Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Looking for 2 reliable goal partners!


I am looking for two people who would like to start a goal partner circle.  A "circle" in order to ensure that even if someone has an emergency or flakes, there is at least one person who will show up.

What I can offer/am looking for re: a "goal partner" =

reliable daily morning phone check-in (Mon-Fri EST, weekend optional, end of the day check-in when possible)

shared TO DO Google spreadsheet to keep track of tasks (I've already created one that works pretty well)


* morale support! 

The idea is that we would make serious committment to each other for the next 1 week or 2 weeks (something manageable) to share with each other what we plan to do that day, and then the next morning, check in again to report on what was done, what didn't get done, hurdles, successes, etc.  On the first call, we would introduce what we are each working on.  Thereafter, the call would be at a specific time every morning, each person would get 5-6 minutes, so a 20 minute call every morning with our coffee/decaf to get the day started right.  The crucial tool that worked for me is the shareable spreadsheet.  Throughout the day we update the spreadsheet: strikeouts, notes, add tasks, move around tasks for the next day.  Knowing that a supportive person can see the spreadsheet made the difference for me.  On the call, we would refer to the spreadsheet, i.e. go down the lists quickly.  I did this with a friend for a little while and it worked like a charm (until she started a night job).  A little about me, I am lawyer, own a business, and am also recently motivated to start writing creatively again.  Maybe we can help each other stay on track? 

If you might be interested, please private message me and I'll send my phone number and/or skypename to you and we can chat. 


Interested but shift worker....

Hi there Rowyouboat!  Love the idea and keen but I may not be your most reliable partner on pure practicalities:

- I live in Australia

- I do shift work 4 days a week


However, I have done something similar which helped get me through uni.  If you're still interested in having me please let me know. (not quite sure how to send private meassages!).


About me:  I'm a doctor who is studying for some specialty exams, I live in Australia, haven't done my tax in two years (despite coming first in all of my accounting classes!!), wish that I could enjoy my well earned leisure time guilt free!