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6 month dejavu!

Well 6 months has come and gone and.... I find myself in pretty much the same position.

 I previously posted as  iwas studying for my Pathology and Anatomy specialty exams. I managed to pass those (just!) and now literally 16 days away from my Physiology and Pharmacology ones.  Mmmm.  Something inherently depressing about that.


Anyhoo - as counter-traction to my inner critic:

- I have been working and reading the topics for 3months solid.

- the last two weeks I fallen behind due to sickness and being on nights.  Be kind to yourself.


Just keep swimming and setting small goals - baby steps. 

well done Emma

Well done on Pathology and anatomy!  If your experience is anything like mine, you'll be able to forget a lot of it now the exams are over.  I usually have to look up the anatomy if I need it!  Just think how nice it will be when the other two are safely behind you.  Best wishes for them both.

What specialty are you studying for?


(middle-aged community paediatrician)


Thanks for your humorous and truthful encouragement!  I am part of the Emergency Physician pathway.  I passed my written for physiology - due for my oral viva in september 20-21st.  Failed my pharmacology but not too distressed as got sick again and had to be gentle on myself and just concentrated on physiology review.


Community Paediatrics must be interesting (and challenging) esp working with the famiilies.  We had a very septic 2 week old come in today - it just reinforced that all the learning we do is to make us better at loooking after our patients. 


So - 3 weekds to revise including next week on work nights but one whole week off right before.


 - work through past papers

- work through past papers

- work through past papers!!


Try to do a bit each day - aim for completion not perfection!!