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Rexroth Special Project Writing Travelling Trekking


For the last few weeks I have not been very well with respiratory infections following a cold. I have felt frustrated and have not got on with very much. Also I’ve been worried first about old tax problems and then about buying a flat. Both of these are now handed over and appropriate professionals are dealing with them. By particular dates I shall need to ask them how they are getting on. For the moment I need to forget about them.

Most of my plan is about travel abroad and writing about my experiences and these are my main goals. Other important things I want to do such as buying and letting a flat and sorting out my tax largely rely on other people doing most of the work and my main challenge is to let them get on with it.

So writing and trekking

In 2011 I wrote a plan about trekking up mountain #1, posted it in this forum and subsequently succeeded in what proved to be a difficult and life changing experience. If I were clever I could link to it.

Stage one now – end December 2013

Finish first draft of trek up mountain #1 and trek up mountain #2 I have written a little over 28,000 words and I anticipate that the total will be about 40,000.

Improve fitness and look after heath which means – start walking and exercising regularly, eat moderately, get flu job soon, see dentist in new year

Stage two January – mid April 2014

Write up the information I have so far on my attempts at trek up mountain #3 – probably another 5,000 words and an introduction again probably 5000 words’

Continue research on trekking up #3 and look into#4 which is nearby.

Continue to improve fitness remembering – “train hard trek easy”

Write two articles for craft publication

Research craft info and in particular find out what research I need to do in the country

Check equipment condition and how to use, buy tickets and organise transport etc for trip

Mid April 2014

Go abroad and trek up mountains #3 and #4

While abroad – research further information on trekking so that I can complete book 1 and research further information on craft work for possible book 2

Return and during the summer finish writing book 1 on trekking, revise and check everything, sort select and process images, look for publisher or self publish.

Then decide whether I go back for more research for book 2 or whether I go elsewhere possibly for research on a different book 2.

Other things to do

Clearly there are other things I want and need to do in my life however I want my focus to be on travelling, trekking and writing about it.

Now things might go wrong in that I might not have the money to go abroad because of tax or legal proceedings from my present landlords. I can’t afford to live in my new flat and am spending nearly all my money buying it.

I see no point in waiting to see if things go wrong. Even if I can’t go abroad in April I would by that time if I follow my plan have a lot written and would be fit and could spend the summer doing constructive things including possibly earning some money.

Friends you have been so helpful before and so I welcome any ideas, support, comment, or constructive criticism.

Peace Rexroth

@ Rexroth

Well done on week five progress in your writing. Great job! SmileWishing you all the very best! Solidarity, Jalla.

Sending support

Believe in you

Thank you movingalong

Thank you movingalong

Peace Rexroth

Rexroth Week One Check In

This last week I have done very little on my plan. I've looked at my writing and witten a few words and done some checking. I have also been on one short walk and done a very little exercise. So why haven't I been getting on with things which are very important to me.

I have not been very well so have chosen not to exercise much. I think that is a right decision. I have booked a flu jab for tomorrow.

I've been very busy sorting out buying my new flat. Though in honestly I have spent more time worrying and feeling paralysed than actually doing anything. I would have liked to have done more work on writing. I am still very emotional and even though the deal is done and the new flat is mine on Friday I still feel this sort of paralyis.

So this week not I feel better my challenge is to walk, exercise and write as well as everything else to do with the flat, tax, old business, present landlords, friend visiting and whatever else.

Support welcome friends

Peace Rexroth

Rexroth Week Two Check In

Well I got the flu jab on Monday and have been ill ever since and I don't think it was the jab.

I have done no exercise apart from a short three mile walk on Wednesday which I am not sure was a good idea as I became much more ill afterwards.

I have done no writing.

I have done a fair bit of everything else including finalizing buying my flat and am important tax letter.

I have reasons for not exercising, less for not writing and I feel disappoined.

Peace Rexroth

@ Rexroth

Hi Rexroth, 

Congratuations on getting through all that to have flat all sorted now. Well done- it is not easy at the best of times dealing with all the legal and other paperwork. Definately mark the occasion on friday in some way to acknowledge your ackomplishmens.  The writing sounds fantastic. Good luck this week with it all. Best wishes, in soildarity, Jallaxoxo 

Rexroth Week Three Check In

I am jsut about recovered and have done nothing on the things that matter - fitness and writing my book. I do not feel at all good about myself. I don't know how much is procrastination and how much is illness and spending time dealing with other things i.e. getting new flat ready for letting, dealing with present landlords, dealing with tax etc.

Not feeling good about myself is not a good feeling and I would appreciate any help in dealing with this feeling.

Peace Rexroth

@ rexroth

Dear rexroth - i love this plan you have laid out- bold and big and well thought through, and identifying a passion, a path that suits you.

i guess all roads are bumpy and it is hardest to forgive ourselves when we seem to procrastinate over things we really really deep down want to do. I don't have an answer - except continue to be kind to yourself- definitely being sick is a time to just let yourself tread water - or less. I know the feeling well- i am at the exhaustion stage of a virus. Not in bed, but everything is like walking through treacle and i am overwhelmed by what needs to be done. And really just allowing myself to take rests frequently and sometimes for a hour or so, only getting up if l am ready - and trusting that something is fermenting in this time.

all strength to you


@ Rexroth

Your higherpower knows you are wonderful and worthwhile.

Perhaps you can ask your higherpower to help you believe what higherpower already knows to be true. .

Perhaps you can affirm aloud what your higherpower already knows to be true.

Week Four Check In

Friends it is now a while since I posted and I feel like deleting all my posts and pretending I did not commit to doing this work. I can't which is probably fortunate. So, update, I have looked at the writing this last week but not actually done any but I shall.

Peace Rexroth

Rexroth Week Five Check In

This week I have done some work on my writing. Only a little but some and some is a start.

Thanks for being here.

I shall not give up.


Rexroth Final

I have done very little on my project. I have been ill with bronchitis for over five weeks and have been busy buying and letting a flat. I don't know what I am going to do next but have decided to postpone things for the moment.

Thanks for support friends


@ Rexroth

Hi Rexroth. I hope you feel better soon!!! It has been a hard few weeks for you but you have done a fantastic job dealing with all the parts involved buying letting flat which is a huge undertaking!!! Wishing you a lovely restful festive season Rexroth. Well done  on all the great work. Best wishes to you and hope you feel better soon. In solidarity, Jallaxoxox