (months) last night. I have a gym membership that lets me do anything I want any time I want and that was the first time I'd used it since last...last year!!

Decluttering: not so great. But I did get rid of some old mirrors that were just left outside for a few years, ostensibly to generate 'light' in my little patio garden but actually just a habitat for spiders and attracting dust and dirt... so it's something...

However, i've just realised I can easily rehome some books today on my way to my meeting: I'll fill a bag when I've finished breakfast. 

It's an inside job...

Joining you on the declutter and fitness challenge!!!!!

Hi Sarito,

I'm jumping aboard your thread, decluttering (general household organisation, figuring out out what works for me and my daughter as we both hate housework and yet need to clear space for ourselves to study) and fitness, oh fitness... I need to tone up so badly!!! And I think your workout dvd plan of action is one I could emulate. 

So... must get the bike fixed at last and start cycling again... and as of tomorrow, Monday the 7th of april, do some pilates or other exercise first thing in the morning.

Also, do some decluttering: books, old bits of make-up and nail polish and that sort of thing. 

It's an inside job...

Declutter & Fitness CI Feb. 2nd

Completed 6 days of workouts last week.  Oh and I forgot to add that I also did a declutter of my DD crafting shelf.  I sorted through artwork, paper scraps, etc. and put all the supplies back in order.  Can finally find stuff again!  Still haven't dealt with the dreaded clothing closet yet.  Started but did not finish...

Declutter & Fitness CI Jan. 28th

Worked out Mon. and Tues.

Started declutter on my closet!

Returned two of three items.  


Great job. Decluttering and exercise are also two things I need to work on. I might consider joining you.

@ knitfisher

Happy to have you join in!  :) 

Declutter & Fitness Check-in Tues, Jan. 27th

I managed to squeeze in 5 workouts this week.  I sorted through my DD items.  Still need to go through a decluttering of my clothes. 


That's awesome! Good work!

@ thesis

Thank you!  :)

Declutter & Fitness Week 1


Exercise: Routine 5 to 6 times this week. 

Declutter: Bring broken picture frame for an assessment/estimate.  Unpack and sort bags of clothes and last suitcase.

Self-care: Book hair cut & dental appointments this week.  

Misc.: Call dr. to confirm billing is ok.



Declutter & Fitness Challenge

I did my workout DVD on Sat and today (Mon).  I also managed to fold the huge heap of clean laundry over the weekend.  I am now completing some backlog of work emails, orders, etc.  I am also bringing more awareness to how I am eating.  Making that extra effort to pack veggies/fruit/yogurt for when I am on the go.