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Innertruth's back taxes

I've been in a funk for a while because of financial problems and have become almost immobilized. Started the arduous process of going through my files and bags of paper looking for receipts to do my taxes back to 2008. In the past two days, I've gone through four bags of paper, sorting out old bills. (I pay some of them and then leave them in a pile instead of filing them!) I've recycled two big bags of paper, shredded what needed to be done at this point, sorted bills (I will shred some and file others.) and came across many receipts for my taxes. I've put most of my receipts in envelopes for each taxation year. To do list for my paperwork:

  1. List online receipts I have found and sorted
  2. Go through my Inbox and saved files on Outlook for online receipts I haven't printed yet
  3. Go through file cabinets and a few small bags in my bedroom for more receipts
  4. Shred or recycle everything I don't need
  5. Put all receipts for my Income Tax in the appropriate envelope
  6. Go to Revenue Canada site to download tax forms and instructions for prior years
  7. If possible, get free tax software for 2012 

My plan is to have everything finished by the end of March.


March 14 - Step 1 and look through main file cabinet

March 15 - Step 2 and look for and sort other bags in bedroom and put receipts in envelopes

March 16 - Recycle, shred and file

March 17 - Go through back file cabinet

March 18 to 20 - 2008 and 2009 taxes

March 21 to 23 - 2010 and 2011 taxes

March 24 to 25 - 2012 taxes

March 26 to 29 - GST March 28 to 29 - Review taxes for carry-forwards, talk to Revenue Canada re back filing, photocopying receipts and copies of return and mail/email everything.