Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Master List - no more excuses

First I thank my God that I found this website! Thanks also to Pro for starting it.

Today is the first time in a long time that I have been able to complete anything, and I did it by blocking out everything that keeps me distracted, and staying in focus by using the check-in and bookending on PA. Checking in and listing what I've got planned for the day is, I think (hope) going to help keep me on track. I never thought about bookends - starting a project, as well as finishing it - as being associated with anti-procrastination, but it worked for me today! I now have a couple of hours left before bed where I can just sit back, chill out, and relax instead of thinking about what I didn't finish. So, here's my master list:

  • Complete tunic -- I have been working on making this pattern for the past month, and quite frankly, am sick of it, but I want to have clothes that suit me, and are not "off-the-rack." I won't go into the problems I've had in finishing it, but I will say that I'm having to learn a lot more about sewing that what I already know!  :rolleyes: Completed 9/10/12
  • Complete beaded necklace -- This one is tough only because I'm learning how to use my loom. It's also "just another busy project" that is keeping me from completing the first thing on the list. :grin:
  • Pay property tax -- I need to save up to pay for 2 years (this year and next), and I need to pay both by Dec. 31st.
  • Get the rental agreement printed out for D. Rent goes up Jan. 1, and he needs to be aware of that no later than Nov. 1. 
  • Remember my budget -- I need to get my medical bills and school loans paid off before I go shopping! :blush:
  • Eat healthier food, and do my exericses! -- I'm in a wheelchair, and am nowhere close to being as active as I used to be! :cry: I have to lose 60 lbs, somehow, some way!  
  • Work with puppy on commands. She is so hyper, and she needs to learn not to jump on everyone! I also need to get her into a play group.
  • Make daily lists on PA so I can keep track of what I need to do, and so I can see how I'm progressing - and find out the "why" of what makes me not want to finish stuff I start!
  • Major ongoing project - cont'd from last week - Organize my workspace and storage.


That's all I can think of so far. I'm sure I'll be adding more later. 


Day 3 on PA...


I think I'm doing a whole lot better now that I know that check-ins are required. That alone makes me feel more accountable for getting things done.

The biggest thing this week was completing my tunic - totally not business related, but it was something that I had started, and was having difficulty completing. 

I have wanted to have my own business for the longest time, but have been letting just whatever comes along distract me - Like learning how to use my loom, which I will eventually get to, but, which is not important right now in the grand scheme of things. 

Yesterday (9.12.12) and today, I have concentrated on repairing products - the result of which, I am happy to say - is moving along rather nicely, albiet slow because I am building price sheets and uploading photos, which will eventually make it to my as-yet-undeveloped website.

I have 30 more products to inspect, photograph, and complete a materials list for before I put them on my website.

I will write more about this later - My 10 min. break is up, so it's back to work. 

I want - need - to develop some good habits. A few of these, I do daily, but is by far, not the entire morning routine.  ;) Those marked with a double ** are the ones I am going to be incorporating. Eventually, (I hope), I'll be adding more. 

Building a Morning Routine

  1. *Make bed
  2. **Vacuum rugs
  3. *Feed dogs
  4. *Take pup outside
  5. **Swiffer floors
  6. *Clean crate
  7. Air out house
  8. **Swish/Swiipe bathroom
  9. **Take out meat for dinner
  10. *Lunch
  11. Soak grains for bread (This was not done Friday, and may not be done until Sunday, but I do not want to forget it!) 

Afternoon Plans, where anything can happen, and often does.

  1. Re-organize storage area
  2. *Feed & take pup outside
  3. **Exercise (Rowing, stretching, seated core)
  4. *Cook grains and let rest (Refer to #11 above) 
  5. *Dinner

* --Established daily habit

** -- Make it part of daily habits







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