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Hypatia's 2013 records project

I feel as if I'm back where I was early last year, only this time I don't really have an excuse, and the backlog is worse.  I'm starting having some counselling and at least I'm not as seriously non-functional as I was during my severe depression last summer.

I've got 48 groups of reports to complete (I can't even face counting how many individual ones).  The plan is that I do two groups every time I have an admin half-day, with a target of completion before I go on holiday on 4th September, which is what I've told the boss and my counsellor.

I'm going to report here one week at a time.  I daren't look too far ahead or I'll freak out at the workload.


w/b 26th August 2013

This is going painfully badly.  So much for promsiing I'd get caught up by the end of August - I'lkl be very lucky if it's before the end of Septemebr!


  • Weds reports


  • last weeks reports (2 sets) done 1
  • 2 more sets done 1


w/b 19 Aug 13

another of those weeks where Monday and Tuesaday were packed.


  • Monday
  • (wednesday clients have cancelled :) )


  • urgent letters (3)
  • SEN reports (4)
  • catch-up reports (at least 2 sets)
  • AH forms

w/b 12 Aug 13

2 days into the week, and not much time so far to catch up.  I must try to use the free time in the rest of the week well.


  • Mon
  • Weds


  • SEN reports - done 4
  • 4 sets of catch-up reports - done 2 sets
  • if possible another 4 sets



w/b 5 Aug 13

hardly a moment to myself this week.  I'm in clinic 1.5 days, at an all day meeting one day, and on annual leave one day, which doesn't leave much


  • Mon am
  • Mon pm
  • Tues am


  • 1 set of 4
  • SEN reports
  •  clinic returns

well that was a complete disaster - I barely had time to cope with what the week threw at me! 


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YellI posted my stuff on your page by mistake!

**KF still cheering on Hypatia from the sidelines**

(Insert Pom poms here)

cheerleading here too


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Lots of virtual non-invasive hugs to you Hypatia

You can do this.

thank you Kingfisher

(((hugs))) reciprocated

w/b 22 Jul 13

Current reports:

  • Weds
  • Fri


  • urgent reports
  • complete clinic returns


w/b 29 Jul 13

there wered good reasons why I couldn't complete the list last week, mostly related to people dropping urgent stuff on me.  Trying again this week

Current reports

  • last Friday
  • Mon
  • Weds 
  • Fri


  • main target 4 sets
  • clinic returns
  • SEN reports
  • suppl target 4 sets

On reflection - I'm another one of those who underestimates the time something will take and then wonders why I can't get everything done!