Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


Hi. you can call me gina. I procrastinate often ... go figure. I run a deli - so tonight instead of rolling the trash out to the dumpster, I left a note that said "take trash out first thing".  Now, I had plenty of time tonight, but ... hey why do it now when there is always tomorrow. The other weekend I purchased something to clean my front porch... did I do it? what do you think? so tonight I sorta half way did it, but hey I did it! I feel like I did it at least.

So, that's me.. I put things off. It's not that I am afraid of doing them, I just put them off. I have had a batch of sugar cookies longing to be iced (a new hobby of mine) some hobby; I haven't decorated them and it's been 2 weeks. I've gone crazy and have already spent over $200 on merchandise (bakeware, cookie cutters  and decorating stuff) have I decorated one cookie yet? NO. So, I wonder why?

I'm a deli manager (my parter is the owner). We own and operate it. I work long hours 11 to 10; so when I get home I do my "chores" and "hobby"... but it seems I'm always putting both off. I do alittle at a time. So, here I am. Comments, advice always welcomed! .... so where do I go from here to stop this bad habit of procrastinating?

PS I type as I think, and never go back and proof read ... so excuse is what it is !

Hi Gina - daily check-ins are good!

Hi Gina,

The daily check-ins are very helpful. Each day people post to-do lists, and then log in through-out the day to update. Or some people prefer the chatbox check-ins (IM). For you, running a deli, I think the forum would be more convenient. Try it. I think you'll be surprised at how much a different it makes to publicly commit to something amongst your fellow procrastinators.

- pro

check in .. might try

my list wouldn't look too exciting... wait on customers, clean this, wash windows, hehe

how, I do have a need to do list - but who wants to do it? it's all about cleaning and fixing stuff! 

Thanks for the welcome! C ya around here 

your to-do list doesn't need to be exciting

Your to-do list doesn't need to impress anyone. I use the check-in box at bedtime to get myself to brush my teeth and to the other parts of my bedtime routine. I procrastinate like crazy on going to bed! It doesn't matter what you put on your to-do list. This is for YOU. :)

Welcome gina!

Thanks for sharing your story. Good to see you in the chat box already! :)

thanks findingaway

chatbox is good for me ! it's nice to chat with others. and thanks for the help regarding firefox! OK.. so now I should NOT put it off anylonger and get up and get my day going. ttyl