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Post-thesis 2013 Achievement and Self-Development Log

This new thread is to keep tab of what I want to achieve
during the rest of 2013. Since I have handed in my thesis, I have noticed a
tendency to slip into my old habits and not build upon and strengthen what I
have learnt.

What I am looking for is not just to finish specific
projects, but change how I approach all projects. What I see is a fundamental
change in how I approach my life and no less. I have all these dreams which have
been at the back of the mind, and I know if I do not make these fundamental
changes, the rest of my life will take the route of my research process. I want
my life to be a peaceful process, not the unnecessary stress and anxiety which
comes with procrastination.

In this thread, I will log every work day and keep tabs of
my projects. I am also reading Getting Things Done by David Allen, so I will be
trying to use those principles in making sure I stay on top of things. In the
last one month, I have already let things slide a fair bit and I need to pull
it back now. I have three major projects to deal with and other secondary
ones.  I will keep a log like I did
during the last few months of my PhD, and also keep tab of what strategies work
for me and how I continue to learn to deal with resistance.

The rest of 2013  2014 starts now. I am back!

P.S. This is the old thread where I tracked my thesis progress from desperation to completion:

P.P.S This is my introduction to this forum "Pulling myself back from the brink". I hit rock bottom before I had claw myself up slowly.  

Wonderful Thesis!

This sounds like a great plan thesis. I have been so inspired by all your posts during  your thesis writing and as you attained that wonderful goal. I look forward to your future posts too. Have a great day today,Cool

In solidarity,

Jalla, xoxo 

Thanks Jalla

Hi Jalla,

Thank you for your constant support and encouragement! Hope to see you around much more from now on :)