Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


hello ladies and gents,

wanted to share my progress it's been close to 3 or 4 mos with you guys now. It's been rough in some ways and overall a growing experience. But, I'm gald to say that things have gotten better. Adaptation I guess, now that I'm close to being done with my first years classes I'd say I'm not an epic procrastinator anymore!!!!! I'm just more of an intermediate one, I get the job done I do studying usually daily or atleast every other day. My cramming is down, which is nice (not completely gone but down).

do you know that your brain can review the material you learned thousands and thousands of times during sleep? Yeah cramming is overated.

I've learned a bunch too, especially that anything can become an addiction. I'd like to talk some about my take on procrastination though, because it's something I think I've given quite some thought.

(I apologize but from here on out the writing will not be as logically composed but rather a continous output of thought, kind of like a creative writing piece, simply a self reflection) 

 Procrastination to me is not only the "grave in which oppurtunity is buried," it is also a sense of laziness and comfort. To me it really has a lot to feeling comfortable and wanting to stay comfortable. It's so easy to feel comfortable, comfort has a strong inertia to it one of the strongest pulls I've experienced. Makes sense though. But then the discomfort is worst during anticipation of a task. I'd like to say I'm an overachieving powerfully willed awesome motha trucka, and that my drive to be the best has constantly pushed me forward to do tasks and overcome procrastination. But, I feel like I'd be being dishonest. 

Well not entirely dishonest, my motivation to be a competant professional one day, and to master and understand material is there, and I use this motivation to edge away procrastination daily. However, I think a big component of my success is a healthy dosage of "fear." To me you need both. In a sense when I feel like slacking I just remember how much worse things will be if I put them off the pain, depressed feelings  and failure associated with it. That discomfort almost slaps me into working. It makes the comforting feeling go away fast, really fast. 

So how about now, right now I should technically be studying deep head and neck in anatomy, but I'm writing this instead in a sense procrastinating. Well I only said I'm making progress. Regardless however, just thinking about how stressful my sunday will be if I put off the work is already making my book seem more appealing "gray's Anatomy!"

So put it into my words find a way to make that comforting feeling be not so comforting anymore, if procrastination can no longer make you feel good. Then in a sense it's losts it's rewarding feeling and it will be harder for it to grasp you. 

Hey icemountain

I'm really excited to find a med student on this site!  I put off applying to med school a handful of years back for fear that I couldn't handle it and would procrastinate and fail I find your story very inspiring and am very interested in your progress - so please keep posting! I'm currently studying for the mcat and am hoping the ad committees don't laugh in my face next year.  

Regarding what you mentioned about that feeling of comfort - I've found mindfulness meditation to sometimes be a good kickstarter to working. I did a workshop on it wherein you're taught to be with your negative thoughts, which is a great way to get used to being uncomfortable while studying, but it also motivate me to do something about those negative thoughts, which usually means doing what I've been putting off.   

 I'm also really curious how you deal with all the super workaholics in school -  I found one of my difficulties in undergrad was feeling like I had to work harder because I couldn't focus the way I saw some of my peers do (and then feeling bad about it).  Anyway, hope your semester went well and good luck!

Good Job

I'd like to one day be able to not have to cram for my exams. Right now I only feel that way for easy exams.