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Insight on Big Picture vs. Details

I just realized that I have a problem with upside-down thinking.

When I should be focused on details and breaking things down (like with work), I'm concerning myself with a big picture and overwhelming myself. 

When I should be planning for the future and thinking of the big picture, I'm overanalyzing, hyperfocusing and slicing and dicing details (obsessive-compulsive). 

I wonder if this is yet another form of procrastination, or maybe the cause of procrastination?

I guess in these cases the solution is to do the opposite of whatever I instinctively focus on ... ?!?!

Anyone else have this? 

Big picture little picture

This happens to me all the time. I wonder whether the overwhelmed ness that happens is perfectionism - the big picture feels impossible because we can only imagine that it has to be a perfect thing. When I go into micro zone I can feel shutters closing for several parts of my brain. Focussing obsessively on detail becomes my way of avoiding the responsibilities that seem implicit in facing the big picture.

Having this problem too

Exactly! I was thinking about it recently too. I think it is also about the demand resistance problem. When we need to think about the future we do the opposite thing (going into details) and vice versa.