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Finishing Off Starting Off Continuing and Elephants

Friends here is my master list for:

Finishing Off Starting Off Continuing and Elephants

I’ve been back from abroad for four months and things have not gone as well as I had hoped so I am making a master list and sharing it here.

Since I got back I have been ill a lot mainly with trivial coughs and colds. I have felt in a low mood and at times very anxious. Recently I have been having nightmares and disturbed sleep. I have also seen a surgeon and am told that I probably will need an operation. This effectively puts travel on hold until I know when and how long recovery will be. Also I have not exercised and am getting less and less fit. I’ve been really ill for the last few days and am recovering slowly. So list:

Finishing Off

Friend’s claim for benefits – there is a hearing this Thursday which will not be the end of it but it is heading that way

Old business/admin/legal – I have been putting this off for ages but I phoned my lawyer last Monday and have some simple actions to take

Step One in new fellowship – since I came back I have joined a new twelve step fellowship and nearly finished step one. I need to actually finish it and share it.

Starting Off

Exercise – this is difficult because of health problems but I can walk and need to start doing so as soon as possible – specific goal is six miles three times a week. When I have the health results I can chose what to do in terms of running, stretch and strength exercises.

Eating well and losing weight – my goal is to reduce to 12 stone and to stay at that weight.

Writing – I have done so little after coming back from abroad and I intended to and I feel unhappy with myself for not doing so – specific goal is to finish the account to ascent of the mountain which I think will be between 5-10,000 words. When I have finished this I can decide what next.

Craft work – I have not done any for months and would like to start again. So my goal is to get the kit out and produce five pieces of work.


Church – keep going to services and keep praying for guidance.

French study – this is going well so I can keep that up.

Living space – I am finding it easy to keep this clean and tidy so I can keep this up and may be do a few improvements.

Going out – I am going out to meetings and travel shows and I also need to go to music and other things which I have not for many years.

Clothing – I need to continue to buy new clothes until I have sufficient.

New Fellowship – I need to continue to go and work the steps.

CBT work – continue this with particularly over anxiety, body image and going out.

Camera – I have not done this for a while and need to get out again and take some images.

Travel – this is a bit on hold at the moment for health and fitness reasons. I need to file my research so that I do not have to start from the beginning when I am fit and well.


An elephant in the room is a big and important issue that I am refusing to recognise or do anything about. They could be iridescent pink and dancing the cancan and I would still not notice them.

Sort out money and investments – without going into details this is important and I have been ignoring it for a long time

Research into moving house – again this is important to me. There is so much right where I live and a few things badly wrong which can’t be fixed.

This is my list and any comment would be welcome. Last year I made a list for my travels abroad and I did almost everything except write up my account afterwards.

Peace Rexroth

re: elephants

 I can't help but laugh about iridescent pink cancan dancing elephants.   I think I have a couple of those in my living room right now.


"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.  Try again.  Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett

I like your list, it's very ... approachable :)

Yes, I need a friendly non-fearsome template for starting my own list(s) and that's a really nice formula you've got. Ok if I steal it Rexroth?

Of Course you may

Please accept it as a gift made with love.

Regards Rexroth


Just wanted to say that I LOVE how you've categorised this list, especially the elephants! Sounds like you've been through a really rough time and I'm praying for things to get better. 

Metaphor Mouse! Because playlists are better than tasklists.