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An observation about my to do lists

Something I just noticed after looking at alot of my old to do lists is the negativity in them. For example. "Do something to keep so and so off my back, or do something to keep my cellar from being cold." I reckon being more specific and positive is the ticket--as opposed to"I'm not gonna be negative..." I'd like to hear of anyone's experiences in this area. Thanks so much.

what do you WANT to do?

One of the things I've learned from participating in this site is that people who procrastinate in a serious way tend to be Demand Resistant. There is an article about Demand Resistance on the site, and many comments on the article that go into it in more detail. All I'll say here is that the issue of "want" versus "should" is very big in Demand Resistance. People who are Demand Resistant are so overwhelmed with "shoulds" that they have no idea anymore what they actually WANT. I think this is related to what you are talking about, so I suggest you read the article in the comments. You can then add your own comments there if you like. I think you'll find the discussion helpful.


I've read the article a few times in less than 12 hours, and it certainly is me. It's a pretty simple subject that I've been making complicated. I think I'm going to write "WDIW" in tiny letters on the back of my left hand for today. Thank you again.

re: observation about to do lists

I've learned something from the 43 Folders folks about to do lists that I'm trying to put into practice.

Everything you write down on that to-do list must be an action.

But, what you've been doing is also totally valid within the context of those prouctivity gurus. They recommend translating the problem into a project as soon as it starts to rear its head. Thus, whereas you've scribbled "to keep the cellar from being cold" on your to do list, the trick might be to recognize that as no longer a problem, but now as a Project that is asking you to come up with a next action -- something you can actually do. Prefereably with a date on it. You're on the right track. You're doing the thinking, but don't feel bad about it sounding negative. Just remember that all projects start with the negative, because they start with the problem!

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Thanks for the feedback. I guess ideally it sounds better to have everything phrased in positive terms, etc. but merely getting something written out is okay. Visualizing is when the positivity part should come in. Appreciate it. Bye.